Genshin Impact How to build Xinyan and more By: DrGigglezMP


Since I couldn’t find a lot of guides on Xinyan in the past four days, I decides to take matters into my own hands. Zhongli getting all the attention is not such a good thing. Ofc, you can wait 1 or 2 weeks for Zhongli hype to die down so you can get the opinions of big Youtubers and not some random dude on Reddit.

I won’t be explaining her abilities here because it would make the post all the more longer and the people who already have her probably know what she does. I’ll be explaining both a main DPS build and a support one. The ideal weapons for her and artifacts.


Main DPS (not in any particular order)

Wolf’s Gravestone: No need for any explaination here. Probably the strongest weapon in the game

Unforged: Haven’t done any testing with this weapon, but the Shield Strength bonus is great for her. Just don’t try for this weapon if you’re F2P.

Prototype Aminus: No need to explain this one either. It’s craftable and a good weapon at that. Any other 5 star claymore: As 5 star weapons scale really well, it’s hard not to put any as her weapon.


Skyward Pride: You’re gonna see a lot of energy recharge substat weapons and this is the first. With support Xinyan (optimally with C2), having your shield up is one of the most valuable things you should do. Energy recharge weapons make that easier to accomplish.

Sacrificial Greatsword: For the energy recharge.

Favonius Greatsword: Also for the energy recharge.

Prototype Animus: Can’t go wrong with this weapon even as a support option.

Whiteblind: Yay, another Whiteblind user. The DEF substat will help with the shields, but you could also use this as an option for DPS. I didn’t put it there because Prototype Aminus is a lot better.

Artifacts and Main Stats

Before I go into the artifacts sets, I want you to know what main stat you should be looking for and the stats you shouldn’t go for.

Main DPS

Sands: ATK% Goblet: Physical Damage Bonus Circlet: Crit Rate, Crit DMG, ATK%

For the any of the artifacts, don’t pursue a DEF main stat you want to prioritize ATK over DEF. Having your shield scale with DEF just means that having DEF in your substats shouldn’t be a problem. You might also wonder, how about Pyro Damage Bonus? It doesn’t work with her as she doesn’t deal enough consistent Pyro Damage to warrant it. This is why (spoiler alert) she doesn’t use the Crimson Witch of Flames set.


Sands: Energy Recharge Goblet: ATK% or DEF% Circlet: ATK% or DEF%

As I said previously, just focus on getting your Burst up. For the Goblet and Circlet, just put what you have into the slot. DEF main stat will work fine with support Xinyan.

Artifact Sets

Main DPS

4pc. Gladiator (if you have enough for the set bonus)

2pc. Gladiator and 2pc. Bloodstained Chivalry (more farmable option)

4pc. Lavawalker (just try to go for the options above. This one was a build I personally enjoyed, but if you have a full set, then why not?) The trick here is to always have a level 3 shield up to apply Pyro to everyone around you. Xiangling and Bennet could also help with the job.

4pc. Retracing Bolide (I think every youtuber talked about this in their speculation)


4pc. Noblesse Oblige (this set is universal for all supports)

2pc. Noblesse Oblige and 2pc. Bloodstained Chivalry (this works too, but I need to do more testing)

Your typical 4 star sets for support are also decent options. Exile, Instructor, etc.

Team Options

Xinyan can work in any team comp as a support, but if you want pyro resonance for your main DPS, you can run her like this:

Main DPS/Xinyan/Bennet or Xiangling/Anemo

With her as the main DPS, you can run:

Xinyan/Bennet or Xiangling/Healer (if you run Xiangling/Anemo

With that, I hope you finally learned how to build Xinyan. I didn’t talk about how you should play her, but I think the post is long enough as it is.

P.S. If someone could make me those cool looking infographic for this Xinyan guide that would be great. This post is too long in my opinion and having one will make things easier.

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