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Genshin Impact Guide on How to Play Genshin Impact With Zero Wishes: Part One By: PrinceDango


Hello fellow Travellers!

I recently began a Zero Wish run of the game, so that I could test exactly how much of the content is possible using only the characters and weapons the game gives you! The first part of the guide is my experience from Adventure Rank 1-20.

Video Link:

Introduction and explainer video Link:

A Quick Summary of The Rules:

  1. No money will be spent on the game.

  2. No wishes will ever be used.

  3. Characters and weapons that are rewarded to the player through limited time events are fair game.

Leveling Overview: (0:42)

The largest priority with a Zero Wish run is to get to Adventure Rank 20, so that you can unlock Barbara and Xiangling. Now to get there I didn’t reinvent the wheel. As many other content creators have pointed out, a combination of Main Quests, Adventurers Guides, Daily Commissions and activities that require Resin will take you on your way. I was able to get to AR 20 without even leaving the Mondstadt region. I used a resource map found here, to collect every anemoculus on the way.

At AR15 you should have the resources to ascend each of your starting characters. I really recommend farming Ley Lines and pumping all characters with XP because at this point, thats the best way to get DPS. The one benefit to a Zero Wish run is that you don’t have to choose which characters get resources. Make sure you level the Traveller and Kaeya first because they will be your strongest characters till about AR 18. Also don’t forget to buy a Memory of Roving Gales from the souvenir shop to upgrade the Traveller.

Weapon Troubles:

You’re going to find yourself with a severe lack of weapons. This will make you miss the regular F2P experience where you used to roll your eyes at how many weapons you get in the Gatcha.

Trust me, cherish them.

Lisa and Amber felt extremely weak as the best weapons I could find for them were the Recursive Bow and the Otherworldly Story. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of putting xp into either but its worth doing so they can do some damage.


Not having a claymore character seemed super frustrating at first. I spent more time mining crystals than I did making my youtube video. Not just that, but Rock Slimes felt super tanky. Then I had a big brain moment and realized that jump attacks were just as effective as claymores. This sped up my mining and gave me a new respect for that attack mechanic.

Expeditions on Hold:

With only 4 characters until level 20, doing expeditions feels risky. Having an undersized party will leave you with puzzles you can’t complete. That being said you need to do at least one for your adventurers guide, so I recommend doing it before you go to bed!


Resources are everything so I highly recommend tagging them on the map when you seem them. Specifically look out for these items:

  • White Ore Chunks

  • Crystal Chunks

  • Windwheel Aster

  • Small Lamp Grass

  • Valberry

  • Calla Lily

The first two are super important because we will be relying on crafted weapons. The four plants are needed for ascending the main characters. You will need a total of 168 of each plant. Resources take a maximum of 72 hours to respawn so if your lazy you can farm every 72 hours.

Must-have Weapons:

I’ve made a priority list of weapons to focus on and in what order.

If you are on PS4, take advantage of the Sword of Descension. You will have this immediately in your mail, and you can equip it to the Traveller and it should carry your team early. At Adventure Rank 10 you will get The Prototype Rancour from the adventurers guild as a reward. Give this to Kaeya and level it up. If you are not on PS4, give he Prototype Rancour to The Traveller and visit the NPC Harry located here, and he will give you the Cool Steel. It’s usually found in the Gatcha and will be a good weapon for Kaeya at-least for now. Until AR 18 these will be your best two weapons and characters worth focusing on. Once you beat the end of the prologue(unlocked at AR18) you will get the Favonius Warbow for Amber and around that time if you finished your Adventurers Guide Chapter 4, you should be able to craft Lisa a 4-star weapon. At this point your characters should have strong enough weapons for the immediate content to come.

That’s everything I cover in the video! In the future I plan on making guides about:

I’m currently working on a video talking about the differences in weapons!

I’ve had a lot of fun with the run so far and love making content for a gaming community again. If you’ve made it this far I would love to hear some feedback, thoughts and opinions or just a simple hello! Thanks for taking your time to read this post!


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