[Genshin Impact] How to KLEE: anicancels and smooth transitions! Gameplay and BUG?


Always, warm, up, before getting into the action people 1 … 2 …, 1 … How well do you play klee. In this video, we will be looking at some small details to make your combat with klee a smoother one Lets get started Known as “ walk, cancel”, keeping pressed in a direction to walk once klee completes 1 basic and walks starting. The next basic will start from 1. Once you get the hang of it, it will become your staple for any klee combat

Chaged attack can be cancelled with various different actions once the animation appears namely jump, basic and possibly more. Using basic to cancel is the most common for reasons regarding talent 4. Here we look at the use of crimson witch 4 set on Klee. Supposedly klee only has 2 stacks of E to use consecutively, so are we getting 2 or 3 stacks? Let’s give it a test, starting at 115.2% pyro bonus. After the first E we increase by 7.5% which is 50% of the 2 set bonus. A second activation increases by another 7.5%, so far so good. That was all normal, but there was a slight pause between activation. This round lets do it in an instant consecutively. No different in first activation. 3 stacks!! now this is definitely something many will utilize but as to when this might be considered a bug still remains to be announced. So why is basic anicancel so useful? As mentioned earlier regarding talent 4, we get a flower icon when passive activates.

This enables us to charge without using any stamina. The only difference here is because we are holding down direction to anicancel basic, remember to release it when doing charged so we get a smooth transition. (Practice 1) (Practice 2) (Practice 3).

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