Genshin Impact How to Clip Furnishings


I don’t know if this is allowed here but just want to share. Feel free to delete if it’s not allowed though.

With this glitch we are able to place any furnishings and clip them together.

If you saw my archon’s waterfall retreat house the main house is literally below the waterfall and that was only possible thanks to this glitch, lol at the shameless plug πŸ™‚

Additionally the glitch can also be used inside the mansion where you can push your character outside the house and you’ll be able to take pictures with cool background, again shameless plug lol πŸ™‚ You can’t clip furnishings though because none of the sets has furnitures large enough that can push the character outside the boundary which triggers the save function. Maybe once they release a set that uses that large bookshelf…

Honestly mihoyo should just allow us to clip furnishings. But unntil then our only option for now is to glitch.

Tested on the ps4 slim. I don’t have access to my ps5 right now since I’m at my parent’s house for a while. Please confirm below if it works for you. I don’t play on PC so PC bros please confirm if this is still working. Heard it recently got patched.

Also don’t hesitate to share your findings.

How it Works

Basically how this works is we glitch the edit menu so that we are able to place any furnishings without limitations. However, in this glitched edit menu we are not allowed to directly saveβ€”it says “Failed to save”β€”to enable saving we basically have to push our character into the abyss lol. The character doesn’t necessarily need to die just that they must fall all the way down the abyss in order to exit the glitched menu. Once you’re out of the glitched menu only then you can save the game.


Credits to taka gg for discovering the PC version of the glitch. Without him/her this would not be possible. Check out his/her “Floating House Above the Cloud!” video on YouTube if you want video guide.


I will not be held responsible for any damage this may cause to your account.



1. Move your character near the edge of the mountain then place any boulder nearby (image).

2. Hold the L1 button and spam the X button until you enter the glitched edit menu. You should see your character while you’re in the glitched menu.

Note: This might take a couple of tries.

3. Now place any furnishings from your inventory and you can place as many as you want and yes you can clip them together as well! (image)

Note: Before selecting any items from your inventory it’s important that your cursor is within the confines of the buildable area because otherwise that item will disappear and you’ll have to repeat from #2 again. Once you’ve dropped the furniture inside the buildable area you can drag it anywhere you like.

Also you can’t modify existing furnitures in the overworld.

4. Once done use the boulder and push your character and once they fall down the mountain a loading screen will appear this means everything worked (image).

5. To save access the normal edit menu and save your work.

Note: If furnitures are not loading simply enter the mansion or go back to singleplayer. This should reload the asset.


  • The #1 is not consistent as mountains have ledges that can prevent your character from falling in the abyss. The most efficient way is to use the glitch and then place a boulder at the edge of the mountain and have your character stand there (image). Basically instead of pushing that character you move that boulder and your character will fall straight down the abyss (image). Works 100% all the time.

  • To transfer the main building for example you want it below the waterfall area to do so simply place it in Spring Peak area then do the glitch and you’ll be able to select it from your inventory. Place it in the Summerchase Peak area and drag it all the way near the waterfall or anywhere you like.

  • Glitch can also be used inside the mansion if you want to take pictures. Simple stand in the wall near the stairs (Emerald Peak Realm’s mansion) use glitch and push your character using a bookshelf (image).

Hope this is useful. Happy building πŸ˜€

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