Genshin Impact How I beat Sabotage Balloon with my 3 digits damage Amber at WL4 By: EverydaySmile


I’ve been struggling to beat it everytime when the commission is being held at the river where there are electric arrows, ice arrows and wind shaman to pull you back with Ice Abyss Mage being an icing on top of the cake.

I tried to jump on top of the balloon like people recommended but as soon as I started spamming auto attack, I got hit my an arrow and fall into the river.

But yesterday I cleared it with only Amber spamming attack so I wanted to share something you might have missed before.

  1. After I landed on top of the balloon I didn’t do auto attack, but I change to aim mode instead. The time I was hit by arrow it would just cancel my aim mode but not knocking me off the balloon. ( Still need more time to test if this is true)

  2. I ate ATK buff food it really makes the difference and since my Amber’s damage is still very low, Adeptus’ Temptation was my choice.

Nevertheless it’s a frustrating commission that I don’t want to see it daily. I see that there are people following cheese guide but got knocked out of the balloon including me. So I hope this will help you in some ways.

I named the title that because I see people saying 4 digits damage is low in WL4 and my Amber’s charge shot deals around 600 damage.

Hope this helps you finish the balloon sabotage commission! If my Amber can do it then you can do it.

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