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Genshin Impact guide to wishes and banners By: Levi-san


There seem to be a lot of confusion among my friends and other players about the wishes and banners currently available for the game, so I will try to explain them here.

There are currently 3 (+1, the beginner) banners in the game as of writing.

The 2 banners featuring characters, “Ballad in Goblets” (Venti banner) and “Wanderlust Invocation” (standard/permanent banner) both share the same chances for gacha, which follows:
0.6% to get a 5* (extra “pity” mechanic: guaranteed drop 1 in every 90 pulls)
5.1% to get a 4* (extra “pity” mechanic: guaranteed drop 1 in every 10 pulls)
94.3% to get a 3*

Let’s talk about the Venti banner:
If you land the 0.6% chance for a 5* item, there’s a 50% chance that it will be Venti, if not then it can be Keqing, Mona, Qiqi, Diluc or Jean. No weapons here. There’s also an extra “pity” mechanic here, that if you don’t land Venti as your first 5* pull, the next 5* you get will be guaranteed Venti. This means that even if you’re the unluckiest person on the planet, in 180 pulls from this banner, you will end up with a Venti and another 5* character. Depending on luck this can happen sooner.
The same applies to 4* pulls, except the 50% chance to pull a character is now divided between Barbara, Fischl and Xiangling. Additionally there’s 8x extra 4* characters and 18x 4* weapons, so if you don’t land the 50% chance for the featured characters your chances of getting a character is quite slim, ~30.7% and ~69.3% to get a weapon. You’re guaranteed to get one of the three featured characters every 20th pull instead of 180th.

The standard banner is pretty similar, except there’s no guarantee to get a character here. The 5* pool is divided between 5x 5* characters and 10x 5* weapons, meaning whenever you get a 5* item it’s 33.3% to be a character and 66.6% to be a weapon.
The case for 4* rewards is 14x characters and 18x weapons, which means 43.75% to get a character whenever you roll a 4* and 56.25% to get a weapon.

The +1, beginner banner is basically netting you 20 rolls for the price of 16. The same chances apply as in the first 2 banners, except you don’t have a guarantee for a 5* character and the first 10-roll you do will guarantee you Noelle and the 2nd 10-roll guaranteeing you another 4* character. This also doesn’t contain 5* weapons, so it’s a prime target for many rerollers. This is a great banner when you’re starting the game, it’ll give you at least 2 characters guaranteed. It also uses the same currency as the standard banner (Acquaint Fates) so this won’t interfere with your Venti grind. It’s highly recommended to get this discounted 20 pulls but if you’re missing Acquaint Fates, I’d recommend not spending primogems to convert. You’re better off converting for Intertwined Fates as pulling from the standard banner isn’t highly recommended anyway.

There’s also the “Epitome Invocation” banner, which only contains weapons, but let’s be real, no one really cares about weapons. You’re here because you want to know the best way to collect your waifus and husbandos.
I’ll provide a quick overlook of this anyway, but not gonna go as deep with numbers as on the other 2 banners:
0.7% to get a 5* (“pity” mechanic: 1 out of every 80 pulls)
6% to get a 4* (“pity” mechanic: 1 out of every 10 pulls)
93.3% to get a 3*
Basically the same rules apply here, except much greater chances when you land a 5* to get one of the featured weapons, which is 75%. Same pity mechanic here, if you didn’t get one of the featured weapons for the first time you’re guaranteed to get one on the next 5* yada, yada, yada…

“Wow so much information, but I don’t really care, tell me what I need to do to get all my waifus/husbandos already!”
Okay, okay…

While the Venti banner is here, pull from that basically as much as you can. Since Venti isn’t in the standard banner pool he might not be obtainable for some time or even ever again. It’s also a good banner to pull a lot of duplicates of Barbara, Fischl and Xiangling to get some easy constellation upgrades.
Unless you’re a whale who spent thousands already there’s no reason to touch to standard banner, unless you get Acquaint Fates from some Battle Pass/Quest rewards, but at this point we don’t really know if there’ll be a banner that’ll take this currency. Do with that information what you will, I’m personally spending them as soon as I get them.

Bonus: pulling one by one or by tens doesn’t make a difference. You can enjoy the dopamine from the pulls every time you get 160 primogems. Pulling ten wishes at once doesn’t influence your chances in any way.

Use up the 20 rolls for the beginner banner without converting primogems to Acquaint Fates.
Turn primogems to Intertwined Fates to roll event banners while they’re there.
Spend Acquaint Fates if you want or hoard them in chances for future changes.
Don’t convert primogem to Acquaint Fates!
Roll one by one or pull ten at once; it doesn’t affect your reward chances differently.

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