Genshin Impact Klee Build Guide By: Deku_Media

r/Genshin_Impact - Klee Build Guide

I made a build guide for Klee, whether you’re mid-game or end-game!

In-depth video link:


  • Klee is primarily a Main DPS Catalyst user.

  • Her artifacts/weapons should focus on Pyro DMG, ATK DMG and/or CRIT RATE.

  • Her Elemental Burst (Ult) summons a Gate of Babylon-esque set of pyro lasers that auto-attack enemies. However, this skill ends when she swaps out of the party. Making her struggle to fill a support role. At constellation 4 this Burst will explode when she leaves the field, dealing 555% of her ATK as AOE PYRO DMG. At constellation 6 all party members will continuously regenerate energy & gain a 10% PYRO DMG buff for 25s.

  • Her Elemental Skill, however, can be good for Anemo users to scoop up! She tosses “Jumpty-Dumpty”, which hops 3 times & then creates several mines that explode on contact w/ enemies. Mines will remain on the field for 15s. This skill has 2 charges w/ a 20s cooldown for each. (50% chance to generate a spark at A1)

  • Her Normal-Attacks are short-range bombs thrown in an arc, that deals AOE PYRO DMG. (50% chance to generate a spark at A1)

  • Charged-Attacks, once again, summon a Gilgamesh Pyro Laser that deals AOE PYRO DMG. This consumes 50 stamina or a Spark. At ascension 4 all party members gain 2 energy when dealing critical damage with these charged attacks. This gives CRIT RATE builds a minor synergy with her kit. It’s also worth mentioning that these charged attacks produce a mean stagger, capable of knocking larger hilichurls (mitachurls) & geovishap hatchlings on their butt.

  • Klee has an exploration passive talent that marks nearby resources on your mini-map, that are unique to Mondstat. These are represented by a hand symbol & include Philanemo Mushrooms, Wolfhook, Valberries. As well as others.


  • The easiest build for Klee is to go with ATK Catalysts, Skyward Atlas being BiS.

  • However, ATK Catalysts can only be obtained through “paid” methods (i.e. gacha/Starglitter).

r/Genshin_Impact - Klee Build Guide
r/Genshin_Impact - Klee Build Guide
  • Klee is a main DPS that spends a lot of time on the field & swapping ends her Burst: so Elemental Mastery Catalysts may not be optimal.

  • Jumpty Dumpty generates a lot of energy, so Energy Recharge Catalysts may also be overkill.

  • CRIT DMG Catalysts are also a choice for DPS. However, I prefer to keep my CRIT RATE as high as possible & feel it synergizes w/ her kit better.

Artifacts Sets:

  • If you build Klee with an ATK Catalyst, I would 100% recommend the Crimson Witch of Flames set.

  • DMG stats are linear to themselves, but multiplicative with each other. Also, EVERY attack done by Klee uses Pyro DMG & the Pyro DMG of a 4-piece set will be huge with the 2 charges she has on her elemental skill “Jumpty-Dumpty”.

  • Aim for PYRO/ATK/CRIT stats on the artifacts, if using ATK Catalysts.

r/Genshin_Impact - Klee Build Guide
  • If you don’t have the BiS set or are going for a CRIT RATE Catalyst, I’d recommend these Alternate Sets for Klee.

  • 2-piece Resolution of Sojourner synergizes with early-game ATK builds. 4-piece synergizes w/ CRIT builds AND the Sparkling Burst Passive very well.

  • Berserker is all about boosting CRIT RATE. Nothing more to say.

  • 2-Piece Gladiator for Gladiator’s Finale gives ATK +18%, but 4-piece is useless.

  • Aim for CRIT/PYRO/ATK stats on the artifacts, if using ATK Catalysts.

  • The more CRIT DMG the better. But my personal priority is having my CRIT RATE over 60%. I hate RNG stats like CRIT. However, it’s the best you can do with Klee if you don’t get lucky in the gacha & don’t want to spend your Starglitter on the Royal Grimoire.

Team Synergy:

r/Genshin_Impact - Klee Build Guide

My current dream team.

  • While Klee is a main DPS, she can ONLY do PYRO DMG.

  • So I’d recommend building an off-DPS that can do PHYS. DMG (for me it’s Anemo MC or Jean). This way if you fight a pyro enemy, you can still kill them without a huge struggle.

  • Anemo users work well in a party with Klee, since they can gather mines that Klee has created & they’ll all explode when they make contact with enemies. Jean can even launch them in a straight line. PLEASE NOTE that Venti DOES NOT synergize with Klee. (Lore-wise it makes no sense, but some would argue that it’s for balance. I disagree.)

  • Pairing her with another Pyro character creates an elemental resonance that grants an additional 25% ATK to the entire party. A good support Pyro unit like Xiangling can help Klee charge her burst VERY fast, even without much/any Energy Recharge equipment.

  • Any other support that can create an elemental reaction with Klee’s PYRO DMG can be good too. This is why I want to build Fischl’s ELECTRO DMG w/ Oz staying on the field while Klee does her thing.

  • Healers are always nice too. Barbara can use her elemental skill to summon a hydro aura. You can swap to Klee & cause elemental reactions with it at close range. For me, I’m building Jean so she can be an off DPS, Anemo synergy AND do heals with her Burst (this leaves room for Fischl or any other element of support.) Bennett could also be another option, since his ULT heals when below 70% HP & buffs ATK when above, as well as maybe being a 2nd pyro if you don’t bring Xiangling.

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