Genshin Impact Guide to Speed Optimizing your Teapot Realm Trust and Energy Rank By: Coolica


So with the housing system came a lot of confusion as to what is the optimal way (designing and aesthetics aside) to building up Trust Rank and Adeptal Energy. In this guide I’ll attempt to clarify how to do so.

First let’s go over some important information:

Trust Rank: It’s like Adventure Rank, but instead of Adventure EXP you need Trust Points to build your rank. You get trust points by crafting housing system items for the first time, and you only get it once per item.

Adeptal Energy: You get this by placing housing system items in your realm. Generally green-rarity items give 30AE each, blue-rarity items give 60AE each, and purple-rarity items give 90AE each. Animals give 100AE each.

Load: Load is basically a limit on how many things you can place in your realm at once. Each item has it’s own load value, and once you reach that load limit you can’t put new things down in your realm. Think of your realm as a USB stick, and each item you put down costs a certain amount of memory. Once you fill the USB stick to the max, you can’t put down more items until you get rid of some. Outdoor and indoor have separate load counters.

Ok now that’s out the way, the real trick comes when people reach their load limit. They will have to remove furnishings from their realm in order to put down new furnishings, but if you remove your old furnishings, you also lose AE. Basically, the strategy is to put down the highest AE item with the lowest load cost.

Please refer to this post Spreadsheet for Serenitea Pot Adeptal Energy vs. Load : Genshin_Impact ( on a spreadsheet of all the furnishings and their load/AE values.

Personally for outdoor furnishings I’m going to build this: Carved Courtyard Fence Ending | Honey Impact – Genshin Impact DB and Tools ( You can buy this from the depot.

For indoor furnishings I’m going to be building this: Pine Folding Screen: Billowing Sails | Honey Impact – Genshin Impact DB and Tools (

To reach the highest AE rank (20,000) you would need 214 pieces of 90AE furniture placed down between outdoor and indoor.

Note that the game only records your highest AE. Once you hit 20,000 AE in your realm, you don’t need to maintain 20,000 and it will still give you max coins/hr.

So the tl;dr version of all of this is:

  1. When you get new furniture blueprints, always make it at least once to raise your Trust Rank. (Always try to do your teapot missions, as they give tons of important blueprints)

  2. Once you have made all new furniture once, find 90AE furniture with low load (one for outdoor and indoor) and make those during your spare time, and with your adeptal energy bottles.

  3. Slowly fill up your indoor and outdoor with those 90AE furniture until you hit 20,000 Adeptal Energy, then you can focus on making your realm look nice and not worry about adding/removing furniture.

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