Genshin Impact – Luhua Landscape


All right, uh welcome back. This is minyaKtoday, we’ll be looking at the Luhua landscapes Luhua landscape. I think that was the title. Of the quest. Let me see. Okay, let me see on the quest yeah Luhua landscape. Okay, I already finished the quest, so I cannot actually go back but uh when you first. Let me see, I will show you guys the location of Luhua.

The pool is right: hereLuhua pool this is the Guili Plains. Liyue harbor this is pretty much on the southern part of the map already. So this is Luhua pool. So, when you actually come over here uh you will… Well, you come down. You will see a stone, an earth stone right here. Protected and artist named Vermeer right actually standing right here, and he will say that he lost his painting and lost his uh paint and brush so. What you have to do is first well go finite, paint and brush, which is actually, if you do know where the paint and brush you haveto, search for the entire location right here and, it’s actually quite difficult. So I’m going to show you guys the location of the paint and brush okay so well to find the location. Ofthe paint is actually right over here this right over here from the teleport areas right over here on this location. Next to the bag yeah, it’s uh near a bunch of books.

Also soit’s right here – should be right here for the paint, I’ll go show you guys on the map this is the teleport. You want to go and just gowest until you see a bunch of books and a well uh and bag, and the paint should be right here where I put the cursor mapokay. Thats for the paint. Now I’m going to go over on the other side of the teleport. All right, this is the location for the brush, not the paint, that I, like, I said before the paint is onnear the this uh near the end of the word pool pretty much on this uh teleport. That’S for thepaint

The brush is on this is, the other side, of the teleport, okay. So this teleport right here. What is that Qionxi Estuary? So the brush is at Qiongji Estuary Liyue and the paint is on well, it’s the same on the part different part. Okay. So when you first come out, of the teleport area go to the east side and. You will also see a bunch of books, right here yeah, so you will see also a bunch of a bag right here and the brush should be right here near the bushes yeah. Okay, after you have both the paint and the brush then go back to Vermeer.

All all the way over near the two statues go back to Vermeer and he will, give you a strange stone. Okay, so the strange stone that Vermeer gave you is one of the eyes for the guard statue okay. So now you have to find the next strange stone. Okay, the next strange stone is actually in the pool right here. I’Ll show you guys where the location it is actually on top of grass right here yep. This is the other, the location of the strange stone, the second strange stone and then yeah after you have both strange stones, the one from Vermeer and the, one that you actually dig up from the ground and you climb up to both of these statues. Right here and put it on the face, so it is actually glowing right, so the two statues are actually glowing and then, after that you go to the new. Here is going..

Protected geostone here is going to open up, and then you have to go downhere and turn it on using your geo, well geo skill and turn it on, and then you have to do battle, with three, abyss, mages uh! I think it was a pyro, hydro and cryo, and you have to finish them all within90 seconds after you will win.. Well after you winand. The gate right here will be open and inside you will have three chests. I already took one of the chests, so there are three chests theses. One is exquisite. The other on the other side is also exquisite. The one I have already open is also exquisite. Let’s just open it up. Okay, and then the one in the middle is a luxurious chest: hey berserker! Okay, and that’s the end of thequest

Oh, there are also a secret entrance in.. On the top of the building I might as well. Show you guys, while I’m here okay, there are actually a secret entrance right here, where you can actually get two more uh chests I forgot this I think it. I think it was exquisite and precious. Actually, yeah yeah you climb from the window well might as well right, so that’s the solution for the luau luau landscape. Anyway, all right! Thank you for watching yeahall right uh. I will see you guys again on the next video, alright uh. This is Minyak signing off.

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