Genshin Impact Invest in Chongyun! By: CusOfTheInsinuation


Hi guys!

With Chongyun being available for free in a few days, I wanted to post a “guide” of sorts to let you understand his true potential and why i whole heartedly believe he is the second best 4* behind our lovely best boy Bennett (and synergizes with him beautifully).

First and foremost I need to preface this that most are playing Chongyun incorrectly or at the very least non optimally. I also want to mention I a not making this a F2P friendly post. It can easily be done F2P, but I am not concerned with what everyone can do just what is possible.

Chongyun’s biggest positive is his Ultimate “Cloud-Parting Star”. Chong’s ultimate is by FAR the highest scaling damage out of any 4* (possibly in the game?). This is because at C6 he gets a 15% damage boost to his damage PLUS an extra sword. That takes his damage to 284.8% * 4.

Now I know some of you may not be aware, but it is actually possible to melt 3/4 of Chong’s blades using a strong enough pyro application (i.e. Bennett’s ultimate). This brings his ultimate % ABOVE THE LIKES OF EVEN MONA AND CHILDE.

Now currently in the game it is not possible to hit as hard as Mona (I don’t think?) and that is because of 1 weapon…the Widsith.

The Widsith has a completely broken passive that makes it BIS for any 1 shot build above even any 5* weapon. The passive gives one of the 3 at R5:

Atk + 120% Elemental DMG + 96% Elemental Mastery +480

It is because of this weapon that you see Mona hitting over 1mil damage (coupled with the holy trinity).

Back to Chongyun

There have been leaks expressing that there will be a Widsith claymore released sometime in the future. Now if Chongyun could get his hands on this (and it has a similar passive) it would put him into overdrive as THE premiere one shot character.

This coupled with the holy trinity would allow for chongyun likely hit almost 2mil between all 4 blades. Crazy right!?

Chongyun also is the the only character that can currently lower cooldowns for your entire team (C2) not to mention his Ultimate has a cooldown of 10 FUCKING SECONDS and only costs 40 energy.

Here is the current Chongyun “one shot” build.

BIS weapon – Wolf’s Gravestone or Blackcliff

I am unsure which is better because I do not have both so cannot test this myself. If anyone does have a high investment chongyun and both of these weapons feel free to comment with some sort of proof and I will edit the post.

Wolf gravestone – Now I know some you think it is a waste to put such a beautiful weapon on a burst bot, but Chongyun needs a ton of attack to make up for his 4* stats. Unfortunately, this is where Chongyun falls a bit flat, but with the Gravestone he can level the playing field. This will be rate up on the next weapon banner.

Blackcliff – this is a beautiful 4* weapon that can be nabbed F2P and we want it for 1 reason and 1 reason alone CRIT DAMAGE. This will allow us to get close to or possibly over 200% CD and let me tell you this is nothing to joke around about.

BIS artifact set – Lavawalker

Lavawalker has been growing in popularity ever since the infamous Xingqiu “1 shot” build. It gives a character an extra 35% DMG bonus to anything affected by pyro. This is PERFECT for a Chongyun reverse melt.

Sands – atk% Goblet – Cryo Helm – CD (find CR in substats, we want the max amount of CD here)

Here is a video of a Chongyun main using a Blackcliff with the holy trinity:

Thank you for your time and as always good luck on your rolls.

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