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Genshin Impact Guide towards making a DPS Traveler By: buttsecks42069


Disclaimer: I am not very good at the game, I’d say that I’m…decent, at best. So, take all my ideas with a grain of salt.

So, Traveler, huh. They have a decent kit, for both sides, Anemo and Geo, I’d say they’re pretty good, personally, and kinda underrated, most would use them as a sub-DPS instead of a main DPS. But, they can do well as a main DPS, too however, note that my builds will not be the insane shit that destroys bosses before you can blink, because I don’t have the level of luck needed to get those types of Artifacts.

Speaking of Artifacts, the way that I personally build Traveler is as a mixed DPS, AKA, good at both physical and elemental damage. To do this, you have an ATK% on both your Timepiece and your Goblet, with Crit related stats on your Circlet. However, if you wanna focus less on elemental damage, then I would suggest having multiple Goblets set out for your Traveler, for whatever element you’re using, so, a Geo and Anemo Goblet right now, and probably an Electro cup if you’re preparing for Inazuma, however I would suggest a Physical Damage Goblet for Electro traveler for Superconduct. I personally don’t build my Traveler like this, because it’s inconvenient to change your Goblet each and every time.

For weapons, I would highly recommend either the Black sword or the Primordial Jade sword. I personally think that the Jade sword is better because it has the best Crit Rate substat from what I know, with a base 9.6% that goes up to 44.1%, although the Black sword is alright, it gives you a respectable 6.0% base substat with a maximum of 27.6%. If you can get your hands on the Jade sword, then that’s a HUGE advantage, because you get a Crit Rate stat that is good enough that, instead of going for a Crit Rate% Circlet with a Crit DMG% substat, (where the maximum Crit DMG% is 46.8% and the maximum Crit Rate is 31.1%), you can go for a Crit DMG% Circlet with a Crit Rate% substat (where the maximum Crit DMG% is 62.2% and max Crit Rate% is 19.5%), and you’ll still get crits to justify it. On the other hand, if you use the Black Sword, then you should go for either Crit Rate% on your Circlet, or, you can go for crit rate substats on all of your Artifacts and pray to Paimon that it works.

In terms of secondary effects, the Black sword has the Jade sword beat by a long shot. The Jade sword gives you a teensy boost to your HP and Attack based on your HP, which is hardly noticeable in gameplay. In contrast, the Black Sword just straight up gives you a 20% attack buff, and heals you based on your attack. That is pretty fucking good. If you don’t have access to those two weapons, then I would suggest the Iron Sting, although it doesn’t have that good if a substat, it’s available from crafting, instead of gacha or paywalls, so it’s pretty good. Just using your E increases all your damage, which is a pretty good effect, especially if you get it to R5.

Now, for the Traveler themselves, previously, I called them a mixed DPS, and I stand by that, they can do good damage both physically and elementally. In terms of which Traveler to use when, honestly, it depends. In my personal experience, I would say that Anemo Traveler is really good against the overworld enemies and for crowd control, however, they struggle a bit with larger enemies, and enemies that are immune to their own element, like Slimes. In contrast, Geo Traveler is really good for Domains, and is a SOLID bossbuster, with my favourite strategy being “Dodge attacks and get in cheap shots using your rocks”. The only boss that they aren’t good for is Dvalin, because that boss was made for Anemo.

So…what do you guys think? Did I do good, or did I miss a crucial detail that makes me look like a moron?


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