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Genshin Impact: Is The Weapon Banner “WORTH IT”?


Hey everyone mtashed here and uh. I learned something the other day. So if you look at any other banner in the game right, the probability of winning a five star item is point six and every 90 attempts. You get a five star. Okay, so you got a point six and ninety attempts for a 1.6 percent chance, not good, not great okay, but on the other hand, on the weapon banner. You look at the details, it’s actually .7 and with the guarantee after 80, attempts not 90. It’S actually 1.85. Now still super low. I know it’s trash, it’s super trash, but it’s better. The other thing, too, is, if you look at the four star items, it’s a six percent chance base. Fourteen point: five percent: you look at the other ones. If you look at a four item, it’s five point one and a thirteen percent. Now the other thing too. The other thing too is on this banner. You can get characters, you can get four star characters. Did you know that so, hypothetically hypothetically, if you have a higher chance of getting a four-star drop, yes, i know exactly. Everyone in chat is like what are you talking about hypothetically, if you’re looking for some characters, you technically could maybe have a better chance of getting one.

Now, there’s gon na be a lot of weapons that drop in here. I’M just saying it’s not impossible to get characters out of this, but sorry uh. I wan na clarify something rates on the four star items are better that’s characters and weapons. However, uh fifty percent, every second four star, is going to default to one of the featured weapons. So if you are looking for characters, uh you’ll probably get more characters from the other banners, but if you’re looking for weapons and characters, you would have higher rates in this banner. If you don’t really care and you’re looking for some five star weapons, the banner is actually pretty damn good rates compared to everything else and by damn good rates i mean they’re still terrible, absolutely trash, but hey it’s progress. I think what we’re gon na do today is we’re gon na roll we’re gon na roll until we hit pity we’re gon na see what we can get out of this thing, and the other thing too, is: if you look at the weapons right, the flute. One of my characters uses the flute it’s a great weapon, another one of my characters uses the stringless, it’s a great weapon, and so, if i end up getting these weapons – and i can max them out – that’s a huge boost to my dps.

So i mean i’m a big juicy whale we might as well. Do some wishes uh. You know i i might as well get the wishes going. Let’S see what we get we’re going to drop a 10 bomb right now. You look five star. First, try! No! We did it, but let’s see the quality of weapon. So that’s a basic guy basic basic, nothing, it’s a piece of trash, it’s nothing! Absolute garbage boys! I got a flute. I got a flute, that’s actually you know that that is something for my character. So i mean that’s a damage ball right, that’s a damage! Buff right there. I got another one! Okay, now now, okay, we got two of them back to back right. So, let’s just say: let’s just we’re gon na just take these these flutes right we’re starting normally it starts at a hundred percent attack damage. So, let’s just go over to our chi-chi and we’ve got her weapon and is giving 125 attack damage to surrounding enemies and we’re going to enhance this we’re going to refine it we’re getting another 25 for 200 more right. We can refine it again for 4 000 mora 75.

We just got 50 more damage on this. On this damage kidding me we’re gaming, now we’re absolutely gaming, so i’m kind of i’m kind of hyped, i’m kind of hyped about that rank. Four. Let’S keep spending okay purples. I would love to see my string. Let’S get upgraded. Okay, we got a. We got, ta win, sith gross, who needs that who needs that. So what i learned from this wish is, it can still be mega trash, so be careful with your money. Okay, we’re gon na hit pity at least we’re gon na hit pity sooner right. I feel i feel, like we’ve maxed out the flute, and i feel like that’s pretty good right like i feel like that’s a pretty big upgrade my voice. Now hypothetically this is this – is a hypothetically you can wish on characters you can wish for characters. You can wish on weapons now you can get a new character, that’s awesome, you can level them up or let’s say you had a weapon.

That was really good. What if you made that weapon stronger? Is that not better than getting a constellation in some cases like it’s? Ah, it’s it’s a it’s a tough! It’S a tough thing. Is it completely useless wishing on this banner? I i don’t know it’s a tough thing. I guess it depends on how many i don’t even know what to tell you. This is. This is obviously super lucky. It could have been the stringless, but right this is this is messed up. This has got to be bugged. We got another flute. This would have been. This would have been maxed out already now we’re gon na go, spend some money because we have to because well i don’t have a good. I don’t have a good explanation for why we have to but we’re gon na do it anyways. I got ta go get my wallet and i get oh wait. It’S already right here. Oh it’s already right here, ready to go yeah baby! Oh thank god for the tax write-off, thank god for the tax write-off right or else we’d be in trouble. If this wasn’t a tax write-off, i’d be getting kicked out of my freaking house mortgage payment more like more hentai. Ladies, you know what i’m saying: okay, oh yeah, that’s a lot of damage.

I mean i’ve done 35 wishes at this point. Is this more value than getting uh another lisa? Is this more value than getting another amber? I don’t know i don’t know. Maybe it is maybe it is, but i have one fundamental truth for you: it’s a free-to-play video game and if you spend a whole bunch of money like i am you’d better have that money as disposable income that you don’t care about, because this is a slot Machine this is [ __, ] bro. This is this. Is this? Is trash man you get so many blue items. If you’re looking at this like wow. Logically, i could get these. No i’m giving you i’m giving you a base level argument. Like hypothetically, you could get a good weapon you’re not going to get it you’re going to get a pile of trash. Okay, you’re going to go homeless because of genshin, i’m going homeless because againchen my power is already out. I have a window open to light up. This room – because i don’t have any power in here because i spent it all on gention, okay, more purple more purple.

What do you got give me a string list. Give me another string list win sith! Okay! I got a book that i don’t know if i’ll ever use it. Maybe i will, but i don’t know, maybe the bell. I actually don’t know what the bell does taking damage generates, a shield which absorbs damage the shield lasts for 10 seconds until broken, while protected by the shield. The character gains 12 percent increased damage. That could be interesting on uh noel, like really tanky, you could be really tanky, okay, okay, so we beat the pity timer we beat the pity. Did we beat the pity because of the 0.7 chance instead of 0.6? I don’t know all right like do we did. We beat the pity because it’s a 0.7 math mathematically – i i don’t. I really don’t know uh that point one might be the difference, but let’s see what we got, not the fuvonius. I don’t even know what this one does. I don’t even know what this one does. Is that one good? What is this one wait? Wait wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, crit rate incr, crit rate increased by four percent gain sky piercer upon using elemental, burst, increase in movement, speed attack, speed damage of normal charge by 20 for 12 seconds energy, recharge plus 12 cr interesting. So at this point we we hit that we did 30 32 plus so 35 55 did we do 55 wishes, then 55 or 65? I think 55 wishes. So i mean we beat the pity by by what is that 25 five was put to 60

Yes, so we beat it by 25 wishes. I knew i wouldn’t be lucky. I knew i wasn’t gon na get lucky i just i could tell see you can get a character see. Did you know that? Did you know that? That’S right? That’S right. Let’S beat the pity again, let’s beat the pity one more time. Point seven chance, i’m starting to think i’m starting to think that the point one percent chance isn’t enough, i’m starting to think that, maybe i’m starting to think that, maybe it’s not very good. Okay, i feel regret in my bones: another land, it’s okay, cool sucrose, hello, yeah, [, Music, ]. Thank you for the golden item. Appreciate it. I appreciate it. I appreciate it. Let’S go. Are you kidding me? I appreciate it gamers. This is why you sub. This is why you sub you sub on youtube. You sub on twitch, you follow, you make sure you come into the streams cause. This is what happens now.

Did i have to spend a bunch of money to make it happen? Maybe i did okay sue me sue me. Uh. Do i regret doing this yep cause? I just got the stupid ammos bo. What is this piece of trash? So from this banner we got a lot of repeats. We were able to refine some weapons up max them out, and i mean this flute is now essentially 75 damage better right when you’re getting that bonus. That is a lot of damage. If we look at my venti, i’ve been using the stringless right, we refined this. I only got one i got unlucky, but that’s another. Six percent damage bonus on my elemental burst and my elements of skill. That’S a lot of damage, that’s a lot of damage. Okay and like that’s cool – and i did get a couple characters while doing this as well. If you got really lucky and maxed out, you know the stringless awesome, but you know these five-star weapons. If you do get a good one, they they can be pretty nutty too, and you have to remember that the base damages on these weapons they’re going to start scaling really hard.

They’Re gon na they’re gon na start having much more attack damage. So, unless you’ve got like the rust, it’s probably better to use any of the gold weapons in the game, the the five-star weapons, but like again how fun is a new weapon, not that fun. I would rather have a new character, most likely i’d rather have a five star character, because they’re they’re just more interesting and and these make you much stronger – but i feel like these are kind of like they’re kind of boring additions to your character. They’Re. Definitely good! They’Re, obviously, you need them, but i think i’d rather have a cool character in a sending up a character than having a bow that does more damage uh pushing into the harder content. Obviously, those base damages are going to matter, but i feel like it’s just not as interesting so anyways. If you want to spend your money, the rates on the weapon banners are better they’re still trash rates. I almost went to the pity the second time we beat it the first time, but i mean this is hundreds of dollars for a bow or two right. It’S not like you’re, getting tons of five stars and tons of four stars like yeah. I got a bunch of flutes early on, but this is hundreds of dollars. You could buy multiple video games for this. You could buy a freaking, almost a series, s xbox, and i i think you got ta, use your head here and be like. I probably got good enough weapons as it is, and i i feel like it would be a mistake to be throwing a ton of money at this uh for anyone, and even for me it’s like did. I need to do that.

No but hey it’s a tax write-off, it’s the content, and now you know the rates are better. If you desperately need that, you do your thing, but [ Music, ] kind of kind of sucks. Thanks for watching. Hopefully you enjoyed make sure to subscribe and i’ll see you soon, bye-bye uh. I actually want to shout him out because i watched his video and the only reason i know about this is because of him. So i was perusing. Listen, listen, listen! I was perusing looking at some gentian videos and um. He does a lot of different spending on this and i was looking through here and he actually did a video all right. So he goes over the weapon banner it uses and he was talking about how five-star weapons are actually fire and when you start leveling up the five stars right. They start scaling like crazy in comparison other ones right, and so i think he did a really good breakdown of this, but i discovered something because of his video, so darth microtransaction, you kick ass. Man, good video is really really informative.

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