Genshin Impact – Luxurious and Precious Chest Locations Wuwang Hill


Hello friends In this section we will find treasure chests in the Void Rooftop. The first are 2 treasure chests on the top of the mountain. Let’S find a nice location and climb it > .. <. What mountain is so high Now fly over to the other side, Then the place has arrived Seems to burn 4 incense as it describes it. “ Storm ruins” is Phong Long Ruins. You can find the statue facing that direction. It’S the first statue already We go back to light it up. First Now “ Mount of Ice Snow That Does Not Melt”, That’s it towards the white mountains on the map, “, The Land of Clouds and Misty Tien Nhan”, which statue are you looking for in the direction of Hidden Tng, Sn Khnh, Vn nh? It is the 4th statue “ Everyone’s Liyue City”, find the statue that heads towards Liyue Is statue number 2. Let’S open the chest now There is one more chest up here. It’S down here, Drawn number 3 is down here. Just fly straight down like this to see immediately Here it is clean. The fuck up, 3 lava shields seem a bit tiring when not building heavy swords or lava systems.

That’S it chest number 3 Chest number 4 is here guys Just fly straight down Then solve the puzzle. Content is difficult to understand, probably find some strange rocks. Ok, now, looking for some weird stuff around this place will have clues Watch a little high up. The orange rocks are there. If you see a statue, you can light it up. Now. Look for two statues in two places that have this orange color See. We run to the other side. Light up. The statue is done, Go open, some chests around too D Lighting statue. No

2 Now it’s statue number 3, The opposite orange stone is always okay, Now get down to open box number 4. This place is after decoding 3 places that need to light up. The statue like this, I get 3 pieces of the puzzle. It activates the quest. Ancient clouds have “ Li” This chest I brought in because the way to open it is quite strange, Using the main character of the Lava system, creating rocks to cause gravity on the underwater organ Chest position. 5. You guys clean up the fuck here is done, See you guys later bye, bye,

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