Genshin Impact HOW TO CALCULATE YOUR ELEMENTAL REACTION DAMAGE in Genshin Impact v1.0.1 By: SammyonHydro


In trying to make a Mona guide for players under AR 30 somehow I ended up getting too much into how HIT AND Elemental Reaction damage works in the game. I tried but I couldn’t find a calculator so I had to make one. It is almost perfect. If there are ways to make this better let me know! As a community we can perfect this. In my video I explain how to use the spreadsheet and there is a download link in the description of the youtube video. TimeStamps are below

0:00 Numbers from Twitch Test session

1:10 Things to Know before watching the Video

1:51 Why I got into this and couldn’t find it anywhere

2:39 Shout out and thread where I got the formula from

3:37 Applying information to the spreadsheet

5:53 Looking at % Change

7:06 Factoring in Instructor Set EM

9:04 How formula is being updated and small % error past lvl 80

10:08 Like and Subscribe

10:44 Outro: Follow me on Twitch! and Give Away info

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