Genshin Impact: How to get to Musk Reef


Genshin Impact is not a small game. There’s a lot of little areas and islands to explore. Like this little island in the corner here. But how do you get there and what are the rewards for doing so? After this video you’ll know exactly how to and believe you me there’s a very, very important reason to with a very good reward at the end. Musk Reef appears on the map to be unreachable. There’s no way you could swim there even with a huge amount of stamina buffs. However you can teleport there. Here’s how! In the bottom-right corner of Mondstadt there is a Travel Waypoint called Cape Oath.

Make your way down to it. There’s a couple of other temples and Travel Waypoints you can get on the way as well. Once you arrive and activate the Travel Waypoint nearby you’ll see a portal in the sky. On the map it’s just above where the Cape Oath text is. Looks mysterious, hey? Well, that’s where we’re going! There’s a stone ring in the ground near the portal surrounded by three Seelie landing points. Once all three are activated, a windpipe appears in the stone ring! Jump into it and activate your glider to take off into the sky above the portal.

Enjoy a lovely view of the Mondstadt area while you’re there. Seriously, it’s amazing to admire. Then simply place yourself above the portal, drop down and away you go! You’ll also get the “Time Travel” Achievement once you go into the portal, netting you five Primogems and lo’ and behold you’re on the island you’re on Musk Reef! There’s a couple of chests and enemies here but the major attraction is the ominous, somewhat Stargate looking portal in front of you.

You can’t enter this until Adventurer Rank twenty, but this does unlock the Spiral Abyss – a resetting dungeon with high difficulty challenges rewarding large amounts of Primogems. You’ll be hitting this dungeon up a lot each time it resets as it’s a great way to get free Wishes. And believe me, we all want those 5 star gacha pulls. I haven’t pulled one yet. I’ve pulled so many times. Hope this little video helps, subscribe for more Genshin tutorials. Comment if there’s any other Genshin stuff you wanna see. ‘Til next video… matta ne!.

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