Genshin Impact [Guide] Tips/Info on Efficiency for Maximizing Energy Gain and Trust Rank Levels in Teapot By: NoreOxford


Apart for creating your own unique placements/arrangements, some people might also care about reaching Trust Ranks 6 and 8 ASAP (for the rewards). I compiled some info for myself and thought it might be worth sharing for anyone else who is interested.

r/Genshin_Impact - [Guide] Tips/Info on Efficiency for Maximizing Energy Gain and Trust Rank Levels in Teapot

Will start with the TL;DR general conclusions I found from playtesting.

General Conclusions:

Sets do not give more energy than placing all the individual items. It seems they are just convenient arrangements for people who want it. Personally I feel having to find and pick up individual pieces to be able to place the set too much work.

Placing identical items twice does NOT result in less energy per placement. It seems an item’s energy is only based on its stars and you can place as many as you want for more energy (although have only placed 5-7 identical items so there might be a limit, hard to tell atm).

Both Trust Rank Points on initial crafting and the Energy gained from placement are based on ONLY star level. It appears that all 2-star items will give 30 Trust Rank Points for initial crafting and 30 Energy on placement (including duplicates) while 3-star items are 60 Trust Rank Points and 60 Energy and 4-star items are 90 Trust Rank Points and 90 Energy. Indoor or Outdoor also does not matter, only star level.

All 2-star items cost 80 silver, 3-star cost 160 silver, 4-star 240 silver.

All 2-star items take 12h to craft, 3-star is 14h and 4-star is 16h.

What does this mean (Tips on what to do)?

For starters, craft every recipe ONCE first before going duplicates. This will let you maximise trust rank faster and let you open more craft slots and what not. You should use all your speed potions right away to maximise this level.

As you craft, also place items. Don’t try to organise everything just yet, for now you should just place to reach the energy thresholds to get more silver. You can reorganise everything later.

Do NOT buy more speed potions yet. You get enough to craft everything once for now. Much better to spend your initial silver on new recipes. Speaking of which, it seems that buying new recipes is best since this is the ONLY way to get trust rank and unlocking levels 6 and 8 faster is ideal. You can get to close to rank 4 with the initial pots, getting rank 4 also unlocks another crafting slot so at least until you get to rank 4 I would advise buying recipes over potions.

Once you have crafted everything once and used up all your speed potions, then it becomes tricky:

Both the silver cost:energy and silver cost:trust rank points ratios are the same regardless of star value. The only thing that is not equal is time. Crafting 3-stars is not twice as much time as 2-stars and 4-stars are not 3x as much time as 2-stars. Thus, theoretically, if you wanted to maximise energy ONCE YOU’VE USED UP ALL YOUR SPEED POTIONS, then you could just focus on crafting 4-star items. This is technically the best time:energy (and thus more silver) efficiency. However, personally, I feel that since 4-star furnishings are limited, it would be kind of lame to have 10 open air workshops and 10 pine folding screens lol. Thus, my advice is to build what you want out of the 3-star items since they have the most options and are only slightly less time efficient than 4-star options.

Hope you enjoyed these tips! (If anything is wrong please let me know and I will amend it)

Below are the two tables of info, I checked the items to make sure. These tables are essentially USELESS and included only to prove the above info. Since only star level matters you actually do not need to know the individual values for anything else.

Indoor Furnishings:

Item NameStarsRecipe Silver CostTrust Rank Points for First CraftEnergy Gain on Placement
Well-Worn Sword2803030
Pine Dining Chair2803030
Portable Stove31606060
Tavern Rug: Home Away From Home31606060
Entrance Rug: A Warm Welcome31606060
Intricately Carved Calligraphy Table31606060
Square Pine Tea Table31606060
Pine Backed Tea Chair31606060
Liuli Pavilion Sandbearer Floor Lamp31606060
Tianyuan Lantern31606060
Open-Top Fir Shelf31606060
Fir Case Shelf Combination31606060
Red Cedar Scroll Shelf31606060
Red Cedar Curio Stand31606060
Shopkeeper’s Cedar Shelf31606060
Flower Arrangement: Sprawling Daybreak31606060
Calligraphy Set: Assiduous Calligraphy31606060
Long Table With Tablecloth31606060
Golden Triple Arm Candelabra31606060
Cloud Hazy Bed31606060
Pine Folding Screen42409090

Outdoor Furnishings:

Item NameStarsRecipe Silver CostTrust Rank Points for First CraftEnergy Gain on Placement
Old Well2803030
Hardened Glazed Vase2803030
Deadwood Road Sign2803030
Profitable Fruit Stand31606060
Multi-Arched Mondstadt Building31606060
Mondstadt House With Overhanging Attic31606060
Liyue House Of Timber And Stone31606060
Liyue Shop Citywide Favourite31606060
Lightning Protective Tent31606060
Simple Single-Person Tent31606060
Toy Stand: Dazzling Delights31606060
Umbrella Shop31606060
Two-Tier Vendor’s Booth31606060
Wooden Outdoor Tea Table31606060
The Adventurer’s Burdens31606060
Profitable Fruit Stand31606060
Open Air Workshop42409090

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