Genshin Impact – Lingering Malady


All right welcome back. This is Minyak well thisis. Another video about Genshin impact. Yes, somepeople, just dislike it, whatever anyway thisis going to be for lingering malady the questwell. If it helps you know, hit the like, buttonand yeah, don’t forget to subscribe. If the myinformation helps anyway uh yeah, I don’t reallycare about people jumping that dislike bandwagonit’s their loss. I guess most of my video is actually for helping peopleanyway, alright, so the lingering malady, let me openup the quest. So the quest here is lingering malady because of the storm.

A poster and sign board is ontop of the blown off to the roof rooftops and citywalls of Mondstadt, and the quest giver is Aramis soI’m, going to show you guys where you can find theboard well easily, instead of trying to findit pretty much around thecity of mondstadt. Okay, I’m going to open up the mapI, already marked the location of the posterokay, so the first location we are going to gocounterclockwise, so the first location is nextto. The knight of Favonious is the building righthere on top, where I’m actually currently standingright. Here, oh, the poster is exactlywhere. I’M standing right here: okay, that’sthe, first one: okay, let’s go to the second one. The second one is on theother side right here; okay, so this is the second poster should be righthere if you’re looking in the map is exactlythe building. Next to the wall: okay and forthe; third, one: it’s going to be right, herego to the third one;

The third one isactually, on top of the crafting a tablecalled, the building on top of the crafting tableso, I’m jumping around like batman, butyeah. Well, this is the game all right, okay! So the third posterright here on top of the isright here right here on top of the craftingmaterial, exactly on top of the craftingif you’re looking at the table, that’s thethird, location and now onto the fourth one. The fourth one is actually on the citywall. Okay, let’s jump one more time right, so the fourth one is right here, ifyou’re looking at it, it’s on the city. Wallnorthern city wall should be rightwhere. I’M standing is right. Hereso you will get all four and afterthat you go to Aramis to claim the reward. Okay! So this is only I’m not surewhat’s the requirement for the adventure rankso. Basically, when you get this quest well, this isthe answer anyway. Right now, I am at AR 34, I guessyeah adventuring 34.

Okay, so this is the questgiver Aramis, oh yeah, I’m just going to finish it. Have you gotten them all? Yes, sir butthose tanks, okay yeah, I will just skip it, so we have the reward: six hero, wit’s and a northern chickensomething and money/mora all rightokay. That’S a short guide for the quest lingeringmalady, okay. I hope this video helped, I don’t knowmaybe. Maybe it will help. Maybe it won’t maybethe people will watch it. Maybe maybe they don’tdoesn’t really matter to me uh. This is just forhelping people that need to be helped anyway. Okay, all right! Thank you for watchingthat’s, a short video. I hope this videohelped. I will see you guys again on the nextvideo all right uh. This is Minyak signing off

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