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Genshin Impact Guide to Spiral Abyss Floor 7 By: sfsctc


Hey everyone, I decided to create this guide because last night I was finally able to beat floor 7(and 8) of the spiral abyss after hours of attempts and I’ve compiled a few tips and tricks along the way for what I believe is the hardest floor from 1-8. For reference I was AR32 which is slightly underleveled for the Lv. 65 enemies on that floor, but it is still possible to get 6/9 at this level if you play it right. You’ll be rewarded with a 5 star artifact upon completing chamber 3 in time, and if you’re lucky like me you could get something like this.

My drop from Floor 7-3

Fatui Skirmishers

For this floor party setup is perhaps the most important out of any of the first 8 floors because the fatui skirmishers regen elemental shield periodically, and unless you are very overleveled you will not be able to reach the 2 star timers for each chamber if you can’t break these. First I’ll go over each agent you have to deal with, how I set up my party, and then how I approached each half of each chamber.

  • Hydrogunner – Big boy that heals his friends and periodically shoots a slow moving projectile at you. Low threat but 1# focus priority to save time. To break his shield use electro attacks and claymores.

  • Cryogunner – Fuck this guy. Sprays cryo juice at you for long periods of time and will try to jump or tackle you if you get too far. Use fire to break his shield(amber is actually best at this, even underleveled). Usually my #2 priority but sometimes ill leave him alive once I kill the hydro guy.

  • Pyroslinger – Shows up on the second half, use hydro attacks to break his shield. I focus this guy a lot because if you lose track of him he can nearly one shot you from a distance, plus he has low health anyway.

  • Anemoboxer- This one is a pain in the ass to fight with a cryo near him, but pretty weak on his own as his shield isn’t as strong as the others who have elemental shields. The thing you have to worry about is his ability where he sucks you in and then punches. To beat this just let him suck you in a bit (dont waste stamina running) and the dash at the last minute to dodge. Sometimes you will just get unlucky and get comboed with a cryo or thunder guy when this happens, it sucks but just try to raise your awareness for when all 3 will attack so you can prepare. He can also punch the ground and rejuvenate his friends after you break their shield so keep that in mind.

  • Geochancer- These guys honestly are harmless, but they have a geo shield that you will need to break with a claymore or somehow else. They shoot weaker projectiles and can shield their party, but its up to you to decide when you should focus them. Usually I leave them for last because they’re so easy.

  • Electro-hammer- I struggled with this guy a lot at first until I discovered a simple tactic. When they run at you with an electrical hit box and then slam the ground, you need to dash through them to avoid the coming hammer swing. Other than that the attacks are easy to dodge, just stay aware of what he’s doing so you don’t get crushed. His shield breaks from cryo attacks, so I used kayea here.

I liked to level amber and kayea a bit so they dont get one shot when I break shields.

Party Setup

This floor requires a tight party setup due to all the elemental reactions you will need to create to break the shields. It’s not like other floors where you can just run a team that deals with cryo and one that deals with pyro, because you will have electro-hammers, geochanters, AND cryogunners on both sides.

To start, I advise for this floor to fully gear up 2 main damage dealers that you can put on each team, along with a healer per team. I was unlucky with my pulls and did not pull a Jean or Qiqi, so I had to use Barbara and Noelle. I geared both of them to around level 40, while my DPS were geared to around level 60. Once you practice and get good at dodging their attacks, the need for a strong healer greatly decreases. I had noelle die in chamber 1 first half and still was able to complete the next 2 chambers. I used a DEF build on Noelle and maxed HP on barbara as much as I could.

With that out of the way here were my teams when I beat the floor:

  • First Half- Fischl(Electro/DPS), Xiangling(Deals with cryogunner), Kayea(Deals with electro-hammer), Noelle(Shield breaker for geo and healer)

  • Second Half- Beidou(Electro/DPS and claymore to break geo shield), Amber(Shield breaker for cryo), Venti(Enabler), Barbara(Deals with pyro and heals)

The one thing I was missing with my comp was a cryo for the second half to deal with the electro hammer in chamber 3 second half, so what I did there is pop everything and try to focus him down BEFORE he could shield the first time. Theoretically I could switch chongyun for beidou as you dont need electro in second half but I don’t have him.

Step-by-Step Guide

I’ll go over what I did for each half of each chamber now. You don’t have to do it the same way I did but it should give you a general idea. I haven’t talked about the ley line divergence yet as it’s just a simple stat buff that you don’t really need to play around. As far as the cards at the start I usually like to use the floor wide ones and then choose the best one for chamber 3. Be smart and pick the best one for your comp. I usually don’t pick the health ones though, as more damage will help you clear faster.

Chamber 1 First Half:

  • Pop everything and focus down hydro guy before he can shield. When the 3 spawn together focus hydro, then you can choose between cryo or electro. If one of them is really annoying you try to pop their shield and they will get stunned for a moment.

Chamber 1 Second Half:

  • Focus pyro first as he has the lowest health and can hurt pretty badly. I usually leave cryo last as he waddles around the room spraying blindly. Again if one is really bothering you BREAK THEIR SHIELD!! This chamber was my last 2 star and I literally did it last second.

Chamber 2 First Half:

Chamber 2 Second Half:

Chamber 3 First Half:

  • Focus hydro like always. This floor is challenging because the anemo and electro guys can really combo you hard. If you’re gonna get hit make sure to switch to someone tanky like noelle or barbara. Remember to run towards electro when he charges you and to dash at the last second when anemo sucks you in.

Chamber 3 Second Half:

  • I focused pyro first, and tried to build my elemental bursts up so that when the electro spawned I could burst him down as much as possible before he could shield as I had nothing to break it. Beyond that I just used Beidou to wail on his shield.

Parting Advice

This may take you a lot of tries depending on your gear level but don’t give up. This floor is all about strategy so keep adapting. My #1 advice would be to focus on breaking shields as much as you can. If anyone who has been playing longer than I have has advice feel free to leave a comment. Good luck and enjoy your 5-Star artifacts! If it makes you feel better floor 8 right after was much much easier and I was able to do it in a few tries even with only 2 level 60 characters. Floor 9 though, I don’t wanna talk about that…


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