Genshin Impact Lumine alt ver of Sustainer and/or Paimon, and Aether alt ver of Dain and/or Gold theory? By: TheoryAddict


Okay, so here me out here guys!

I know a lot of us think that Piamon is the sustainer but I think Lumine fits better and lemme say why!

Also kinda all over the place cuz on phone BUT yee

So we know that there is some wonky stuff time wise going on with the whole start of the game and such. We dont know the disaster that Lumine saw, exactly time-wise.

We know that Celestia is Cynical, where humanity is only ‘allowed’ to prosper or such for so long before Celestia ‘destroys’ them, once they reach a certain developemental level.

Well, I believe a cycle is repeating itself and it is very much like chess (continue to explain waaay below).

This is a long ramble and Im on my phone so hopefully readable.

First and foremost: Spoilers for the Pale Princess and the 6 pygmies leaks AND refs to honkai impact (kept to a minimum).

Also note that Luminr and Aether have been hoping worlds, some which may have had the same mentality or been similiar to Teyvet as seen in Traveler character story 2 (I think thats the right number). So it makes sense that there could be parallel worlds and Parallel characters.

Okay, so in the beginning we have 3 moon sisters, a seelie Kingdom, a Lunar Palace and a catastrophe.

The moonlight kingdom is most likely Khaenri’ah,
the Land of Night:Teyvet, the Lunar palace: the Abyssal Spire and the Kingdom of Light: the Island in the sky/celestia/Maybe seelie Kingdom?

The Night Mother is the influence of the abyss but most likely also celestia.

The three sisters are named: Sonnet (a 14 line poem), Aria (the wind, song or tune) and Canon (it can also be a REPEATED melody OR a set of “laws or PRINCIPLES”). Felt relevant idk, especially the last one.

Venti sings a song or tune that helps stops or reverses the corruption of the past archons on xiao, do perhaps it has to do with what is, imo, sealing away a certain someone~ and the song used is called Dream Aria… mmm SuS


The sisters loved the ‘morning stars’/stars of daybreak (which could be a reference to those who DESCENDED from Celestia/outlanders, much like lucifier was called the morning star). These could have been the first to populate Teyvet before humanity/around the time of their rising. The moons loved them as much as they loved each other. They must have treated and felt of them as equals, even though they were unable to interact with them (from what i understand).

I believe Seelies were the ancient archons of Celestia/the now fallen archons and the 3 sisters were the ones who had to stay and monitor things ‘from the heavens’. Seelies could have been these ancient gods, like ones defeated in the war, because they lost their memories but their hate would still remain.

The 3 sisters had to keep the moon on rotation, as the moon within the Moonlight kingdom seemed to be a portal (most likely to the Kingdom of Light or beyond to the dark sea) and would also be a pathway to the abyss and its corruption.

A distant Seelie ancestor apperently united with a Traveller from afar (most likely one from the island in the sky) and just 30 days after a calamity befell the halls of stars/lunar kingdom.

The hall of stars is most likely the abyssal spire, 100% and the Calamity that Lumine saw probably was the destruction of Khaenri’ah, which was on the verge of both the spire/abyss and Teyvet. It may have been mainly underground but there are obviously still some remnants of it above ground.

When the seelie and the traveller tried to flee, they were halted and seperated with their memories wiped. This sounds a lot like Lumine and Aethers case, except they were seperated but they retained their memories.

I believe Piamon is that ancient Seelie, as she had her memories wiped and is our GUIDE in teyvet, as seelies would guide humanity. I would suspect Dain to be the Traveler as he seems to know a lot about Teyvet. He could have been disfigured during the calamity?

Back to the story of the Pale Princess, when the Prince of Light is poisoned and put into a coma, he is tortured, and when Aether is asleep, he has a lot of nightmares. The Prince also disperses into light and ‘restores the land’ or makes it ‘habitual’. All of aethers powers were taken away too.

Well, when Aether awoke he remarked about how different the land was. Im not necessarily saying he was the light Prince, and it seemed like the Prince and Princess were a couple so just: nope, no incest thanks.

But anyway, if the Prince died before the fall of Khaenri’ah, perhaps his death and his “curse” of the Pygmies was the Gnoses and the Archons being forced to look after humanity. The curse apperently made them feel like the pygmies were constantly being cooked, or perhaps put under pressure of celestia or a threat if they mismanaged humanity? Or if they or humans tried to acquire too much power again?

Plus Pygmies means small and such, and if Celestia thinks of Humans and such as “worms” (honkai ref) then it makes sense why they refer to the humans or associated archons as pygmies. And also why wven those eho ascend to Celesita as even beneath those gods (Falcon of the East or West story from the Wolf King).

The Prince of Light was most likely the ‘creator’ who has ‘yet to return’ . His role was “Space”. He could have also of been the Alchemist Gold, who knew Alchemy extremely well and taught it to the people of Khaenri’ah. He could have used the abyss to get to the moon portal. And the Princess, the pygmied and himself were travelling there?

The archons/pygmies could have thought of this as a threat to humanity and felt like Teyvet was fine as is and that they should ‘take care’ of him. He was going to take the pygmies and the princess to “the kingdom of light” but the pygmies wanted to use his abilities for themselves.

Hence, probably how the gnoses are made, as his “shattered soul” cursed them. Perhaps they kept the 7 gnoses seperate to keep them apart. Aether is able to resonate with the powers because its a different version of himself, and is also why he help albedo with his alchemy so much. The prince’s body is apperently buried under a tree. I think its the one at WindRise!

In order to free the princess the prince is needed to be resurrected. Moon princess and star/light prince. They made the ‘eclipse’ and were the rulers of the Eclipse dynasty throughout Teyvet. The Pale princess helped many throughout “the land of night” and made many prople her subjects.

Also a quote from the fall of Khaenri’ah talks about gold loosing its shine (Aether? Creator? Losing their powers? ) And a pearl loosing its luster (Lumine after what she saw? Or the Gensis pearl, maybe moon being corrupted?).

Dains prophecy says “as chalk chases gold in this time inopportune. the eclipse is swallowed by the crimson moon”. It probably means that the survivors of Khaenri’ah are fully corrupted by the abyss/Lumine has united the abyssal order. And about how “familial bond falter and breaks (citing from memory) of the same blood, elders and the youth – such is the cycle lf the world, in truth”. Dain could be referencing to the cycle of how different versions of the twins are shaping history and how they seem pitted against one another.

Perhaps celestia felt threatened by Gold wanting to go beyond the moon portal because they also wanted their peoplr to enter the Lunar palace or bring them beyond. Celestia could have gotten the archons/pygmies to attack Gold.

The sundails need to be activated by him to unseal her.

Another similarity is that the “Pale Princess” in the story was sealed between life and death by the abyss. I believe that she, the original Lumine aka the sustainer, was sealed in the moon, as there is a moon atop the abyssal spire for Which our Lumine escaped from. Thats the reason one of the moons remain in the sky while the other 2 faded. Also Mihoyo is obsessed with HoV/Kiana and moons. And since the sustainer is based of off her and Lots of moon symbolism… she in da moon.


The princess was forced to watch her people be destroyed in front of her, and if the princess is the alt ver of lumine, the Night Mother could have meant lumine saw their people be destroyed. Also the Night Mother fortold of a Knight that wields a sword of dawn who would wreck her kingdom and cause a catastrphe and being her kingdom down. It could be Either of the twins tbh.

Also Lumine is beginning to have the same mentality of the sustainer as “outlanders dont belong here”. Also if Lumine was sent to get the “Gensis pearl” that was corrupted, perhaps she was meant to get the princess/pearl from the abyss but learnt the “truth”. The princess helped the people and wanted freedom but they turned on her and her people. It would explain why she hates the archons and Mondstadt.

Lots of speculations about dains origins and its kinda messy but here we go:

What if Gold triggered the collapse of Khaenri’ah because he didnt actually “die” but wanted to get his powers back and tried to use the abyss to do so? Then Dain could be Gold, and thats why Dain is keeping an eye on albedo, because he doesnt want albedo to make his same mistakes.

Also in the past, it told of a Priest who went into exile after humans wanted to enter into the domain of the gods and angered the “heavenly envoys”. I believe that the Disfigured Pygmie they met Was Dain, which is why he wears his mask on one side of his face. He also takes abyss comissions because he “is quite familiar with it”. That pygmie was fairly loyal to the Princess before betraying her. It could be that he , while traveling with Lumine, told her the truth.

Dain also is a “prophet” but what if he wasnt just a chief but the Archon of Time! Him being a prohphet and if the Pygmies were Archons, it would make sense that the one pygmy was also an archon. The Princess may have been the actual celestia, and gold was an outlander.

Piamon and Dain could be manifestations of the Sustainer/Creator or servants of them of sort. Dain is called the Dough keeper or something to do with a tree. What if he guards the tree that he left the Creator under (if he is the dysfigired pygmie). Piamon has the holy trinity symbol on her shirt and it seems to be a re occuring sign.

(From memory?) God the Father: the Creator/sustainer God the son: jesus, And the Holy Spirit: something that manifests and helps guide you to God.

In this case, the holy trinity is The Sustainer, Lumine and Piamon (guide to the 7 gnoses). Another one could be The Creator, Aether and Dainslief (guide to the abyss).

Also following along with the honkai chess theme: black goes first and then white. If history is repeating itself, we can assume that Moonlight Princess (the ‘king’ of white) and Prince of Light (the black piece, possibly black sun ref?) Ended up in a strategy battle and thats why Gold wanted more power, because the sustainer had the archond and his power, so he was going to use the abyss.

The pygmies made their move first to kill/tske the prince’s power and then the Prince cursed their lands with hilichirls.

Now the Archons are the white with aether as the “king” and Lumine is the Black as the “King”, since Lumine “woke up first”, or began the game forst.

The sustainer called the humans arrogant possibly because they betrayed her (and potentially the Prince) wanting their power for themselves.

Also the Ancient plot with Kaeya and the others of Khaenri’ah could be to obtain the area where the sustainer is kept. And also i feel like theres something fishy in the library basement (attack on titan flashbacks).

Anyway thanks for listening to this long ramble of theoy(s). Feel free to comment and I may make it neater… maybe…

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