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Genshin Impact Jean Showcase Review! Combos, Moves and Talents, 5 Star Character Worth Getting?


Hey everyone how’s it going greg’s gaming. I want to talk about jean today, um just a quick basic rundown of jean, if she’s worth getting because she’s a very rare five-star character to get she’s. The grand master of the knights of i want to say leonis because i’m thinking seven deadly sins, but uh monstat. She has the power of wind and she is an absolute bad, ass.

Okay, so let’s check her out the most fun and my favorite character using the game thus far, because i haven’t played them all yet um it kind of sucks, because you you, you have a very rare chance of getting her on the banner polls and i got Extremely lucky, because when i was using the banners, i didn’t really understand how it worked exactly, and i just randomly got her and i was like oh cool, didn’t realize how rare it was – and i didn’t even take me that many hits.

So, if you’re trying to get her, this will give you a rough idea of like what you’re getting and, if she’s worth it, because if you’re spending like two or three hundred dollars on getting her, i would never justify spending that much to get a character. No one’s worth that much because there are plenty of good characters in this game, but i’m definitely not gon na undermine her either. So, let’s look at her talents here. She has some insane abilities, so her normal attacks are just awesome in general because they hit really fast feels very clean and smooth to use her charge. Attack will leave a wind damage and keep an enemy immobilized for a brief moment and her plunge attack does an insane amount of damage too. So a plunge attacks like from heights um.

Let’S look at her specials now her gale blade is awesome. It can absorb and just suck in a bunch of enemies, and you can launch them it’s very good for just like you know, just having fun. You know raiding hordes and unlocking chests, but it’s also good for just like ransacking, like people off cliff and stuff like that being breeze is pretty straightforward. You have to just cook to gain health, which is pretty straightforward, pretty cool. I don’t have this one unlocked.

Yet just increases the dandelion breeze um. That will be when i ascend her the next time, which hopefully soon win companion, awesome ability. So if you get attacked by an enemy, there’s a chance that not only will you regenerate health and just bounce the attack off, but you will do damage to them and you’ll be able to heal people in your party. She’S really awesome. Actually, the more i discuss her and the dandelion breeze, what a move? That’S her like ultimate special it, basically just heals everyone and everything around it. Her consolations is a bit of a disappointment only because not that the constellations themselves are disappointing, but i don’t have any unlocked because, like i said, i don’t have any duplicates rolled and i don’t.

I can’t justify spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars just for the off chance of rolling a very rare character that many times i think it’s a system and it sucks because i’d love to unlock them, but here they are nonetheless um. Obviously, you can equip her with like the artifacts that will best suit her and weapon. I have her a five-star weapon, which i have been trying to put all my resources into other than that she is a badass. Nonetheless, though, she does not require to have any of these to be an absolute badass. I have her at max love right now. Until i reach adventure rank 25, her hp is awesome. Her attack and defense is solid and she’s, just a solid she’s.

What you’d expect for a five-star character – and i always love and every video game that has elements? I always love the wind elements element, i’m not sure why, but i always do so. You can see that her attacks are pretty straightforward, she’s, just a really quick-paced melee attacker um. She does insane damage output, especially if you charge it in and do the dandelion rush uh her charge. Gail breeze will launch enemies too, and we have a plunge attack that we discussed does insane amount of damage as well and you’ll, see here how this gale breeze works.

You can suck enemies up and just launch them kill them if you can, but it’s really good to get them off cliffs out of your way or just launch them off tower, especially archers that are pretty much just bombarding you from a distance you can climb up And just launch them right off. It’S awesome. It’S a really good! Get off me great for like rounding up hordes of people. I just can’t wait to unlock her constellations, so i can like upgrade that part of it and her main ability is our dandelion breeze. This thing – oh, my god, okay, so you instantly.

Not only do you do damage to the opponent, you heal yourself instantly and you heal members of your party. It’S like one of the best ones that i’ve seen so far. I can honestly say you do insane damage output, you heal up, and you heal your party, it’s crazy and her last ability she can take a hit and it’ll bounce off she’ll heal. She has like a 20 chance of healing, as well as doing damage. While it happens, it’s crazy. Her downside, though, is like right here: she’s, not good against enemies that are like hover above her like in the air, so any enemy that can fly she’s, obviously no good against, but that’s like any sword character, really you’re kind of limited using your mage to kind Of attack them from the skies get them to the ground and here’s another reference to like how you know she could blow herself up, but instead she has a 20 chance of not even taking damage, but she will absorb it and heal herself and do damage it’s Crazy, so every time an enemy attacks her they got to take a risk of damaging themselves and healing her. She gets healed from taking damage. It’S crazy and she dishes it back. She’S awesome she’s, like a main she’s, definitely a character to build the team around 100.

So hope this gave you guys a good perspective, hope you enjoyed and if you are rolling for her she’s, definitely worth it but, like i said, don’t get carried away because, like it’s kind of rare to get her, i just got very lucky. I’Ve been trying to get mona, but man i just. I can’t justify purchasing any more crystals to try and roll, because it’s i’m going to wait until maybe they patch that part of the game or they release them different banners, but anyways hope you guys enjoyed the video. Let me know what you think if you roll the gene and how you like her, and on that note guys, we will see you in the next video.

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