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Genshin Impact – Just got to AR 40. The Attack Stack Junkies guide to Genshin Impact. [Meme] By: Jackzii


I didn’t choose the attack stack junkie life, the attack stat junkie life chose me. Yes, i would of loved to be a cool gamer fixing my glasses as i perform elemental chain reactions, but no. I whack it, and it die, that is my new philosophy, and it has carried me past abyss 10.

The reason for my addiction… I have a whole bunch of 5 star artefacts, but they are all garbage. 50% of them are gladiator flowers, and every other gladiator set i have is hp or def % [including all 4 star and 5 star glads]

My dudes are using 4 star artefacts that have nothing good on substats, only relevant main stats. My luck with 5 stars is absolute garbage, i just did wolf and got 2 more 5 star gladiator flowers that i cant use. I did the resin bosses at ar 40 and got only 1x or 2x 4 star artefact, you saving resins for ar 40? so you can farm 5 stars? hehe

In order to combat this garbage luck, i just stacked attack. I literally have no other build for my units asides from: “if it isnt over 2k attack, it isnt worth switching into”. I realize that if you know how to play and have 2k attack on your claymore dude, nothing else really matters.

Motivational Guide<

So what if every 5 star artefact i get gives me def%, does it matter? No. My diluc has 2x 18% + attack set, 2 pyro giving +25% attack, and 3x 4 star artefacts giving over 100% attack. All i do is slap hilichurls to grow my biceps and i can kill anything with basic attacks from slow turtle claymore attacks.

Dvalin wants to fight? just slap him in the face with your ROID ARMS!

If you have garbage artefact luck like me, stop wasting time trying to be all cool gamer with elemental reactions and all that garbage, just stack attack bro, goto the gym and build those pecs like a beast, because nobody is going to come down and give you a proper artefact, you need to give it to yourself. If an elemental particle is giving you even 1% of your burst, you built it wrong bro.

If an enemy takes too long to kill, just get any character [except amber] over 2k attack, get kaeya or any ice dude to attack, switch to electricity, switch to your steroid junkie and kill it. Then if your hurt, just spam your barbara bro. She throw some water at your face and you realize that you been WEAK, a weak little insect that needs more GAINS! So you come back to your senses and keep slapping them hillichurls bro!

This game isnt hard, you need 1 guy built, the game will give you enough trash hp% artefacts for you to have a barbara that cant die. If you cant die, you cant lose.

You want a guide? you are struggling? Attack on everything. Max the attack artefacts, its 3 star? doesnt matter, max it. Artefact 2 set bonuses are a luxury, not a requirement, change your mindset bro. 5 star with a good main stat? keep dreaming.

So if you are getting hammered with hp% and def % artefacts, and you don’t understand why after getting 20+ 5 star artefacts that none of them are usable, just say the words: ‘attack, attack, attack’. Because at the end of the day, you decide your fate, not the anemo archon. If you want to get to abyss 10+ and you have trash , just stack attack.

So for anyone sad about gatcha or resin, just stack attack, attack the resin with your BICEPS! You think you’ll lose? Nah bro


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