Genshin Impact How to Build Childe Weapon & Artifact Guide [Write Up & Video Showcase] By: YoinkedGaming


Hello everyone! It’s Chris from YoinkedGaming and you may remember me from my terrible pronounciation of Noblesse Oblige set. After finally leveling up Childe to lvl 80 and understanding his kit better I decided to give you guys my two cents on the character and try to explain what I think are some ways he can shine in. I was able to reach 3.6k attack on him!

Character Showcase & Video Guide:

Childe Brief Summary

Tartaglia is a bow user, however, his elemental skill makes him change to a melee stance and be a DPS character. The cooldown of the Elemental skill increases the longer you are on melee stance so keep in mind that the longer you remain melee the longer it will take you to come back to it. I consider Childe to be two characters in one because of this. Hitting opponents with a fully charged shot (Ranged Mode) or striking a critical hit(Melee Mode) will apply the Riptide mark on the enemy. His Elemental Burst will fire an arrow that explodes in an AoE and also triggers and resets(!) the Riptide Marks on the enemies in the area, while also giving back 20% of the Burst’s energy. Using the Elemental Burst on melee form will cause Childe to swing his spear in close proximity to deal even more damage. If you attack enemies that are already marked with fully charged shots(Ranged) or critical hits(Melee) the Riptide Marks trigger causing enemies in close proximity to the target to take three strikes of hydro damage.

Recommended Weapons

5* Skyward Harp: This weapon is by far the best option for Childe if you are able to get it. It has an innate critical rate 2nd stat and gives a 20% Crit Dmg boost as well. This means that you can trigger the riptidde mark way more often and inrease your DPS potential by a huge amount. The second part of its passive gives a 60% chance to deal physical damage in a small aoe around the target, which is exactly what the Riptide trigger does. Synergyyy!

4* Rust: This weapon is one of the more straightforward and popular options for Childe. It has a %ATK as its innate 2nd stat and gives a 40% normal attack damage boost on Rank 1. This synergizes with his melee form as well so it is one of the best options. The %ATK increases your damage output overall so this is a ‘can’t go wrong weapon’ for him.

4* The Stringless: The Stringless is another very viable option but you may need to change up your playstyle a little. This weapon has elemental mastery as its innate 2nd stat and gives an extra 24% Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst Damage. The obvious advantage with this weapon is the One-hit-KO abilities with your elemental burst. I was able to deal around 32K damage in this video with it and I’m sure I could do better if I change up my artifacts a little. If you choose to take this path, keep in mind that you need to play around your elemental reactions more and trigger them as much as possible. Another little detail is that Childe’s Riptide trigger counts as Elemental Skill damage so the Stringless boosts that as well.

Recommended Artifacts

As far as the artifacts go, I highly reccomend a 5* goblet that gives %Hydro DMG. This is ideal as 90% of the damage you will be dealing with Childe is hydro and that also further synergizes with his Ascenscion boost. I reach up to 80% hydro dmg boost in the video which I think right now is close to the max avaiable. You need to prioritize Crit Rate, Crit DMG and attack on the substats. Obviously, the higher your critical rate, the better but I think 40-50% Crit Rate is must have to not miss out on damage potential through his Riptide Mark trigger.

2 piece Gladiator – 2 piece Berserker:
I start off with this suggestion because it is the easier and earlier option you can get. As I mentioned already you need to get as much crit rate as possible while focusing on maximizing your ATK, Crit Rate and Crit DMG.

2 piece Gladiator – 2 piece Noblesse Oblige
The 2 piece Noblesse Oblige gives a 20% dmg boost on your ultimate which will increase your OHKO potential even more.

4 piece Wanderer’s Troupe (*Meme Build*)
This is something I have theory crafted for quite a bit. The extra 35% on your charged shots along with the 80 elemental mastery that this set provides could make him a formidable -shooting 50kg arrows- archer. Using the Stringless I was able to get 23K vaporize charged shot so I can only imagine what this set might be able to pull off.

If you have read this far, I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. Feedback is always appreciated! English is not my native languge so please excuse any mistakes.

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