Genshin Impact guide to Spiral Abyss Floor 8 all chambers By: Interesting_Middle32

A guide to Spiral Abyss Floor 8 all chambers

Hey there everybody. I finally finished Floor 8 after a couple of days and I was thinking about sharing how I beat the floor and it’s annoying chambers. In advance I “only” reached 6/9 stars.

My Party Setup

I am AR 37 (which is no obligation) and down below you can see the teams I used.

Team 1

  • Bennett – Main DPS and Healer for the first team.
  • Fischl – Main Support for overload DMG with Bennett + Amber Ult
  • Kaeya – Breaking shields of Water Abyss Mage
  • Amber – Support with Ult and empowered shot for Ruin Guards

Team 2

  • Beidou – Main DPS
  • Xiangling – Main Support for overload DMG with Beidou through Gouba and Pyronado
  • Venti – Support and empowered shot for Ruin Guards
  • Barbara – Main Healer and shieldbreaker for Fire Abyss Mages and Pyro Regisvine


Since I dont have a F2P team and some people could have other characters I’ll give you some changes that would also work:

  • Instead of Fischl you can also use Lisa. Just keep in mind that you need to charge her ult to gain the overload DMG.
  • Instead of Beidou you can use Razor as a nice DPS.
  • For Venti you could switch in Sucrose. (not F2P but probably easier to get as Venti – since he’s not available anymore)

Step-by-Step Guide

For the beginning you need to know that you definetly should keep in mind the Ley Line Disorder.

  • When HP is less than 60%, ATK is increased by 50% and DEF is increased by 50%.
  • When HP is less than 45%, Normal Attack SPD is increased by 30%.
  • When HP is less than 45%, Movement SPD is increased by 30%.
  • When HP is less than 30%, CRIT Rate is increased by 20% and CRIT DMG is increased by 40%.

That basically means that you have to keep your main DPS’ on low health. It’s essential to abuse those stats since they give you a lot of buffs and extra DMG (which you will definetly need).

Chamber 1 First Half:

  • Break the shield of the Ice Abyss Mage with Bennett (or optional Fire DPS) and kill him first. Afterwards you can just kill the Hydro Abyss Mage with Kaeya’s Ice Abilities and/or with normal attacks of your DPS.

Chamer 1 Second Half:

  • Switch in Barbara and focus on one of the Pyro Abyss Mage’s. Since both deal decent DMG you should focus down one before you break the other shield OR you can break the shield to stun the mage for a bit to focus the other one.

In the first chamber it’s easy to achieve 3 stars since you only have to defeat all Mage’s in 7 minutes. Just abuse the overload DMG and the possibility to stun them for a bit with charged attacks so that they don’t recover their shields.

Chamber 2 First Half and Second Half:

Since both chambers have the same build up with 6 Hilichurls and 1 Ruin Guard (RG) you can follow this strats for both chambers:

  • Try to kill the Hilichurl Shooter in the beginning so that one Shooter and one Fighter/Berserker are left*. Get close to the Shooter and attack it. The RG and Fighter/Berserker will follow and you should try to position yourself in a way you can hit everyone of them in one run. This might be difficult since you also have to dodge the RG rockets and blows but for me it was an efficient way to beat those chambers (even tho I didn’t get a star here bbecause it was to close). If the RG gets to annoying you can use the empowered attack of Amber and Venti to knock them out for a bit.
  • Another strategie is to kill the Hilichurls first and beat the RG in the end. This one is also a vailable way to get through the chamber but keep in mind that this way you “waste” more time.

In this chamber you alwasy have to deal with 1 Ruin Guard and 2 Hilichurls. If you beat one Hilichurl another one spawns until you beat all 6 of them.*

Chamber 3 First Half:

  • Attack the Crytal on the bottom of the Cryo Regisvine (CR) with Fire/Electro (Overload) DMG until it gets knocked out. Keep attacking the CR in that way. After you destroyed the crystal weakspot once, it “respawns” on it’s head. Try to attack it with the empowered shot from Amber or try to hit it with Bennett (or fire DPS) when it attacks with his head smashing to the ground. After the second crystal it needs some time to respawn. Then you just repeat the whole process. Overall you just need to dodge the Whirlwind Attacks, the Ice Beam of the CR and especially the Head Nuts to the ground. Seems hard but the pattern is pretty easy and when you already defeated the normal CR it also shouldn’t be that hard
  • If you have Lisa in your team for overload DMG you should give her the weapon (book) “Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers”. When you switch from Lisa to your DPS it gains 48% more ATK (Refinement Rank 5).

Chamber 3 Second Half:

  • To beat the Pyro Regisvine (PR) you basically use the same strategie as with the Cryo Regisvine. The only “hard thing” here is the fire pillars it can randomly let go up. Use Beidou (or other Electro DPS) to attack the PR when it’s knocked out and repeat the process with destroying the crystals. You should also use Xianglings Gouba and Pyronado since they also deal DMG.
  • If you have Barbara in your team as a healer you should give her the weapon (book) “Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers”. When you switch from Barbara to your DPS it gains 48% more ATK (Refinement Rank 5).

Concluding Part

It took me a lot of days and changes to my teams and leveling up my characters to get through this aweful Floor. With my guide I try to give you some advices how to get through there. I hope I could help you and if you need more informations about artifacts/weapons or if you have advices for me or feedback (also concludes grammar ;P) let me know!

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