Genshin Impact Klee Banner Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hey guys and welcome to this video, I’m going to show you the brightest steps event, Which is also known as cli banner at Genshin Impact. Thank you for watching the video so far Remember to give it a thumbs-up to sign up and ring the bell to help the youtube algorithm Now back to video. Well, they have added a random temporary event where you will have a lot more Increasing the chance of getting certain characters like klee, so the way to reach them uh go to the stars, And you can see here the bright steps uh clear, five-star display Character along With the uh shinquay and noel circuits, so you’ll get a much bigger boost To get these characters.

While this event is broadcasting, it will be airing for the next uh 20 days and After 20 hours of recording this video now uh to roll the same thing. You always need 160 gems. Now what you can do is you can try the letters for free. So if you go for that compass Icon at the top here then go for test run, then you can try uh cli, which we will do in a second. But you can also click on it and try uh shinkwai as well as circuits and get different The rewards. So if you only do this once for each one, you’ll be able to get the rewards. So let’s get it Experiment holistically to see what happens to see. How you remember now, when you run the experiment, Events tend to be of a much higher standard and also they truly give you A good idea of what they would be like when they are really strong to work. For So, you will usually have other characters on your team To help you now. Ah, Klee is the character of Bayrou who makes fiery attacks. Well, let’s use her q power. So it’s in this free trial Level, 80.

And you can see how much damage he did. That was insane, So we have to kill another eight crowds. Remember the shuffle Two more It looks like you can use the cube. Quite a lot Really be careful, but it did a lot of damage but uh. It’S also severe Look delicate. I’Ve got 200 to die and literally die Here. We go if it would have been awkward. Let’S keep up the challenge until you can get started The challenge again, you can do it over and over again. If you want to clearly have no health, So I won’t do that I’ll just leave with this challenge finished. I now have another 20 jewels, so let’s try our pickup for klee. I seriously doubt I’ll get them in this video, but You never know tools aren’t role-based.

So, let’s try it first, so we need a Demand, the reward so that we get back to the test. Let’S claim it like, I said guys, remember you can too Try uh shinquay as well as circuits or you will have a parabolic dungeon and you can see, Rewards will be available, but remember to do so, but go to the event. If you have 160 Plus, you can spin for me and that’s how much each roll costs and some people say you are. Maybe you should wait until you can handle 10 and then roll over, but all the time when um, open up Great boxes, squeeze boxes or make your daily commissions or Your project rank increases uh the rewards – and this is how you will earn gems. So I will. I recommend not to buy it, but anyway, let’s buy one. Let’S see what happens So we didn’t make it simple because we tried we didn’t get it, But uh this event will be available for the next 20 days.

So I will every time I have 160 plus I’m gon na try again and try to have a clee. I really got a shinquay. I got a really noel. I need a circus and a CLI so we’ll see if I can have it or not, and for it and say every time Wishes are guaranteed to include at least one four-star or higher item so that if we click on the details, It usually explains your chances Of getting things so here are five stars and fifty percent A four-star opportunity is a fifty percent chance of a desire event. So bright submarines are now available during the event Uh. I hope the five-star character is unlikely to escape, and so will the four-star character. Shinquay uh, noel and sokos will have a huge drop rate, boosting the 5-star items or so Y basic.

You have the way you work in general from what we’ve seen with the venti banner. It usually is. You need 90 spins to get a guaranteed, 5-star character and when you say 50 chances to get them. What this means is that you can do 90 laps, but you can get any five-star character, But they say there is a 50 chance that you will have happiness but uh you can have any of the others Five-star characters then, on the second time do so on The second try the second time 90, which is about 180. If this is the worst-case scenario, you will have a clear guarantee. If you are, I didn’t make it that simple the first time. So, if I play the game every day like I do Um, etc,

And you always win gems, you always do everything, then you can Be clear at the end and, as you said, you have 20 days to do this. I personally haven’t gotten a venti. I was very unlucky, but no matter how much I play the game every day. I am having a very good time, So please see our other tutorial. Videos of the gentian effect that I have on this channel Got a lot of them. Thank you for over 100K video views so far just a day Get touching video sharing. I really appreciate it and uh more to come. If you have, Let me know about any requests in those comments below so anyway, guys, that’s it for this video. If you liked it be sure to like it, you can watch the video there Watch the latest download there or you can click here to subscribe. Thank you guys.

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