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Klee is ready to spread her pyro cheer across thebattlefield in this video. We’Ll cover everythingyou need to know about Klee How to play her mosteffectively as well as how to build her includingher best stats. What weapons and artifacts youshould be looking to gear her with armed withthis knowledge? You’Ll have everything you guysare going to be needing to keep your Klee safelyout of solitary confinement? If you guys want morein-depth guns and impact coverage, don’t forget tosubscribe and turn that notification bell on asalways Klee’s normal attacks are charged withthe pyro element and consists of three hits. Withthe third hit having the largest damage multiplierfollowed by the first and the second hit doingthe least amount of damage.

Her charge attack hitsfor slightly more than the first two hits of hernormal attack combined. Both her normal and chargeattacks have a unique property. They normallyhave a significant animation, lock reducingyour mobility in combat. However, you can performa jump after Klee starts her attack animationanytime after the animation of Klee throwingher bomb starts. This will cancel the animationallowing you to freely move or chain additionalattacks together in this way, whether they bemore normal attacks or additional chargeattacks. Getting this down is going to allowyou to increase the damage you do with Klee evenmore than intended. Klee’S elemental skill is herprecious treasure the jumpy dumpy Klee will throwjumpy dumpy at the enemy bouncing three times: anddealing pyro damage to enemies in range, each timeafter, the third bounce, a jumpy’s going to explodeleaving several mines scattered across thebattlefield.

Each mine deals a minor amount, ofpyro damage around one third of what jumpy dumpy’sbounces inflict while small in damage these minesgive cleave the ability to inflict pyro basedelemental combinations, such as melt and vaporizein quick succession when combined with thesehydro and cryo characters, some anemo, characterslike, gene and Genshin Impact’s main character, cancollect these minds and enemies, simultaneouslywith their elemental skill or elementalburst respectively. Additionally, Klee’selemental skill has two charges allowing you tosequentially use them or save them for a rainy, dayKlee’s elemental, burst is sparks and splashwhich will deal constant, pyro damage to anynearby enemies.

For 10 seconds during her elementalburst Klee is free to move around and use any ofher other skills and attacks, while she remainson the battlefield but be careful, sparks andsplash won’t follow or attack enemies if youchange to a character to someone other than Kleeboth of Klee’s ascensions augment Her normalin charge attacks in a very powerful wayKlee’s, first ascension talent, givesjumpy dumpy and her normal attacks, a 50chance to make her next charge attack, deal 50percent, more damage and also cost no staminaher. Second ascension causes all partymembers to gain two elemental energywhen. Her charge, attack results in a critical hitKlee’s most important constellations arrive atlevels 2-4. As well as 6

Her second constellationreduces the defense of any enemies hit by jumptydumpty’s mines by 23 for 10 seconds. This is goingto greatly increase the damage to take from alldamage types for the duration, whether they beelemental or non-elemental types, Klee’s, fourthconstellation, augment sparks and splash when Kleeleaves the battlefield. During the duration ofsparks, and splash Klee will explode enemiesfor 555 percent of her attack to all nearbyenemies Klee’s, sixth and final constellationcauses the energy of other party members toconstantly regenerate during the. Duration, ofsparks and splash, and also further increasesthe power of damage done by all party membersby 10 for 25 seconds.

The energy regenerationof her final constellation in conjunction withher final ascension, causes her to be more thanjust. Your average damage dealer once you have bothof them with both of them. She’S gon na be an energyfountain allowing you pop off as many elementalbursts as your heart desires. That being said, ifyou have high critical hit rate you’re going tobe able to fill up that energy meter for your teamvery high, and very quickly with that finalascension Klee’s playstyle consists ofpeppering her opponents with consistent pyrodamage, as well as huge burst damage with thecombination of her elemental. Skillelemental burst and charged attacksbut how you want to use her will ultimately beup to you her main stats to increase the amountof damage you do with all of Klee’s abilitieswill be attack percent and pyro damage percentas. You further increase Klee’s level andobtain her second ascension talent, criticalhit rate will also become even more importantas.

It not only increases the amount of damagecan do, but also quickens how fast your otherparty members can obtain their elemental. Burstwhich will further increase the amount of damageand utility of your team overall so be sure to tryto obtain some critical hit rate as a secondarystat through your adventures and gentian impactif you’re also utilizing Klee with hydro or cryounits elemental. Mastery is a secondary, stat willalso. Further help increase your damage, byincreasing the melt and vaporize damagebonus, the skyward atlas and the eye of perceptionare, both all-around, fantastic, well-balanced andeasy to use weapons for cli. They both simplygive attack percent and also have an additionaldamage proc, causing an additional attack to occurand trigger from your normal attacks, 50 of thetime, and these effects are on a small cool downthe wood sith is an interesting choice if you’rechoosing Klee as a burst damage dealer as Willgive, the users 10 seconds of a either large attackbuff elemental, damage, buff or elemental masterybuff

. The widsith will greatly increase your burstdamage through the use of these buffs especiallyin, conjunction with cryo and hydro unitsthrough, the uses of vaporize and melt, but bewareas. It has critical hit damage as a stat whichforces you to build critical hit rate to take fulladvantage of this increase to critical hit damagerequiring only the most refined gear in builds totake full advantage of the mappa mare. It is oneof the harder books to use, but also has one of thehigher payoffs for burst damage and gunship impactif. You don’t have any of these weapons and you’relooking for a crafted weapon. The mappa mara isthe one that you’re looking to craft as it’s theonly damage dealer book you’re allowed to craftthis book, has elemental mastery as a secondarystat and forces you to use elemental reactionsto gain the elemental damage percent bonus itprovides to you, so look forward to using thison A melt or vaporized team, or even somethinglike an overload team or the game to take fullbenefits of this book.

If you don’t have any ofthese weapons, we talked about already you canpick up the solar pearl from the battle pass. Ifyou did by the battle, pass very solid option: itincreases your normal attacks and elementalskill, as well as your elemental burst. Damagewhen. You use them in combination with each othersadly. It does not increase your charge, attackdamage, which Klee is going to want to be usingquite a lot. Sadly, as far as three star resourcesand weapons goes, sadly, there isn’t a phenomenalchoice, and most of them are based in elementalmastery and none of them have really greatsecondary effects. However, you can pick up theroyal grimoire if you’re super hard strapped for aweapon of for Klee, as it does have attack percentand, it will increase your critical hit rate whendamaging, an enemy by eight percent, but when youdo score a critical hit, all of these effectswill be removed. So it’s not a fantastic optioni would definitely try to goand use.

Even the crafted versionover this star, glitter exchange optionthat, is that is a very powerful resource when you’re looking towards the best artifactset for Klee, the crimson witch of flames setis her best set as it was simply made for her thetwo-piece bonus, increases your pyro damage by 15while. The four-piece bonus not only increasesthe damage bonus of the pyrobase elementalcombinations, but also has a secondary effectwhen. You use an elemental skill. It will furtherincrease your power damage two-piece bonus by 50percent, and this can stack up to three times. Asjumpy dumpy has two charges: Klee’s able to stackthis effect quite easily further increasing yourpyro damage in that short 10 second window thecrimson witch of flames was simply made for Kleeto reign.

Her distra, i mean spread her cheer aroundthe world guys, want more in-depth Genshin impactcoverage check out our other videos and don’tforget to subscribe and turn the notification bellon. You guys have a great day, outthere and i’ll see you in the next one.

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