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Genshin Impact [GUIDE] Genshin Impact Star of Deceitful Dreams Event Breakdown (WITH COMPUTATIONS) By: GREATGEAR



I will explain to you how the event works (not the complete mechanics), and to check whether or not it is worth spending your resins on.

I have prepared a simple computation for the breakdown of the rewards and its equivalent when spending resins for ley lines instead.

How to unlock the event:

Star of Deceitful Dreams can be unlocked once you have completed the Quest: “Unreconciled Stars II – The Crisis Deepens”.

You can talk to Mona and choose the option: “Astrology” to show locations of the Meteorite Strike Zones on the map.

Quest needed to complete first

How it works:

Simply go to the navigated area and look for Meteorite Remains. Activate by pressing “F”.

A much more detailed explanation of the mechanics is available in the game.

Star if Deceitful Dreams


Depending on the Salvage level you have chosen:

• Meteorite Shards (Party lvl 55+)

• Meteorite Shells (Party lvl 65+)

• Meteorite Cores (Party lvl 75+)

Note 1:

You can watch me through as I demonstrate finishing Meteorite Remains 4 times (please see video).

If you’re watching the video:

Refer to the timestamp for the video content information so you can skip through some parts of the video.

Note 2:

Since I am Adventure Rank 47 and my Party is mostly level 80, I went ahead and try to finish the hardest difficulty to maximize my rewards.

Choosing the Highest difficulty to maximize rewards

Note 3:

The challenge won’t take long if you are well-geared up. However, if you find yourself having trouble beating the highest difficulty. Consider trying out lower difficulty first and see if you can manage it. All the rewards are worth it regardless of what difficulty you choose (See calculations).

Event Rewards (part 1):

Even if you salvage the Meteorites 30x for the Completion of all the available quests here to claim the rewards, you need a total of 1,966 Fading Stars Might claim all the rewards except the last one (1 Fading Star Might for 500 Mora).

All 6 Quests for this specific event

Event Rewards (part 2):

Claiming rewards 30x from Meteorite grants 1,350 Fading Stars Might only. Add the 218 Fading Stars Might that you can get from Event I. You’ll have a total of 1,568 Fading Stars Might. You will still be short by 398 Fading Stars Might or roughly 9 more runs (highest difficulty).

Event Shop, Limit, and Cost


The Event Shop is filled with useful items like Mora and Character Exp cards for you to enjoy. I’ll explain each portion one by one, starting from the Meteorite Remains Reward Table.

A simple calculation that I have made

Link to Doc: Here

Rewards Table (Event):

Right from the get-go, you can see the Equivalent character XP and Mora per 20 Resin cost. I’ll show you the Ley Line counterpart, so you can see the difference.

Event Rewards Table

Rewards Table (Ley Line):

Here are the Ley Line rewards using 20 Resins. It gives lower rewards compared to the Event.

• EXP Max Rewards = 225,000 XP (Event)

• EXP Max Rewards = 135,000 XP (Ley Line)

• Mora Max Rewards = 112,000 Mora (Event)

• Mora Max Rewards = 60,000 (Ley line)

Ley Line Rewards Table

Rewards Table:

Here are the differences in rewards when comparing Ley Line rewards from Event Rewards.

Rewards Comparison (Event vs. Ley Line)

So, to answer the question: IS THIS EVENT WORTH IT?

The answer is a big YES.

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Final Thoughts:

I hope you find this guide/video useful.

Share this with your friends and enjoy the Event.


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