Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayaka Character Guide By: Volt-_-


TLDW; In this video I went covered Ayaka’s freeze teams and how to build a team with her.

Because of her 80 energy cost for her elemental burst, she would need a good cryo battery.

You should be using the Blizzard Strayer Artifact 4pc

Good Cryo Batteries:

Diona: One of the best for her; provides shields and heal. With Sacrificial Bow, you can have a plenty amount of energy for Ayaka. If you are using Summit Shaper on Ayaka, then she’s the best candidate.

Kaeya: He can instantly apply Cryo, and gives a decent amount of energy. F2P character and does a good amount of damage.

Rosaria: She gives extra Crit Rate to party members upon casting her elemental burst. Her Cryo application is also very good

Chongyun: He’s one of the 4 stars on her banner. In a freeze comp, he risk shattering the enemies, and as a battery, his skill CD is not the most optimal unless you have Sacrificial GS. At C2, skills casted inside his E, you get skill CD reduction. He also provides elemental shred with his burst Recommend only if you have C2+

Ganyu: She’s good with Ayaka, with 20% Cryo DMG bonus while inside her elemental burst. Unless you don’t need her as a main DPS character for a second team, then she fits just fine.

Hydro Appliers:

Barbara: Good hydro applications, can also heal. Downside is she doesn’t do much DMG.

Xingqiu: One of the best for hydro applications

Mona: Elemental burst Omen can increase enemies’ damage taken while making them wet. Her elemental skill can also taunt and wet.

Last team slot

Jean: Good heals, 4 set VV elemental shred

Bennett: Will unfreeze enemies, but provides large ATK buff and heals

Venti: Good crowd control skills

Kazuha: Decent crowd control skills and can keep reactions going with swirls

Sucrose: Even though EM is useless in freeze, she can also group enemies and shred with 4 set VV

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