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Genshin Impact Klee Animation Cancel Training Part 2 + Showcase of Viability in Spiral Abyss! By: RealSpiritSK


This is a continuation of the previous Animation Cancel Training post for Klee. Animation cancel provides increased attack speed for Klee and boosts your damage output by around ~25% and lets you activate your passive more often.

In this drill, I mixed together charged attacks and dodge maneuvers that will be practical in real combat situation. Do check out the Spiral Abyss Floor 7 solo showcase! I intentionally equipped three +0 artifacts to simulate reasonable stats for people just reaching Floor 7 and showed them. Even with lowered stats, Klee is still able to solo the entire floor. While doing animation cancels, Klee is also still able to dodge most attacks, taking only:

1st Chamber: 2 minor hits from non-powered-up skirmishers and 1 major hit from powered-up Cryogunner (6 hits of Cryogunner’s spray).

2nd Chamber: 1 minor hit from Cryogunner.

3rd Chamber: 0 hits.

To perform animation cancel, hold Move Forward and start normal attacking. Time the attacks so that only the first-hit is performed. A visual indicator for the timing is Klee’s hand. When Klee’s throwing hand is fully extended to the back, you can attack again.

Genshin Impact | Klee Animation Cancel Training for Increased Attack Speed! Viable Even In Real Combat Situation!


Genshin Impact | Klee Animation Cancel Showcase in Spiral Abyss Floor 7 Solo


Klee is a high-risk, high-reward character and I personally love her playstyle! If you have any feedback or comments, feel free to post them! (This is my first guide so go easy on me)


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