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Genshin Impact [GUIDE] Best Xinyan Builds By: InformalGamer2709


Xinyan is the newest pyro unit in the game. Her country accent might be off-putting for some, but I’m from Texas, so I’m used to it. I made two builds for her, depending on her constellation levels.

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C0 Build

At 0 constellation levels, Xinyan should act more like a support character for other physical DPS units like Razor. Her shield can absorb damage and help shield her teammates. Her passive talent at ascension 4 will also increase the physical damage of any character protected by her shield. Your team should be built around providing support to your physical DPS. Having two pyro units in the team will also increase ATK% for everyone in the team. Bennett is a powerful support character that can boost ATK% and heal with his elemental burst. Diona can provide coverage with her long-ranged attacks and can also provide a shield that can boost movement speed. The skills you should focus on are Xinyan’s elemental skill and burst. Her normal attack is optional if you want to attack with her. For this build, you should focus on using her elemental burst and skill, then switching to another character to deal damage.

Xinyan’s recommended weapons should be either the Prototype Aminus or the Whiteblind. You can use a five-star weapon like the Wolf’s Gravestone, but at C0, Xinyan won’t be able to utilize it properly. The Prototype Aminus is a farmable weapon that boosts Xinyan’s attack. It can also deal ATK DMG to surrounding enemies every 15 seconds. The Whiteblind can also be crafted and increases her overall DEF. The passive effects of this weapon will increase Xinyan’s ATK and DEF when she hits an enemy. I recommended the Whiteblind over the Prototype Aminus because it can boost her DEF, which scales with her shield.

Other weapons you can use are The BellFavonius Greatsword, and the Sacrificial GreatswordThe Bell will absorb DMG based on Xinyan’s HP. It will also create a shield and increase Xinyan’s damage. The Favonius Greatsword will increase her energy recharge for you to her burst faster. Crit Hits will also generate additional energy to recharge her burst. Lastly, the Sacrificial Greatsword will reset the cooldown of her elemental skill after damaging an enemy. This weapon is great for Xinyan because of her heavy reliance on her elemental skill in this build.

For 3-star weapons you can use, the White Iron Greatsword can be used to increase Xinyan’s DEF and heal her. The Debate Club can also be useful in increasing Xinyan’s attack after using her elemental skill. However, These weapons won’t be as effective in the late game.

Xinyan has 2 artifact sets she can use for this build. My preferred set is the Noblesse Oblige because of its 4-piece set bonus that will buff another character’s ATK by 20% when Xinyan switches to them. This set will also increase the power of her elemental burst by 20%. If you are using Noblesse Oblige on another character like Diona or Bennett, you can use a 2-piece Bloodstained Chivalry or a 2-piece Gladiator’s Finale along with a 2-piece Noblesse Oblige to boost Xinyan’s Physical ATK% or ATK%. The stats you should mainly focus on are Energy Recharge, Physical ATK%, ATK%, and DEF. Focus on Energy Recharge if you plan on using her burst often. Physical ATK% and ATK% will help you deal more damage with her burst. Xinyan’s shield scales with DEF, so you should have sub stats in DEF on her artifacts. I wouldn’t recommend having DEF as the main stat on her artifacts unless you want to use her as a tank.

C2 Build

Xinyan’s potential is locked behind her constellation levels. At C2, she can become an incredible Burst DPS unit with her elemental burst and physical DMG. With her C1 skill, her ATK SPD will increase whenever she lands a critical hit. Her constellation 2 skill will also allow her to land a critical hit with her elemental burst. This skill increases her Crit Rate by 100% when she uses Riff Revolution, which can deal massive amounts of Physical DMG to nearby enemies. It will also form a level 3 shield to protect Xinyan from damage. This is where Xinyan will shine the most and deal the most damage.

Having her at C4 is optional, to decrease enemy Physical RES when hit by her elemental skill. This build is mostly focused on her elemental burst, but can be revamped for a more Physical DPS build as well. Her teammates can include a variety of characters that can provide elemental reactions and support. You should primarily level up Xinyan’s elemental burst and normal attack to increase her DPS potential. Her elemental skill is optional if you want to build her shield protection.

For her recommended weapon, the Skyward Pride is the perfect weapon due to its energy recharge secondary stat to use her burst more often. The Skyward Pride can increase Xinyan’s overall DMG and will deal Physical DMG to surrounding enemies after you use her burst or normal attack. You can also use the Wolf’s Gravestone for more ATK on Xinyan for a Physical DPS build.

Her second option is the Favonius Greatsword. This weapon will generate elemental energy for her burst every time you hit a Crit. This pairs nicely with her C2 skill, because you are almost guaranteed a Crit every time you use her burst.

The Whiteblind or Prototype Aminus are also decent weapons to use if you don’t have access to the two above weapons because they can be crafted from the materials gathered from the world bosses.

For her recommended artifact set, I would go for a mix between the Bloodstained Chivalry set and the Noblesse Oblige set. The Bloodstained Chivalry will increase her physical damage while the Noblesse Oblige will boost Xinyan’s elemental burst. Both of these sets are meant to power up her elemental burst damage. You can also switch the Noblesse Oblige with a Gladiator’s Finale if you want a more Physical DPS build. The main stat you should focus on is Crit DMG% to deal massive amounts of damage. You are already almost guaranteed a critical hit on her burst, so Crit Rate is less important for this build. Energy recharge is also important to use her burst more often. Lastly, Physical ATK% and overall ATK% will help boost her damage output. Focus on the last two if you want to build her as a Physical DPS.


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