Genshin Impact Jean’s Double Fall Damage Combo! By: ePower93


Hello EVERYONE! In anticipation of tonight’s 1.1 update, I’ve decided to make a quick guide covering Jean’s double fall damage combo to kill time.

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Jean’s double fall damage combo relies on using her charged attack as well as her E ability. Jean’s charged attack will knock target up and while the monster is floating, Jean can use her E to knock it onto the ground (1st fall damage) , and then she can immediately send the target upwards upon releasing her E (2nd fall damage).

You can start off the combo with a few auto attacks and then eventually weave in a charged attack to get the combo going. This combo is extremely useful especially for Jeans who are built pure support. The damage scales according to the HP pool of the monster and if the combo is pulled off properly, it will typically do more than 50% of the target’s HP.

You can use this combo killing smaller monsters such as slimes, treasure hunters, and hilichurls. However, this combo excels more against boss monsters such as whopperflowers, abyss mages, fatui electro mages, and pyro agents as these monsters have a much higher HP pool.

However, there are times where using this combo on fatui electro mages, and pyro agents, can be a little odd. I’ve noticed that if the target is about to use a skill, they will be immune to the knock up effect from Jean’s charged attack. If this is the case, then you will simply go ahead and use her E ability to knock them up and once they’ve landed, that is when you will be able to use your charged attack and go into the full combo.

Another note against Fatui electro mages, often times, they will blink upon landing to avoid the fall damage. So sometimes it is better to NOT go for the full combo, but instead just use Jean’s charged attack into E downwards.

I am currently AR 47, and this combo helps tremendously killing the higher HP monsters in the AR 45 domains. If the combo is done correctly, I usually see 30-60k damage on certain monsters.

TL:DR: Jean’s double fall damage combo is great for a 50% damage burst against world boss monsters and high level domain monsters.



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