Genshin Impact – How to get 10 Mondstadt Shrine of Depths Key and Open 10 Mondstadt Shrine


Hello friends Today I will show you how to find 10 keys of 10 shrines in Mondstadt And the location of 10 shrines with 10 rare chests inside The first is how to get 10 keys. The first 3 tricky keys. You will find with level 25 This time you will receive the World level up quest. This will be found in the Danger Class section of the Katheryne NPC. This mission is part of the World quest you open the World quest. The task is quite easy. You will find 3 keys in a treasure chest when completing a relic discovery as a reward.

Now is the 4th key. You will get it in Chapter 4 of the adventurer book Upon completion of the mission Donate the Seven Angels of God in Mondstadt to level 6 5th key obtained in Chapter 5 Upon completing the quest Open, 100 Lost Chests Time is the key 6,7,8,9. These 4 keys will be rewarded with 4 relics when first discovered, Relic No 1 Tay Phong Bird Temple Relic No 2 Soi Bac Phong Temple Relic No 3 Nam, Phong Su Tu Temple Relic No 4 Falcon Gate. Key number 10 Obtained as a World quest Dangerous, Must Go Far. That leaves 10 keys for 10. Shrines in Mondstadt Now is the location of the 10 Goddesses, with rare chests in it.

Shrine No 1 is located in the Vong Phong Mountain area Now use the key to open Shrine number 2 in Vom Sao Fall Shrine number 3 near the gate of Mondstadt Shrine number 4,5,6 at Phong Tieu Hill Shrine number 7,8 in Thuong Phong Highlands: Ninth Shrine in Minh Quan Mountain Region, Electric god, number 10, Go from the pagoda to the other side of the river Here is the end, see you in the next section:

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