Genshin Impact Key rebind guide PC


If there is other fellow who simply can not play a game without keybinding, AutoHotKey (AHK), a soft which can be use to allievate the game deficiency doesn’t seems to conflict with this anticheat.

How to :

> 1 – Simply download AHK on google.

> 2 – RightClick / New / Text document – in the folder you want to store the script

> 3 – Change the extenstion “.txt” for “.ahk”

> 4 – Then – RightClick / Edit script – to edit the keybind you wish to change

> 5 – Finnaly – RightClick / Run as Administrator – to enable the script


Now, how to edit your script to suit your need :

Here is a exemple of mine

#IfWinActive, Genshin F1::suspend e::f f::q XButton1::shift q::a a::e z::w w::z n::m ctrl::x RButton::e 

> #IfWinActive, Genshin

Enable the following command only when tabed in Windows with “Genshin” in its name

> F1::suspend

The “F1” key alternatively enable/disable the script. It doesn’t shut it down, only pause it. To shut it down, track the white “S” on green background in Window bar icon, then – RightClick / Exit

> e::f

Send “f” when “e” is pressed

> XButton1::shift

Send “shift” when “first thumb mouse button” is pressed

> RButton::e

Send “e” when “RightClick” is pressed

From this on, you should be able to adapt something to your need.

Don’t forget to shut down the script and run it again everytime you make and save a change or it will not update.

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