Genshin Impact Hu Tao Official FULL Details Skills & Translation + Gameplay


Just the other day, we had a sneak peek at hotel with some of what her skills and what she’s kind of about. But now we have all of the data for her. We have her elemental skill, full description, everything that it does. It does do more stuff. Her elemental burst does do more stuff. We know exactly how that stuff works now we also have full details on both her ascensions and her constellations guys. So if you haven’t seen anything about her yet we’ll touch on that as we go through here, but if you’ve seen everything else about her we’re gon na be going over and giving you guys the translations for this stuff.

So it’s gon na be her normal tech. Nothing new there. She is for normal tech, multiplier, she’s a little bit below changling and a little bit above zhong li. But we don’t know how fast that these come out yet. So we can’t really judge them outside of just the damage numbers in and of themselves. But one thing to take note here is she has a polar character and polar characters for the most part that we know of right now they have those multi-hit attacks.

She only has a single multi-hit attack and it’s her fifth hit and it’s only a two times hitting thing. So keep that in mind as you’re going down and looking at her here, because you might be thinking about crescent pike, but crescent bikes can be out the window because let’s go over her elemental skill fully and in depth. I’M going to translate this to you best of my ability here um, but this is going to be her elemental skill and it does two different things here and there’s going to be a cap on what this does now in case, you already knew what it did Before so, what it’s going to do it’s going to cost you 30 percent of your hp. When you activate this, this is because the way that hutow is she’s built to take a hp and put it into your attack she’s a very high base, hp poll. She has got 15 552 hp base in 106 base attack, so that’s very low there.

But what this does do it’s going to give you attack percent equal to a percentage of your maximum hp, so at level 1 to be 3.84 of your max hp at level? 10, it’s going to be a whopping 6.26 of your maximum hp there, so this is going to be very strong, but in addition to that, it’s got a couple of stipulations with it. Now this hp to attack conversion very important here, because it’s going to want you’re going to want to wear a five-star weapon with her if possible, because it has a cap on it. Now it’s got a 300 percent cap and that 300 cap is 300 of your basic attack power. Your base attack, so your weapon plus her base attack so 108 and then, if you have like a three star weapon on which is gon na, have like a 400 attack cap.

In a best case scenario, then your base attack is 300 of that 550. 550-Ish base attack you have, which means you can only add up to like 1600 attack 1650 attack with this ability, and she can do much more than that. But if you have like a five-star base weapon on her right five-star baseball like 670, you know 680 somewhere base attack. That means you’re gon na have that 680 plus her 108 base attack. You can add those together. You better have something like 2.2 k attack with this, so that’s going to help out a lot of players out there to know that right now you want to use her you’re looking for a very high base attack weapon, so hopefully the new weapon that is rumored To come out with her as well, we don’t have any concrete super data on that. We’Ll double check and i’ll have to record a video about that as well.

But it’s supposed to be a weapon that gives you increased damage for every one percent missing hp, but on top of that, this does something else now this was the blood plume bloom in it. This does a couple of things here, so what this does do. In addition to giving that buff is it’s going to convert your damage to fire damage, pyro damage, that’s going to be awesome because it’s going to work both one of our ascensions, we’ll talk about in a minute, and this also ascension this fire damage that you’re getting It can’t be forcefully transformed by something else so like. If you have the cryofield down from yoon, she will always do pyro damage. So if you want to get in there – and you shun you with her for some reason, you want to do some sort of melt comp and you want him to be your support or you want her to hiro enemies and him to melt in reverse.

You can do that because you won’t be able to convert her damage while her e is up to cryo damage with the field. So keep that in mind as well. That’S super awesome. On top of that, if you do do a charge attack, while you have uh your e up, you will apply an effect called the blood plume fragrance. Now what this is going to do is it’s going to cause pyro damage to them every four seconds, and this damage is also considered elemental. Skill damage, if you get some elemental skill damage up from maybe like the pyro sets uh or you get some elemental skill damage up, maybe from like a future weapon.

That’Ll work there as well. Also, on top of that, you can only have one of these blood plume and debuffs on a character at a single time. If you do try to do it will refresh it as well and then, if you leave or she dies, then it’s going to go away on top of that. So that is very strong. And then, while you have this e up as well, and only getting that attack buff, not only are you putting on the blood plume perfume basically, but you also are more resistant to being staggered by attack. So it makes you kind of tanky kind of hard to deal with on the battlefield get in there do a whole bunch of damage.

You’Re tanky you’ll sacrifice some hp, but you’re gon na be okay. On top of that now we’re gon na move down into her elemental burst the goddess soother. Now this is also a little bit interesting. We didn’t know exactly how it worked when we first took a look at it, but it’s got a couple more things added to it that make it very strong. It’S got two things going for it, it has pyro damage and it heals you, that’s that’s what we knew before. It’S got a low cooldown as well: 15, second cooldown and a 60 energy cost, but we’ll really know about it now. So when you use this skill, it’s going to have either normal damage or something called low hp damage. I guess that would be triggering at 50. Hp would be the low hp damage threshold. I was correct if you’re at 50 hp or lower you’re gon na get the low hp damage.

You can see that that is a little bit higher there right at level 10. The normal damage is 493. The low hp damage is 617 percent, pretty good, pretty good. Now, on top of that, if you hit an enemy for up to five enemies, hit you’re going to be getting that hp regeneration so at level 10 every enemy you hit is going to give you 10 percent of your max hp back. If you have five enemies with god, soother you’re gon na be getting 50 of your health back. On top of that, if you are in the low hp threshold 50 or under you’re gon na get even more hp back per enemy hit. So 13.6 hp per enemy hit at level 10.

You hit five enemies with that. That is quite a lot of hp to be regenerating there to be like 65, a little bit more than that because of the 0.6 hp regenerated in one skill, so she’s going to be very strong low, cooldown 15 seconds. So it’s the moderate energy cost at 60, so maybe a little bit energy recharge maybe give her a support character. Who can help her with the energy recharge? Someone like vinci right who can use his elemental burst and then give her 15 energy back when his elemental burst ends because of his ascension trait. That also looks to be quite powerful substantially.

So so, let’s take a look at her passives here this one, the first one more is better is about cooking food. You can get some strange food when you cook with there the other one here this first one that you’re actually gon na care about when your butterfly dancer e ends. Everyone in your party, except for her, is going to get 12 percent critical hit chance for eight seconds, which is pretty big uh, because we were talking about it before right. This skill, the elemental skill, does not have 100 uptime right. It does not have 100 up time; it lasts shorter than the actual cooldown is so keep that in mind as well. You cannot have this up full time. It lasts 9 seconds and the cooldown is 16 seconds, so good thing that you can buff your team’s crit hit rate by 12 percent.

While you want to swap her off the battlefield, because she’s got a really low base attack. Without that elemental skill up, she was going to come in use the element of skill, do a bunch of damage and then disappear and fly away somewhere for a little while go in your back pocket like a pokemon returning to its pokeball, basically anyway. The second passive here when her hp is equal to or less than 50 25 free pyro damage, which is going to be very helpful right. That’S where she gets all those damage multiplier increases on her elemental burst. You want to play well within that range and she can do that very well for you, you swap her in use. Her e drop her hp to buy 30. Do your damage swap out swap her back in use. Your e drop your hp by thirty percent.

Again, so you get forty percent health. Do all your damage drop. Your little burst, heal yourself back to full and then swap her out again. So that’s pretty much her play style is going. She doesn’t even need a healer if you’re not getting hit. You swap her in do some damage swap out swap her in do some damage she goes really low. Then you heal yourself back to full, swap her back out again. So that’s actually really strong, really really quite powerful. So what about these constellations here? Oh man? Okay! So let’s go over these constellations first one here, while you’re in your e. Your charge attack does not consume energy, which is also very nice because remember her blood plume, perfume debuff is only applied to enemies when you charge attack with your character. So if you have constellation one, no energy costs for that anymore, that’s pretty good constellation. Two. The damage by blood plume uh perfume, is increased by four percent of your maximum health when it goes off. So it does that pyro damage you’re gon na have that scaling hp to attack percent buffs you’re gon na have a lot of uh a lot of attack.

As well, then, it’s gon na get four percent additional hp scaling. On top of it, that’s gon na hit for a ton of damage. Um, that’s that’s very nice, that’s very nice and then it’s gon na cause an additional effect. I don’t know the translation for this. One, i don’t really know exactly what it does. I won’t lie if you know what that does mean the additional effect that the law is, what i’m seeing here. I don’t know what that means uh, while the a blood room, perfume debuff is in effect now number three here very easy. We always get this one right. It’S going to level up your elemental skill by three levels, which normally were like okay, it adds a multiplier. That’S pretty neat. This is pretty powerful, though, because it really doubles down on your character and what you want to do with your character. Normally, you can take it to like level 10.

This harkens back to how you know uh burst on noel, getting through extra levels in that from constellation, fives pretty powerful, because if you have this instead of being level 10 as your cap, you can take this to level 13. So you’re going to get a 7.15 boost to your max hp to attack percent ratio instead of six point two six percent, so that’s pretty powerful. That’S almost a whole full one percent extra scaling on your hp to attack. So that’s also incredibly strong uh, but also you know pretty balanced. You have to get to kind of know how you have to have like that five-star weapon to really take advantage of it, because you need that bigger attack to uh protect the hp cap right. That 300 cap on the e you need to be able to take full advantage of that. So that’s something that isn’t gon na break her, but if you’re out there you have all the stuff. Maybe that’s gon na push you to get to that.

One c2 is looking pretty nice, c3 might be pretty nice as well. If you really want to hit that nice, big attack on her c4 is an interesting constellation here. So uh when you apply the blood prune perfume to an enemy. If you destroy the enemy, you land a finishing blow on them, the critical hit rate of your entire entire team, except for her, is gon na get increased by 12 percent as well. So what you can do with the constellation four you land a finishing blow. Twelve percent criteria and then, when you swap her out from her ascension an additional twelve percent critical hit rate, so that’s really kind of giving her support utilities because she’s not a full-time damage dealer she swaps in uses her. He does a bunch of damage. You have constellation forward, you destroy something you swap out and then, while she’s off cooldown waiting for her to have her e again, your whole party is gon na, have 24 critical hit chance increase, so she wants to be like a side damage dealer.

She wants to have like a tag team buddy, which is also very cool. Her fifth one obviously increases the level of her elemental burst by three levels, and then, lastly, here this is the big one. This is the big one. She can’t die. Basically, so, let’s uh, if she goes below 25 hp or if she would die instead, she goes to one hp doesn’t die and for the next 10 seconds she still can’t die because she gets 200 increased resistance to physical damage and all element damage. And if you were to get one shot somehow and get hit by something really hard and just get totally totally gone, it hard locks you at one per one hp, and this effect cannot only last for 10 seconds, but it can be triggered once a minute. So once every 60 seconds, so that’s actually pretty powerful.

That’S very nice! That is incredibly strong, but on top of getting the 200 physical 200 percent physical resistance, 200 elemental resist you get 100 hit rate, so you go into like a like a raged passive, which is very, very nice. Now how how broken is this really going to be? I mean, if you want to it, lets you play as aggressively as you want with this character, which is very nice. She actually plays pretty aggressively as well right she’s got this big hp pool she’s, all about drinking, that hp pool and then refilling that hp pool herself and yeah, hitting yourself for 30 of your max hp. That’S a lot of max hp that you’re losing a lot of, but if you compare to like another damage, dealer you’ll be a builder, you know for, like thirty thousand health, that’s a lot of health on a damage deal. She also has a lot of defense as well: 15k base hp, 876 base defense, so she’s gon na be very tanky, very, very tanky, and so you’re gon na drop your hp down like even if you lose 30 percent you’re still gon na have like 20. Something thousand hp, you’re gon na, have more hp defense than any of the other damage dealers that you’ve been able to use in the engine impact.

So far, so that’s gon na be very, very powerful, but if you get constellation six here, you’re gon na be able to go above and beyond that level of aggression. You’Ll go down to zero percentage, but you’re gon na be able to stand in everything because, remember part of her is she she has resistance, knockback to uh getting hit right. She can’t get staggered around from getting hit too many times, so you can. Just you have constellation six. You can just stand in everything. You just stand in everything you don’t even care. You’Re gon na that pole arm comes out for every one percent missing hp that you have gets you bonus damage, that’s where you really take advantage of this final constellation six here, because you go down to one and you have a 99 damage increase with that full Arm that would be absolutely absolutely insane if you had that pole arm just stand in everything, pull arms out, you don’t care nothing matters to you, you’re good, to go there. It’S all good you’re, just gon na do obscene amounts of damage.

So this is. This is looking pretty cool. I don’t. I don’t really have like any sort of like oh man, they locked stuff behind constellations. I think this is a really well designed unit. I think when we went over originally, she was very interesting in her own right. I think, with her ascensions she’s got a very revelant and a prevalent excuse me, a playstyle that seems very interesting and her constellations just kind of play along with that right. The fact that she has this immortal passive is cool, but it’s not like necessary to get like the most out of your character right, not a lot of times. Are you intentional back saying i need to get knocked around one percent hp and die.

Sometimes it’s actually really hard to do it on purpose. In a lot of areas like i need to go, kill myself, you know sort of thing there, but she’s got a lot of cool stuff here. The critical hit chart uh chance thing, one of it. One of it’s in constellations, one if it’s an ascension, so you get like part of that play style for free and then, if you get c4, you get a little bit of extra critical hit chance and it’s locked behind that constellation itself. It’S not behind needing to defeat something and then swap her out too. So it’s not like it just boosts it up to 24, which even if it did that’d, be fine as well um. So i don’t have anything big here. Obviously, i think the strongest constellation that she does have and we’ve seen this a lot, especially with like albedo and ganyu uh, is the c2. I think the c2 is where they’re trying to put the power in from what we’ve been able to see in these future units is in c2. If there is like a constellation, that’s the strongest one, it’s the constellation two four percent of your max health added to your damage.

That’S pretty powerful! That’S pretty powerful, especially if you’re building over like 30k 35k. If you get good sub stat rolls, you still have the good create chance for hit damage. That’S a lot of free damage, that’s quite a lot of free damage, especially if you get that pull arm that pull arms reel. On top of that, she’s got this whole build going around her, and that is a very powerful place to be uh for hutao. Here that looks to be coming out in 1.3. At some time now we know ghanaian is coming out in the future in january, when, in general we don’t know, but it’s shaping up to look at who’s how’s going to be after her as well zao heard about him, possibly getting a little bit of rework action Here he’s got a new splash art and everything on top of that, so i’m looking forward to hotel. She seems super awesome if you guys want more against pet content and coverage.

Not only do we do league stuff and videos like that, but we do in-depth content with math and guides and characters and all of that good stuff uh. So if you want to see more stuff my shining face – and i want to see your shining face and smiling comments in the comment section below hit that sub button – you guys know what to do in the like this video until then guys stay, safe and i’ll See you in the next one take care guys.

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