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Genshin Impact Klee Showcase Review! Combos, Moves and Talents, 5 Star Character Worth Getting?


What is good youtube runtygaming and today we’re gon na be talking about cli or clay. I don’t know how to pronounce it. I’M probably getting that wrong. I do apologize, but we’re gon na be talking about klee. Today, i’m gon na say it like that and uh yeah. She just came out on the new banner. The new promotional banner uh just came out for me because i’m in canada – and we got her in 30, pulls i’m pumped and i’m even more pumped because she runs like chi-chi. It’S like the fire version of chi chi. I love it. I’M going to be doing a combo video of these two because they’re hilarious and they go so well together. I love it they’re, both just so derpy and silly, and i just yeah they’re adorable anyways we’re going to be looking at her stats. I leveled her up to 50. I literally just got her like 10 minutes ago, so i want to make a video covering her because she’s pretty interesting.

Actually she is a hectic character, but in a good way she has very good stats. She’S got a very good attack, she’s a great utility, oh man. She is a nightmare, i’m not even gon na look at her consolations, i feel like they’re getting readily redundant. I usually do look at them in these videos, but i almost feel like it’s pointless because they just enhance their already abilities. So all consolation’s gon na do is make their all ready abilities even better um, and i don’t really plan on re-rolling for her. Like five times but anyways, her normal attack, she throws like three bombs and when she like absorbs, does her likes charge attack it summons, like this big flower and just shoots a big beam of fire at them. It’S very strong, very useful, goes great with almost any other element combo and their plunge attack is like any other plunge attack, but only it leaves a big area of pyro, which is great her jumpy dumpty. It basically is just a big jumpy dumpty. It’S like this big bouncy thing that explodes and creates these little land mines that explode as well during contact or over a period of time, uh sparks and splash.

Please blazing delight so it’s basically just a little flower that hovers above her head and attacks enemies, uh exposed to spark consumed by the next charge, attack which costs no stamina and deals 50 percent increased damage. So she gets a 50 chance to get that like spark. So it’s actually quite crazy. This thing it just hovers about you like a like a drone for a period of time. It’S pretty cool sparkling burst when a charge attack results in a critical. All party members gain two element: energy, not bad, don’t have that unlocked and displays the location of nearby resources unique to monster on the minimap. So it’s not a bad uh. Little perk to have as well so we’ll show you these moves in real time, because it’s easier when you see them so yeah, she basically just kind of throws these little grenades out there. They do a fair bit of damage and honestly i don’t know if i would use her as her main but there’s her charge attack here. That’S like her strongest go-to. I think we have really good stamina.

That’S gon na be great for creating pyro and here’s our bouncy bounce and it creates these little land mines here now, if enemies are near mine, you’re in a cluster of enemies, they will all start exploding on contact. But if, if there’s no one around, then they’ll just explode over time, eventually they do take a while if no enemies are hitting them, they’ll take a while, but honestly they’re great to pair with other characters. You can do like crazy combos with that and, like you, have this little cluster there and like let’s say you throw in ka-ching for some lightning some electro. You get that elemental reaction to get that like what is that called that overpower overload? Yeah you get that overload effect and you always have pyro on the field with those grenades it’s great for sparks and splash her ultimate ability.

You can see it hangs over her like a drone, then, like other sparks and splashes, come out of nowhere and it just kind of keeps peppering them. It’S a really overwhelming move for the enemies and it’s great she’s such a like insane tactical character. I don’t know how to explain it and going well with chi-chi here that can just completely annihilate people with that fire and ice combo. It’S crazy, um yeah. She has a lot of tricks up her sleeve holy crap, like she just has so many things, she’s, throwing out and there’s always always pyro on the field, which means that you can have an elemental reaction with almost any other element. It’S great and you can even move those little grenades around. You can use jean to throw them with their wind, or you know you can set it up with mona to get the vaporize effect. It’S pretty cool, but i’ve been just mainly using uh klee by herself. Just to really get a feel for her and she does feel really good her normal attack isn’t nothing to write home about. I wouldn’t put her as a main myself.

I mean if she’s your favorite character, um she’s, definitely strong enough to so i mean if you want to she’s a lot of fun and you’ll notice here that she has two of those bouncy balls, those humpty dumpty, whatever they’re called they both recharge and you can Throw two out at a time but they’ll both see it’ll glow blue one of them. Then you have one recharged and you got to give it a bit of time and the second one will eventually recharge and you can throw two of those bad boys out. I i literally didn’t know this when i was playing here, so i was like throwing out two. Sometimes i’m like. Why can’t i throw up two sometimes, but i wasn’t really paying attention so yeah. You can throw two of those bad boys and then really just wreak havoc on a really hectic area or boss fight or something it’s great honestly.

There’S a plunge attack here, pretty solid. It leaves a big area of pyro, though, which is great for um getting some combos, then some elemental reactions, her charge attack is so strong. That’S like my favorite so far, she’s, so fun, she’s, so derpy silly she’s, a great character really worth it honestly. I wouldn’t break your wallet over, but she’s definitely strong enough to be on anyone’s team, great pyro character and a great counterpart to d luke, because he looks more of a melee, slow, heavy, critical, strong attacker, where she’s more like a tactical just nightmare really like she Goes so well with kaching like this one, probably like one of my favorite combos, now get that overload instantly and there’s always pyro lingering when she’s out there, because she got those grenades constantly not to mention when you whip out that drone and then you throw in Kaching for some quick lightning like it does not take long to dwindle, anyone down and that’s only two characters – i’m not even throwing in gina mona like this is nuts yeah. Clea is a lot of fun.

I hope i do hope. I’M saying that right, cli, clee yeah, it seems right to me i’m just going to call her clee. It just feels more correct, but yeah her charge attack is my favorite hope. This gave you guys, like a good like perspective of what you would get. If you get this character, she’s at level 50 right now, and i got a pretty decent weapon on her but anyways, if you guys found this helpful, this will give you a good perspective of what you would expect to get this character. What her moves are etc, and i wouldn’t recommend breaking the bank to get her but she’s definitely worth a spot on any team she’s an amazing pyro character, probably one of the best in the game. There are a lot of other good pyro characters too. If you don’t get as lucky, but in that note guys hope you enjoyed this video and we will see you in the next one: stay safe out there.

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