Genshin Impact Guide to landing abilities perfectly and other targeting tricks By: Wurps



I’ve noticed some people have trouble aiming some abilities such as Venti’s ultimate and seeing it go off to side and barely doing anything, so I made this quick guide to show the best ways to utilize your abilities and prevent the game’s autoaim from sabotaging you.

The targeting system in this game for abilities automatically locks onto the closest enemy regardless of your camera’s direction or character direction and uses the ability and in the case of Venti’s ultimate will then shoot it in a straight line at a fixed distance, the first few clips in the video show how to properly position yourself to put it where you want it.

The second section in the video covers how to maximize line or cone based ultimate users such as Diluc which usually consists of dashing out to the edge of a pack of enemies and using your ultimate without even bothering to turn your character around, the autoaim will do that for you!

And lastly are some tricks you can use with the Geo Traveler to effectively remove certain difficult enemies from combat temporarily and focus down larger threats by putting the rock directly underneath them. Beware of the enemy AI failing and causing them to reset and fully heal though if you do this on accident.

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