Genshin Impact – Luxurious and Precious Chest Locations Dihua Marsh and Wangshu Inn (4 Chest)


There are 4 super and rare chests in this section, 3 at Hoa Chau Peak and 1 at Vong Thu Guest House Remember to walk on ice instead of swimming as you can drown. This is chest: number 1 Rock Shield, Hilichurl Guard a small Hilichurls with a stone shield, Rock Shieldwall Mitachurl, A Hilichurl warrior wielding a giant stone shield To destroy the shield. It needs to use a weighted sword or an explosion. Hilichurl Shooters a small Hilichurls equipped with an elemental crossbow.

This is the # 1 chest position on the map. This is the location of chest number 2 on the map. Pyro Samachurls Hilichurls, using elemental skill with fire shield need to use Lightning element to destroy the shield. You need to kill it to appear chest number 2, Chest number 3 on the map, An organ that needs earth element activation near chest: 2, Chest position: 3, Chest number 4 Location of chest: number 4 on the map;

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