Hello guys this is Guess and welcometo, my channel Guess Who’s Playingtoday. I just came across a new worldquest which is named luhua landscape, uh, the location where youcan find this quest is herenear luhua pool, and you can startthe trial um just by talking here toVermeer. Who is a traveling painter after talkingto him? You will receive from him to paintingsyou, have to go into your inventory in yourbag, and you get these two sketches a blackand white sketch and a color sketch, and you needto go to those viewpoints. He says he lost hispaints and brushes at these viewing spots and heneeds to complete his work, so we are here so weneed to climb somewhere in the right of this thisis, the color sketch and the black and white.

One is okay from the left: okay, pretty soone should be there and the other therelet’s go first to this teleportviewpoint. Okay – and this looks like the yeah investigate, okay, perfect, ah and okay. We found one of the paint and brushes okaycool. Then let’s go to this teleport viewpointand. We should find another location just like thatlooking down that that’s it. This is it and herewe can find this second nowand. I think we need to go back. I don’t think or recall, being a fast travel pointonce. The 1.1 update will bein place. We we can use that uhteleport thing that you can leave and then comeback, so this would have been uh. The best exampleto use that you just leave that item that helpsyou teleport go to these locations and then justteleport back to the location where you droppedyour item pretty cool okay, so we are backpass the painting tools to vermeer.

Okay, my manwe found them look for another strange rock okaylet’s. Look for other strange rocks. It should be around here. Somewhereah crabs. I didn’t see crabs. Oh look at that. One here, bye, bye! Okay, once you defeat all themonsters, you can investigatelook for another strain. Ah lookthere’s. Another one over there, i don’t know how many rocks we need to find. Who does those? So that’s not it. Let’S investigate okay found one okay. Now that we have thisi assume we need to go back yeah back to him. You climb the statue, mysterious statue. Okay, let’s insert that: okay, we have a string stonegive it okay, it light up. I assume weneed to do that. Also to the other statue insert also this one give submit give okay and now, apparently we need a jailuser, and i assume, there’s gon na be a fight. Thank you, my friend, okay, so i don’t have one in the team, so let me insert quickly. Okay – and i assume there will be a battlelet me change back to my initial teambehold, the princess, endeavor and now ah, there’s three guys and that opens up the closed door and i saw a chest there ithink it’s uh one of the best chest in the game. It’S uh: oh, it’s a luxury who areyou so these spiders are annoying.

Ah, and i found also another chest exquisite chest: okay, so we got an exquisite chestdo. We have another one here, yesokay cool, so two exquisitechests and one luxurious chest. Let’S see what’s in here, okay cool nice and let’s see what’s in this one okayberserkers rose so four star, i gotthe four star: berserker rose cool and 50 primo gems and 30 000mora cool. That’S very nice! In any case, if you found this video helpful pleasecomment like and subscribe, thank you forwatching see you in the next video peace out.

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