Genshin Impact Hypostatic Symphony Event Day 7 F2P Guide By: Onushi95


The main Focus On This Guide Is More Towards F2P Players Using Only The F2P Characters


00:00 – Intro

00:16 – Event Introduction

00:24 – Chamber Variations

00:32 – Uncheck Opponent’s Attack for a Safer Run

00:40 – Important Variations

00:52 – Team Composition

01:01 – Important Note Before Starting

01:11 – Buffs

01:20 – Anemo Hypostasis Fight

04:43 – Electro Hypostasis Fight

08:33 – Geo Hypostasis Fight

08:49 – Geo Hypostasis Bug Info In The Descriptions

13:07 – Outro

You don’t need to have the same team COMP as me in order to Achieve the same sore. One thing you can improve is the Supports/Your Carry If You Have A Good Carry And A Good Support For Example “Benet/Zhongli/Ganyu” You Can Complete This Way Faster And With A Better Score.

Note From What I’ve Heard There Is A Event Bug For The Geo Hypostasis Going On Witch Lets The Boss Have No More Pillars And Will Only Use The Clapping Skill To-Do This Bug After You Start The Challenge, You Have To Immediately Turn Off Your Internet Connection Before The Pillars Spawn. You, Will Receive On Your Screen A Reconnecting Incon (Circle Dot) You Have To Reconnect Your Internet Immediately For The Bug To Persist. After Reconnecting a Loading Screen Will Appear Just Wait for The Game To Finish Loading And You Are Good To Go 🙂 I Did Not Use This Bug At All I don’t really Know What Happened There.

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