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Genshin Impact [Guide/Theorycraft] Hu Tao full weapon analysis and review By: spicylemon5235


These numbers are using lvl 20 artifacts with HP%/Atk% sands (depending on weapon), Pyro goblet, and crit rate helmet, and substats are what I consider to be “good” but not “godly” (25% CR, 50% CD, 40% HP). Character and weapons are lvl 90/90, and assuming lvl 9 skills for the HP multiplier.

Here are the numbers, using White Tassel as a baseline:

Normal Atk Dmg Charged / Skill Dmg Notes
White Tassel R5 100 100
Deathmatch R1 94.3 121.1 w/ 24% passive
Dragon’s Bane R1 70.6 90.6
Dragon’s Bane R1 78.9 101.3 vs pyro infused
Blackcliff Pole R1 85.5 109.8
Blackcliff Pole R1 92.1 118.2 max stacks
Crescent Pike R1 91.9 100.3
Crescent Pike R5 105.6 100.3
Skyward Spine R1 86.3 110.8 not including proc/atk spd
PJW R1 94.9 121.9 no stacks
PJW R1 107.1 137.5 max stacks
Vortex R1 93.6 120.2
Vortex R1 111.45 143.1 w/ shield
Staff of Houma R1 109.7 140.9
Staff of Houma R1 121 155.3 <50% HP (not including A4)

Some thoughts / weapon reviews:

White Tassel – fantastic auto attack damage (even out-damaging 5-star weapons such as Vortex and PJW without the stacks/passive active). Easily accessible and cheap to ascend/level since a 3-star weapon costs 50% less materials and crystals compared to a 4-star weapon. Even for non-auto attacks, the damage doesn’t fall off as much as you would think since the crit rate secondary stat is so useful for Hu Tao. A good choice for a more auto-attack oriented build, or as a cheap starter weapon until you get a 5-star spear.

Deathmatch – probably the best overall 4-star weapon for Hu Tao. Low base attack means you’re better off with an ATK% sands if you can get some HP% substats, so you will lose some survivability compared to other weapons. A better overall choice compared to White Tassel if you’re using charged attacks / elemental burst a lot.

Blackcliff Pole – weak passive, and crit damage isn’t as useful as crit rate for Hu Tao. Might be worth it if you can stack a godly amount of crit rate substats, but overall pretty underwhelming compared to Deathmatch. I’d personally prefer to spend the Starglitter on characters/wishes.

Dragon’s Bane – underwhelming. Low base attack and weak passive unless you get multiple refinements. Due to the way aura/trigger elemental reactions work, often you’re not going to be able to take advantage of the passive + the secondary at the same time (except vs hydro), making this weapon even weaker.

Crescent Pike – good auto attack damage with the passive active, and might be a good stopgap weapon if you already have one levelled for Zhongli/Xiangling. High base attack means you can stack more HP% and become tankier. Still, you have to refine it a few times just to match White Tassel for auto-attack damage, and skill damage is roughly the same (table doesn’t include passive for the charged/skill column). Overall, I don’t think it’s worth crafting a new one and levelling for Hu Tao compared to White Tassel/Deathmatch.

Vortex/PJW/Skyward Spine – as expected, all the 5-star spears can scale with more HP% and provide huge amounts of stats that will make them almost always superior to any 4-star options. That said, Deathmatch is surprisingly competitive when Vortex/PJW isn’t at max stacks, though at the cost of running more ATK% instead of HP%. Expect the 5-star spears to get better as your artifact substats get better.

Staff of Houma – clearly BiS and designed for Hu Tao. Not much to say. Use it if you have it. Make sure you favor crit rate over crit damage for artifact substats. Whale responsibly.


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