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Genshin Impact Kaeya’s Hidden Potential – The sleeper main DPS By: Luiz_Rhetor


Good afternoon, folks. A Kaeya main here, currently at AR 42, near F2P (Only 1 Blessing of the Welking Moon and the Gnostic Hymn battle pass bought), having a really good time using Kaeya as my party’s main DPS. Currently sitting at 70% CRIT Rate, not counting the Cryo Elemental resonance (+15% CRIT Rate) and not counting Kaeyas first constellation (+15% CRIT Rate).

Currently, my Kaeya can melt the Pyro Regisvine in one DPS window, like some 5 stars and top tier 4 stars can do, even though my artifact set is not finished yet, and even though my Kaeya doesn’t have any constellation unlocked.

Because I saw how overlooked Kaeya has been, and how much potential for DPS he truly has, I’ve decided to make a thorough guide showing my Kaeya in action against some bosses and his current artifact build and stats. I also discuss my choice of support party members.

Being near F2P I still lack some crucial artifacts to complete his build, and even so his damage output is already quite good, especially considering I still don’t have any constellation unlocked for him.

Things I discuss in the video guide:

– The best artifact set for Kaeya (Gladiator’s Finale) and the reasons why;

– Kaeya’s most overlooked talent: His normal attacks, Ceremonial Bladework, being the most damaging normal attacks among swords users by far;

– Kayea’s 5th hit teleport attack utility at quite often allowing you to dodge enemy attacks;

– Why Prototype Rancour surpasses The Black Sword in the DPS department once you have most of the build complete;

– The fact that Kaeya is the Cryo user with the most synergy with the Cryo element Resonance;

– Why Fischl is not a good support for Kaeya once he has his build complete;

– Why Chongyun is not a good support for Kaeya;

– Beidou, Xingqiu and possibly Diona as my personal choice for being the best supports for Kaeya and the reasons why;

And many other things. I hope this guide of mine can help show how much potential Kaeya has as a main DPS, so that people that like him can see that he is worth investing in. Hope you guys like the video guide. I’m always open for constructive criticism. Cheers

Timestamps in the video description.


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