Genshin Impact How To Build Razor Weapon, Artifact & Team Comp Guide [Write-Up & Video Showcase] By: TerafiedGaming


Howdy! My name is Tera and I hope you are having a Terarific day! Today, I want to share with you Razor’s weapons, artifacts, and team composition options. I have included more weapon options and have added team compositions as that was heavily requested in my last character build guide on Ningguang. So now, let us talk about some of Razor’s building options.

Character Showcase & Video Guide:

Razor Brief Summary

Razor is an Electro, Claymore character capable of slashing his way through any enemies. He does massive physical damage with complimentary electro damage. His elemental skill, Claw and Thunder when pressed will cause Razor to slash forward dealing Electro DMG while generating an Electro Sigil. These Electro Sigils will increase Razor’s energy recharge rate and stack up to 3 times. When Claw and Thunder is held, it will deal AoE Electro damage and will convert any Electro Sigils into energy for Razor. His elemental burst, Lightning Fang will cause the Wolf Within to attack alongside Razor dealing Electro damage on each normal attack and disables Razor’s charged attacks. Razor will also have increased attack speed and resistance to Electro damage. Razor is one of the best physical damage carries in Genshin Impact and with the right build he will excel.

Recommended Weapons

Wolf’s Gravestone. Razor’s most talked about weapon is that of Wolf’s Gravestone. Wolf’s Gravestone is a 5* weapon and can only be gotten from the gacha system making it mainly a whale exclusive weapon. The weapon has an attack secondary stat and an effect which increases attack by up to an additional 40%. The effect will also increase the attack of all party members by up to 80% for 12 seconds once every 30 seconds if an enemy below 30% health is hit. Basically, Wolf’s Gravestone is just a massive amount of attack for Razor and with the right composition to make use of the party wide attack buff will net the highest damage output.

Skyward Pride. Skyward Pride is another 5* weapon that Razor can utilize that I think is a little underrated. It has a high base attack, energy recharge secondary stat and an effect which increases all DMG by up to 16%. In addition, on hit it will create vacuum blades that deal up to 160% ATK as DMG to enemies along its path for 20 seconds or 8 vacuum blades. While Razor does already have high energy generation within his kit, the effect of Skyward Pride should not be underestimated. In party compositions that cannot effectively utilize the teamwide attack buff of Wolf’s Gravestone then Skyward Pride becomes comparable to Wolf’s Gravestone in damage output due to the vacuum blades damage.

Rainslasher. Rainslasher is a 4* gacha weapon which pairs perfectly with Razor’s kit. It has an elemental mastery secondary stat and an effect which increases DMG against enemies affected by Hydro or Electro by up to 36%. Razor is often paired with Xingqiu and/or Barbara which allows him to do consistent electro-charge damage on enemies and make use out of the elemental mastery secondary stat of Rainslasher. In addition, when using Razor’s elemental burst, Lightning Fang will allow Razor to keep enemies consistently under the Electro status effect. This means that Rainslasher will almost always be increasing DMG done on most enemies.

Prototype Aminus. Prototype Aminus is a 4* craftable weapon that will put out very similar damage output as Rainslasher depending on the encounter. It has a high base attack with an attack secondary stat and an effect which has a 50% chance on hit to deal an additional up to 480% ATK DMG to enemies within a small AoE once every 15 seconds. This weapon is great because it is accessible to everyone and can be reasonably be max refined in later stages of the game. The effect will deal quite a lot of damage especially considering Razor excels as a physical damage carry which directly translates to more damage when Prototype Aminus procs.

Skyrider Greatsword? Skyrider Greatsword is an early game 3* weapon option that can be found out in the world in chest. It has a physical damage bonus secondary stat and an effect that on hit increases attack by up to 10% for 6 seconds stacking 4 times. Since Razor is often used for his high physical damage this weapon pairs perfectly with that intention. This is a weapon totally worth the cheap investment of resources and opens resources to flesh out entire team compositions rather than a singular character. You can also easily max refine this weapon very early on in the game.

Recommended Artifact Sets

4-piece Gladiator’s Finale. The best in slot set for Razor is without a doubt that of Gladiator’s Finale. It increases ATK by 18% and increases normal attack DMG by 35%. Razor is a normal attack machine when his elemental burst, Lightning Fang is active. This will push a huge amount of additional damage out of those normal attacks and also increase his attack by 18% in the process.

Gladiator’s Finale can be obtained from weekly and world bosses.

2-piece Bloodstained Chivalry + 2-piece Gladiator’s Finale. Getting the perfect 4-piece set of Gladiator’s Finale can sometimes be hard to come by and that is where the mix-matched set of 2-piece Bloodstained Chivalry and 2-piece Gladiator’s Finale comes into play. 2-piece Bloodstained Chivalry increases Physical DMG by 25% alongside that 18% attack increase from 2-piece Gladiator’s Finale. While a 35% increase in normal attack damage is better than an increase of physical DMG by 25% Bloodstained Chivalry is much easier to farm ideal artifact main stat pieces of.

Bloodstained Chivalry can be obtained start at AR35 from Artifact Domain Farming.

2-piece Berserker + 2-piece +18% ATK? Lastly a very early game set is that of 2-piece Berserker and 2-piece +18% ATK. 2-piece berserker will give +12% CRIT Rate and there are many sets that give +18% ATK. This set will excel throughout the early and mid game but will fall off later as Berserker pieces cannot exceed 4*.

Berserker can be farmed from weekly and world bosses.

Recommended Artifact Slot Main Stats

Sands. ATK%. I recommend attack on the sands artifact slot as Razor is a very damage orientated character and has innate energy recharge within his kit. At ascension 4 Razor’s energy recharge will increase by 30% when his energy is below 50%. For this reason, energy recharge is generally not worth it on Razor and if Razor is in an Electro Resonance team composition then it is even more not worthwhile.

Goblet. Physical DMG Bonus or ATK%. For the Goblet artifact slot both physical DMG bonus and ATK% can be great options. Physical DMG Bonus will not influence Razor’s elemental skill electro damage which is why ATK% is an option on the Goblet slot. Electro DMG Bonus is not recommended on Razor as his Physical DMG far surpasses his Electro DMG and on his elemental burst his electro DMG scaling is dependent on normal attack damage which physical DMG bonus increases.

Circlet. CRIT DMG or CRIT Rate. While none of the weapons recommendation possessed a CRIT Rate or CRIT DMG secondary stat the circlet slot should still be used for this purpose. Most often this means building CRIT Rate but if you have really great CRIT Rate substats on your artifacts then CRIT DMG can be an option.

Recommended Team Comps

I do want to note that I made the decision to start using only 4* characters starting once Childe’s Banner released so all of these team compositions will be built from a 4* foundation. When it comes to Razor, building compositions around survivability during his elemental burst and superconduct to increase his physical damage are necessary to fully utilize his kit.

Hydro Resonance Comp. Razor | Xingqiu | Diona | Barbara -> High Survivability & Med Recharge

4* Alterations: Diona for Kaeya | Barbara for Noelle (will lose hydro resonance)

5* Alterations: Diona for Qiqi

Electro Resonance Comp. Razor | Xingqiu | Diona | Beidou -> Med Survivability & High Recharge

4* Alterations: Diona for Kaeya | Beidou for Fischl or Beidou for Lisa

5* Alterations: Diona for Qiqi

Early Game Comp. Razor | Barbara | Kaeya | Lisa -> Low Survivability & High Recharge

I hope this was sufficient in providing direction in all aspects of building Razor! I had to make some alterations to this guide to make sure everything fit in one post. What do you think of Razor? Do you have any other build suggestions?

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