Genshin Impact guide to team-building and Character building By: Onibyakuran


Hello everyone, there are a lot of guides in this beautiful community but i felt the need to make my own as i see a lot of people still asking questions like “What characters should i play” or “Which weapon is the best on :INSERT CHAR NAME: ” So here goes nothing !

I) Team building :

1)Carry :

Many players will probably have figured out by now that, Genshin Impact is a “”””””multiplayer game””””” with a million quotes because (for now) the coop part is lacking and what you really need are a good farming team and an abyss composition, and none of these are doable without a tons of damage.

-To maximize this we then need a carry, a character to obliterate most, if not all ennemies that stand in our ways.Notable Carries contain but not limited to : Diluc/Keqing/Razor/Beidou/Xiao and many more. You can also make a carry of a support if you do not have any, or if you simply like the character a lot.These characters have one thing in common, they have strong abilities, and can fill in with normal attacks while their abilities are down.

2) First support :

Once you’ve chosen who your carry will be, you need to add a support that wields the same element as your carry.

The reason for this is that elemental particles, and elemental orbs give substantialy more energy to characters of the same element than the orb. This means that your fire support will produce a fire particle, which will give X amount of energy to non fire characters but Y energy to fire characters (with Y>X) and you WANT your ultimate ability up as often as possible on your main carry.

A support is a character that (commonly) will only need to be swapped to for a split second to use his ability and apply elemental reactions/buffs or more.

Also (commonly) the First support should/will have less damage than the second support and more utility. The reason for this is that you do not want to have all the heavy hitters of your party to be of the same element, as it could hinder you against ennemies strong against it.

3) Second support :

The second support should be of a different element than the carry and main support, and should also hit heavier/have more damage. His job is to cause elemental reactions with either your carry or first support while bringing utility to the party.

His ability should either be a long lasting ability for both your carry and first support to make reactions with it, (soft support = less elemental mastery) or a heavy hitting ability at once for HIM to cause the reaction (strong support = lots of elemental mastery).Also bonus points if this character is an orb/book wielder (because of thrilling tales 48% atk on swap)

4) Third support or healer :

The last character should (commonly) be of a different element than both your carry/first support and your second support, to bring an elemental diversity. This character should have a lot of utility and supporting ability AND should have healing properties if he is to be used in abyss (world exploration teams can work without a healer).This character should also complement your carry’s element (water if your carry is fire, electro if your carry is water etc)Also bonus points if this character is an orb/book wielder (because of thrilling tales 48% atk on swap)


-Carry : Diluc (pyro)First support : Bennett (pyro) (brings healing and attack buff, while being pyro to help diluc)Second support : Fischl (Overload reactions are meta)Third support/healer : Barbara (water complements fire because it can deal with the pyro abyss mages that diluc struggles with.)

Everything checks out, and we even have a book wielder to further buff Diluc.

-Carry : Beidou (electro)First support : Fischl (character is op, no reason not to use her)Second support : Sucrose (Swirl reactions are strong and Viridescent venerer has to be one of the best set in the game)Third support : Xingqiu (Abilities bring a ton of water damage and stay after swap and complements the “on hit” build that beidou creates)

Hope these examples helped.

II) Character building :

  1. Understanding what a character needs :

To understand how to build a character, you must first understand what the character needs.Have a walk with him, hold hands with him, ask him what his deepest fears are… ok just joking.

To understand what a character needs you must see what are his strengths and weaknesses and either emphasize his strengths or consolidate his weaknesses.

EXAMPLE : let’s take Venti, as he is statistically the most owned 5star in the game currently.

Venti is a very good character, but what truly defines him and sets his strengths is his ultimate ability.This ability gives him both extremely high crowd control, aswell as the ability to “combo” with any character as if it was something natural.

His weakness is that, being a support, he doesn’t have enough damage by himself.This opens up 2 possibilities : Either build him with a lot of damage to compensate his low output, or build him with a lot of utility and energy recharge to leech off, of his ultimate’s ability’s strength.

2) Weapons :

Once we’ve realized what our character needs, we need to choose our weapon. A carry would generally need the hardest hitting weapon you can afford. There are a lot of great guides out there that explain every weapon and who to use them on, also some people have different weapons or 5star weapons, just remember to use the one that goes in the same way as your decision to emphasize or consolidate.

Let’s say i have chosen to build my venti on a full support build, the favonius bow has energy recharge% as a secondary stat, and its effect allows for further energy recharge which is perfect for me.

3) Artifact set vs Artifact stats :

A very popular debate also seems to be Artifact set vs Artifact stats.

Should i use an artifact with Defense% if it helps me finish the set?Should i use every single best Atk%Critdmg% EXPLOSION% artifact i have and ignore sets?

Yes, to both of these.

It basically depends on the character, if you’re playing a support or carry it can be different, let’s say my Razor needs damage, but i do not have optimal artifacts yet so i have to choose, choosing the best artifact for every slot will ALMOST ALWAYS be the best solution for me, as dps artifacts, while being good, only output artifact stats later in the game.

Now let’s say i am still using the Venti from my above example, Would having a maxed feather with optimal substats really be better than finishing my Viridescent Venerer set on him? The answer is no, because Swirl’s damage depends on the character’s level, and the Venerer 4set bonus’s damage output exceeds every artifact’s stat you can possibliy want, because it enhances your CARRY not your support.

More damage on your carry > more damage on your support.

4) Some stats that need further rambling :

There are a couple stats that need some explanations.

First of all Critical Chance% IS A VERY BAD STAT EARLY GAME. Both the Crtit headpieces and the berserker set ARE BAD FOR YOU UNTIL YOU REACH A CERTAIN POINT.

The reason to this is that having 1% pyro damage means you’re doing 1% more damage when doing a pyro attack. HOWEVER having 1% critical chance, means you do 50% more damage 1% of the time which “numberly” translates to 0.5% bonus damage (it is actually even less than this due to how probabilities work but this is an other story). This means that investing 1% gives you 0.5% damage, or half efficiency. you can only have a use for critical chance when you are already above 100% critical damage, which you probably need a headpiece for. However having a critical damage headpiece isn’t worth it if your critical chance is under 45% on the side because you are losing a slot. All of this means this is a very very late game stat to invest into. Atk% and Elemental/Physical% is much better early on.

Elemental mastery : This statistic enhances your elemental reactions damage, not your elemental damage. This means that if you are using a character that don’t proc elemental reactions, YOU SHOULD NOT BE USING THIS STAT.

Elemental damage : Pyro% Electro% etc. This stat is extremely underestimated for supports. Support are meant for their abilities and abilities are elemental which mean these stats are a direct % increase to their damage output and almost always superior to atk%.

Physical damage : Physical damage on both weapon secondary stats or artifact are very strong for normal hitting carries, however this stat is overestimated as most characters and even carries that normal hit a lot, still do a ton of elemental damage which isn’t enhanced from this stat.

5) Artifact sets :

Lastly we will talk about the artifact sets themselves.

Many guides out there will tell you which best in slot set fits on which character, however while being 100% true information, it is missleading.

The thing is that Having an optimal Witch of fire set on your diluc won’t happen until you’re atleast AR 40+, and the reason to that is that you should not be doing any artifact domain until that AR, the effectiveness to that is greatly inferior to doing leylines or talent books. Again please check out other guides on this from people who explain this much better than i do.

So then, since i can’t have my Best in slot OP set from the best guide what should i do?

Same as before basically, use the information on what role your character works for, understand what his strengths and weaknesses are, make a choice, and build him.

Let’s say i’m doing something very weird and using a support Burst Beidou because i simply love her but i don’t wanna troll too hard by using her as main carry since i also have Diluc.

My Benett and Diluc are putting a lot of fire on the ground already, and the plan is to swap to Beidou and use her counter-attack to obliterate the map.

I will then be needing : Hp/Atk/and Electro damage (no critical chance nor damage)

My sets are then going to be : Sojourner 2p for 18%atk / Instructor 2p for 80 Elemental mastery.My artifacts stats are going to be : HP flower / Flat atk feather / Atk%HP%Timepiece / Electro% Goblet / Atk%/HP% headgear. (one HP% and one ATK% on either slots)

And voila !

I really hope this helped some people, and that you didn’t fall asleep with the rambling. Thanks for reading.

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