Genshin Impact Jean Ascend Dandelion Seed, Hurricane Seed, Vayuda Fragment, Location Guide


Hey how’s everyone doing today gruntygaming and we’re going to be talking about jean how to get all of our ascension items: the dandelion seeds, all the fragments, the hurricane seed and the stained masks all that stuff. You need to ascend her. It’S always going to be the same. Only the fragments and the stain mask is just going to be an upgraded version of the last time for every time you ascend her, but she’s always going to need hurricane scene and she’s always going to need dandelion seeds. Just more of them, so here’s the dandelion seeds here we’re going to look at those first i’ll put time stamps in there.

If you’re just here for one specific item to find them i’ll put time stamps we’re gon na. Do this dandelion seeds, then we’re gon na. Do the fragment pieces and the hurricane seed then we’re gon na? Do the stain mask last so we’re just gon na break this down, so she can find all of her ascension items. So her dandelion seeds are going to be found all over like in the monstat area. Just outside the castle. Here are the city walls. You just got to blast them with some kind of air attack or amino attack, and they should appear in the air. You just grab them pretty simple, but give them a chance to reappear every couple of days to respawn, because if you go and collect them all – and let’s say you need 20 or 30 of them – you need to ascend her to level 60 or 70 you’re gon Na have to grind and collect a lot of these.

You can also find these just around the map, not so much in the leeway area, but in the monsta wilderness there are dandelion seeds quite a bit. You just got ta look for them, but if you’re not looking for them, you wouldn’t really notice they’re there so yeah they can go under your nose, but just keep looking for them and always collect them when you run by them, especially if you’re grinding for gene Now, to get the hurricane seen in the fragments, the fragments you can get in multiple ways, but the hurricane seed. You have to kill the amino hypostasis, which is actually the easiest of the three hypostasis bosses, so kind of helpful um yeah just got ta, kill him a bunch of times and, like i said, the higher you’re ascending her, the more you’re gon na have to do It so if gene is your main and you’re collecting for her, i would kill this bad boy like every other day, just keep collecting those fragments and then that hurricane seed and, like i said you just need about 40 original resin to collect so every time it Recharges, i would at least kill him once that every time your thing recharges, i would go, kill him and you can get all the things you need.

You’Ll have a bunch saved up. So, even when you ascend here the next time, you’ll have tons of it in the fragments you’re going to need like eight to ten of those once you start getting into the higher levels which can be annoying now now we got ta go find the stained mask This one should be easy because you can craft this item and as you’re exploring the entire map you’ll run into hilly, trolls, the big ones and the little ones they both drop, damaged, masks and you to collect all of those things collect everything really, but the damaged Masks and the stain masks they’re dropped by the big hilly trolls that are plus 40 in level which, if you’re not in a higher adventure, rank you’re gon na have a harder time running into a level 40 hilly troll, but doesn’t matter because just kill all the Hilly trolls that you can collect their stain are there damaged, masks and you can craft them into stain masks. I think for every three damage masks that you collect. You can use this to make a stain mask.

So it’s not really that hard. I’M pretty sure the minute you start to ascend your characters or ascend gina anyway, you’re gon na have those saved up because you’re gon na have explored the map holy just rat, but yeah. They all dropped damage, masks all the time and, like you probably have hundreds of these, so you literally just go over here and craft them, and you can also get the for the fragment this way too. The air fragment they have these crazy names. I don’t even know how to pronounce, but so it’s down here somewhere it should be the stain mask yep there we go see, i can craft a couple of them actually and it doesn’t take much to add up so really just make those that way.

You can keep killing the bigger hilly trolls to find them directly very easy and the fragment you can also craft. Here too. You just need to find little fragments to. You can buy those in the shop over here right over here and those are bought with those air, um sigils or those amino sigils, they’re, pretty easy to come by. You get those from unlocking chests and whatnot and another way to get a stained mask too or any item that you need to send any character. Really you can find with um stardust exchange, see i’ve actually bought out everything you can just because i thought i might as well until it refreshes next month, but you can buy stained masks you buy up to like 19 or 20 of them.

This is another way to get items that you need to ascend your character, so anyways hope this was helpful, hope, you’re able to find everything, and on that note guys we will see you in the next video.

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