Genshin Impact Malva, Winter’s Embrace By: Ruthtria


Intro: “Frostbite”, “Fire Ice” or “Eiskaiserin”, there are many names by which the woman Malva goes by, and all from the Knight’s of Favonius and Milelith to the Treasure Hoarders and Fatui make sure to know them well. A bounty huntress of her caliber is a sight for sore eyes in these times and the air of mystery that enshrouds her like the frost her vision employs only adds to the allure of her person. One thing’s crystal clear about her though, and it’s that she can’t stand criminals. Consequently, they do their best to steer clear of her ire.

-“With magical prowess paralleling graduates from Sumeru and combat skill that rivals that of the best Knights of Mondstadt, it’s hard to see why a woman like Malva has resigned herself to a life of simple bounty hunting. Taking odd requests here and there, but never from big organizations, she pulls them off with frigid efficiency; be it taking out treasure hoarders or clearing out threats, her brute force in such endeavors contrasts the elegant manner in which she carries herself.”

-“Very few know of Malva’s origins, like how so few know of anybody that does work as a bounty hunter. No attachments aside from their clients, nothing about their background let slip lest it pose a threat to them, and most importantly; no compassion. Malva seems to embody these traits quite well, keeping her contact with people to a minimum, rarely letting anything about her be known and in whatever she does, her cold gaze never falters. Her emotionless façade only ever falters in favor of something unreadable when she gazes at children playing in the streets.”

Rarity5 Stars
BirthdayDecember 1st
ConstellationAureus (Snowflake)
Special DishCold Catch (Minty Meat Rolls Variation)
How to ObtainWishes
TitlesFrostbite, Fire Ice, Eiskaiserin

Attributes – Base at Lv. 90

Catalyst-type | HP – 10, 122 | Atk – 332 | Def – 609 | Ascension – Critical DMG

Combat Info (LV 10 Talent Values/LV 90 Stats)

Crystallized Vengeance

Normal Attack – Launches up to 4 blades of ice that pierce enemies and deal Cryo Damage, embedding themselves into the ground at maximum range and remaining for up to 7 seconds, turning into Frozen Agonies. (A maximum of 7 Frozen Agonies may exist at a time)

Charged Attack – Consumes a Certain Amount of Stamina to deal Cryo Damage on a single enemy and call all present Frozen Agonies to its location, dealing Cryo Damage along their paths and refreshing their durations (on the target enemy, each Frozen Agony damage is added to the Charged Attack Strike and is counted as Charged Attack Damage).

Plunging Attack – Gathering the power of Cryo, Malva plunges towards the ground from mid-air, damaging all opponents in her path. Deals AoE Cryo DMG upon impact with the ground, calling all present Frozen Agonies to her location, dealing Cryo Damage along their paths and refreshing their duration (upon impact, each Frozen Agony damage is added to the Plunging Attack’s AoE damage and is counted as Plunging Attack Damage).

1-Hit DMG135.33%
2-Hit DMG121.09%
3-Hit DMG112.04%
4-Hit DMG144.67%
Charged Attack DMG389.89%
Charged Attack Stamina Cost50
Plunge DMG115.65%
Low/High Plunge DMG203.81%/274.45%
Frozen Agony DMG51.85%

Elemental Skill: Winter’s Cross

Malva takes in all the cold and Frozen Agonies she’s produced, dealing Cryo Damage along their paths. Once they reach her, she deal AoE Cryo DMG around herself before she absorbs them and generates a Frost Shield. (Malva cannot generate Frozen Agonies while this shield persists).

  • The Frost Shield’s durability scales with Malva’s Bonus ATK and it’s duration scales off of the number of Frozen Agonies consumed.

  • The Frost Shield has a 250% Cryo DMG Absorption Bonus and will cleanse your character of other elements at the point of formation, affecting them with Cryo for a short duration.

  • The shield prevents one from being affected by the Freeze status.

Everyone knows very well how the cold can hurt… enough to forget that it can protect.

Skill DMG97.09% per Frozen Agony
Bae Shield DMG Absorption87% Bonus ATK + 1766
Duration1-1.5 Seconds per Frozen Agony (Lv.1-Lv.10)
Cool Down12 Seconds

Elemental Burst: Arctic Warmth

Malva unleashes ice crystals from her heart to deal AoE Cryo DMG around herself before they coalesce into an Aurora Field.

  • Malva’s current Crit Rate and Crit DMG are superimposed over all the characters within the field with a lesser value. This includes the effects of any conditions the current character meets that may boost Malva’s Crit Rate or Crit DMG were she to be on the field (For example, it means that if the conditions for 4pc Blizzard Stayer are met by the current character, Malva still gains the Critical Hit Rate bonus and superimposes it onto the current character).

  • Enemies and allies within are cleansed and afflicted with Cryo that cannot be removed.

Ice and light guide me down my path. Will you follow me?

Skill DMG456.35%
Duration12 seconds
Cool Down17 Seconds

Passive Talents:

  • Like Snow: When in combat, Malva gains 20% Movement Speed.

  • Winter’s Whisper: Frozen Agonies deal more damage the farther they travel, up to 25%.

  • Subzero Predator: Characters protected by Winter’s Cross’ shield within Aurora Field gain Bonus ATK based on 25% Malva’s Maximum ATK.

Ascension/Talent Leveling Materials


Constellation 1 – Frigid Passion…: Increases maximum Frozen Agony limit to 10.

Constellation 2 – Bloodstained Frost: Malva gains Crit Rate based on 50% of enemy’s lost HP, up to 20%.

Constellation 3 – Barren Lights: Increases the Level of Arctic Warmth by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Constellation 4 – Iceburn: While protected by Winter’s Cross, enemies within a radius affected by Cryo have their Elemental RES reduced by 30%. Additionally, when the shield receives damage, it will let out a gust of wind that deals 150% AoE Cryo DMG around the character, every 2.5 seconds.

Constellation 5 – Polaris: Increases the Level of Winter’s Cross by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Constellation 6 – At the Heart of Ice: When Malva is not on the field, she gains 100% Energy Recharge if the current character is protected by Winter’s Cross.


Hello…You… outlander. You’ve been on quite the hit lists, but always manage to find your way off of ‘em. Well, ignoring the Fatui’s that is… me? Call me Frostbite.
Chat – Bounty HuntingWherever someone needs a job done, you seem to be drawn like a moth to a flame. I’m not saying it as an insult outlander, but moths get burned when they reach the flame no? As for me… I dare it to burn me.
Chat – Your TroublesA pair of twins from a world beyond, word gets around and soon the popular rumor is fact. To have had a pair no matter where you traveled… nights must feel cold now don’t they?
Chat – IntuitionWhen you deal in death, security or simply even with children, you have to have good intuition. Don’t prove me wrong by falling behind, I’m expecting a lot from you, outlander.
Chat – Simple PleasuresEvery moment could be your last. Take it all in stride… take my own advice you say? But of course.
Good Morning…The sun rising over the horizon is a sight not to be missed.
Good Afternoon…Join me for lunch at the tavern outlander. My treat.
Good Evening…As night falls, so does pleasantries. Be safe in heading home, I have much work to do.
Good Night…The witching hour draws near, as does the time for my targets to reveal themselves. Rest easy.
About Malva – Odd JobsIn the day I wonder around, survey the land and cities… in the night, I use what I’ve learned to do my work. You’d do good to remember this tactic, outlander.
About Malva – Children (Spite)Tsk, the people of Mondstadt, letting their children run about in the wild. Who knows what trouble those mongrels will get into on their own.
About Malva – Children (Respect)… So young yet so formidable. Was this what Mondstadt’s people intended to achieve by neglecting their young?
About Us – AttachmentsAs cold as ice is, it is formed by bonds. To be cold is to have the very fabric of something slowed down and pressed together… like lovers clinging desperately to each other amidst tribulations. This is what an attachment should be, unwavering like ice.
About Us – PromisesYour sister/brother… if I were to promise you that you’d both leave this world one day, would you believe me? Well, regardless. When the day comes that you do, don’t forget about me. That’s a promise as well.
About the Vision…This gem is a reminder of all that I’ve lost… and all that I’ve gained to make sure I never lose anything again. If one day the threats of these worlds quiet, disappear into the snow, so shall this gem.
Something to Share…Mondstadt wasn’t always the warm paradise you see today. It was cold and callous, just like my hometown. But every warmth has those borne of cold trying to reap its benefit, those who need to be stamped out. And me? I am a cold that burns them out.
Interesting Things…Up in the mountains, the air was thin and the threat of avalanches loomed heavy, so we spoke little to save our breaths. But down here we can talk as freely as we wish and the sounds of life resound freely… admittedly, it’s made me chattier than I once was.
About BarbaraI used to be like her you know. No, not an idol. A healer. I knew which herbs disinfected wounds and which helped them cauterize, people from all over the village would come to get treated by me… but even the best healers needn’t do anything if there is one to prevent the injury in the first place. Thus, I took on a new role.
About DilucIn my line of work, information is a commodity. And it’s always the one’s with resources who have an abundance of it. I don’t typically like to associate with the wealthy… but Master Diluc is a kindred spirit and I have no trouble making deals with him behind the scenes.
About JeanIf not for people like her, well, people on the frontlines would worry for those they are protecting more than fighting. She has my respect for being both sword and shield of Mondstadt.
About KaeyaPfft, amateur by choice or simply as it is? That so-called Cavalry Captain is only good at one thing; satisfying himself.
About LisaSmart, efficient, and flawless… all for the sake of being lazy. Don’t get me wrong, it was many years ago when Lisa Minci taught me how to control my own elemental power, so I owe her a great deal. But looking at her these days, I’d be remiss not to call her a shadow of the lighting that was her former self.
About MonaAstrologers, they have their heads up to the sky trying to predict everything that might happen, never considering if their gazes are blinded by the stars… when I told this to that woman, she attempted to read my fate then and there but I froze her astrolabe in place.
About RosariaLies drape over that sister like a heavy cloak… you’d best keep your distance from her. If there’s anything I detest in this world, it’s people who’ve convinced themselves they’re only capable of one thing.
About VentiUgh, of all the useless bards in Mondstadt he’s by far the most obnoxious. Drinking wine in broad daylight, playing nonsense in front of the children. Not a problem though, send a cat his way and he’ll scurry away. And Mondstadt has cats a-plenty.
About Malva – IYou’ve got a job for me? No? Then you best stay out of my way outlander, I’ve got many things to do.
About Malva – IICommissions from the guild, the odd job from some random townsfolk or noble, to missions I deign myself, my work covers a vast array of things. Try and keep up if you will.
About Malva – IIIPay? My price has always been the same; whatever they’ll give me. In the first place, fixing problems always means it’s better for someone else which will make it better for some other someone else which will eventually come back to me. It’s like an avalanche of prosperity… Hm? You don’t like that analogy?
About Malva – IVIce is simply another state of water, so it wouldn’t be wrong to call it another form of Hydro no? In this sense, love and justice are the same thing in different states, one and the same despite their differences. I wonder then why is it that I’ve taken on such a frigid state.
About Malva – VIt’s a saying in my village that ‘water has memory’, as it takes from the land and gathers it to the sea of time… ice is then frozen memories, that which one cannot let go off and remains separate from the sea. What’s your frozen moment in time outlander? I find myself wondering that more and more lately.
Malva’s Hobbies…Horticulture. That’s it.
Malva’s Troubles…Hmm hilichurls setting up camp too close to Springvale, a case of two missing children, a noble having lost his family heirloom… which do you think I should prioritize, outlander?
Favorite Food…Meat was a common part of our diets in the mountains and I’ve never quite grown out of it. It reminds me of home after all.
Least Favorite Food…One cannot be picky when it comes to nourishing the body… that said, you couldn’t force me to consume crab or shrimp. It’d just come back out the way it came in.
Happy Birthday…Today is the day of your birth, a momentous occasion indeed. Come, I’ll take you to the mountains and we can relax in the quiet. No need to worry, I’ve packed a picnic basket and furs for you to wear so please consider coming. I shall tell you the stories of those very peaks on our way.
Feelings About Ascension – IntroThe ice within is a powerful force… but day by day I feel myself taming it, owning it.
Feelings About Ascension – Building UpIt’s cold, to the point that it burns and aches. But I’ve felt worse, a pain so deep that this should not compare. And I won’t let it.
Feelings About Ascension – ClimaxI was born during a blizzard and I’ve died during a blizzard. So the one in my heart shall not daunt me anymore… not with you by my side. So I thank you, for not leaving me.
Feelings About Ascension – ConclusionIt’s warm in your presence… a feeling I never thought I’d get to experience again. The cold rages within but it’s become a part of me, the pain nothing but a reminder of my strength. Please, continue to allow me to fight by your side and I will bear your pain, and share my strength.


Character Story 1

Very few in this era resort to the work of becoming a bounty hunter, especially in Mondstadt. There’s the adventurer’s guild to aid those with wanderlust or curiosity, the Knight’s of Favonius for those who want to hone their combat skills, the study of alchemy for the more scholarly and businesses a-plenty for innovative minds. A Bounty Hunter therefore, is a job deemed incredibly outdated, those who choose this path in life coming few and far in between.

And yet, the most notable of them is the woman known by many names, her wielding of frost inspiring this; “Fire Ice” among the Fatui, “Eiskaiserin” among the children of Mondstadt’s streets and “Frostbite” to any who have the gall to ask her directly. She is the embodiment of frigid, yet unstoppable like a raging flame completing a wide range of tasks from Mondstadt all the way to Liyue in her pursuit of what she claims to be ‘Just Ice’.

Very few know the story behind the terrible pun, just as very few know to call her by the name Malva. In both instances, nothing but respect is said about these facts.

Character Story 2

Though Malva’s work takes her all over the land, one’s best chance at finding her is at Angel’s Share. Though there is no time one is certain to find here there, her arrival is just as sure as Winter’s coming after Fall. It is here where she sheds even a modicum of the intimidating disposition she carries during her work, to enjoy fine drinks and fine food while exchanging information with whoever’s lips are loose enough. It seems no drink can melt the ice that surrounds this woman’s gait.

Cavalry Captain Kaeya is one of the few who has tried to get her to reveal even a few things about herself, challenging her to a drinking contest where he had agreed to take over a list of her jobs if she had won. The challenge wasn’t to drink as much, but to see if he could get her to reveal something none had ever known about her. Several hours and many drinks later, the Captain was being urged by Master Diluc to take it easy while Malva watched in bemusement.

Frustrated, a rare sight, he demands to know how she does it. Snorting, she replies “When one doesn’t have anything to say, there’s nothing for wine to coax out.” before announcing she’s lost, as she had technically revealed something about herself. She holds up her end of the bargain, paying up the bill they’d racked up before leaving with the excuse of needing to earn that money back through work.

The day after, she had quite literally cleared out every Hilichurl camp from Starfell Highland to Galesong Hill, as evidenced by Cryo Blades towering from where they lay embedded in the ground of each camp. Since then, whenever Frostbite is seen at Angel’s Share, one will find Captain Kaeya in his office, working instead of drinking.

Character Story 3

People consider it an occurrence rarer than snow in Mondstadt for Malva to be seen among common folk. But what they don’t know is that whenever there’s a lull in requests, when the world is just a little bit at peace, the Eiskaiserin indulges herself with a view of the people from Mondstadt’s walls, gazing down at them with an unreadable expression in her eyes only the few Knight’s of Favonius patrolling the areas get to see.

Even rarer is when she actually descends from her perch. It could be for trivial reasons; a mascot of Cat’s Tail wandering too far off, a child venturing outside of the walls for a little exploring or a bird’s egg falling out of it’s nest. What the famed Eiskaiserin does during her free time is a subject of idle chatter amongst the guards, often inciting a debate between those sharing shifts as to predict what odd little deed she’d preform next.

Slowly the events accumulated, like a glacier’s movement, until one day, Malva approaches a knight at his post and asks him “If you have enough time to bet on what I’ll do next, you certainly have enough to take over for me, no?”

And soon the rumors then spread that, instead of Malva personally doing these deeds, she coaxes the knight currently on duty to do them for her, all while she casts her icy gaze on them. Needless to say, it’s cause a silent sense of dread to fall over the Knights, wishing their shifts never overlap with when she has spare time.

Character Story 4

When notable individuals are talked about, it is what they are notable for that often comes up and how they’ve attained it. Whether it is the harsh training Master Diluc or the Dandelion Knight Jean have gone through, or the dangerous pyrotechnics Klee’s mother had passed down to her, to the mastery of alchemy that Albedo credits his teacher to, many wonder how the mysterious Eiskaiserin tamed her powerful control over Cryo.

Oddly enough, this is one questions that she has no trouble answering. “Lisa Minci taught me all that I know about elemental power. Go bother her.”

Much to the librarian’s chagrin, people did indeed flock to her library upon initially hearing this news, asking how she knew the woman and if she was actually as powerful as her, to which an irate Minci would always respond with crackling lightning at her fingertips. “That Eiskaserin… she’s an exception. All I taught her was how to control her power.”

This confirmation only led to more gossip about how the two had come to meet, ranging from an old mystical rivalry to the possibility they were childhood best friends but it was the talk of the town for quite a while. In spite of the unwanted attention however, Malva expressed her gratitude for Lisa only through the words of praise she’d offer her when questioned about her training.

“In her prime”, “Back then”, “Before she was a librarian” it seemed like the more people tried to unravel Malva’s story, the more attention was brought to their resident librarian. Such was the masterful redirection implored by the Eiskaiserin, as much as Lisa loathed it.

Character Story 5

The mountainous regions that border Mondstadt are still blessed with winter and snow due to their altitude and it is up among the clouds where many remote villagers still live out their days working together to survive. Barbatos’ blessing covered the nation far and wide but some settlements were content with how they lived, not bothering to descend into the bountiful fields.

Malva’s village was one such settlement.

They lived in the cold peaks where life was simple, where people took care of their neighbors who would in turn watch their backs. From hunting to healing to simple play and conversation, they etched out whatever happiness they could from the frigid mountains where only the toughest lives could survive. In their village, it only meant that the happiness they had was the most precious, for it was forged through hardship.

There was always a saying in the village, that water is a form of memory, and so the lakes and rivers flowed with time. Sometimes they’d rush down waterfalls, other times they’d go upstream, some would be trapped in lakes, and others would stretch out to see. But there was nothing more beautiful in their culture than ice, a point in time that’s been frozen, unlike water where one can hold it in their hand. A snowflake often represented this in their stories, a memory of utmost beauty captured in ice but was fleeting all the same.

Because in the end, ice always melts, especially when one clings to it tight, holding it to their heart. But sometimes, ice finds a way to never melt, held close to a heart that loved so much that without ice, it would burn it’s owner from the inside out.

“At least… that’s what I believe.”

Another Kind of Warmth

It was cold, always so cold at the crack of dawn atop the mountains.

She’d get up early to heat up water for the bath, preparing their breakfast of cured meat and boiled eggs. When the sun peaked over the horizon, as if on cue, children would run through the dirt path outside and into the snow, laughter resounding into the air as they played. Soon… our own little ones will join you in play as well.

Not long after that, her beloved would come out to have the first meal of the day with her, exchanging loving glances and fleeting touches as they talk about the day ahead and what they’d planned out. He’d insist on doing the dishes, telling her she could finish her preparations for the day as he did so. Domestic, like the dream of every little girl wanting love.

Her beloved would go out to hunt and protect their village from any threat and she’d welcome the day’s first customer, often being kids with a few scrapes and bruises while the elderly simply came for some tea later in the noon, a chat and follow-up on whatever ailment had been bothering them. A tight-knit community where everyone watched each other’s back.

As cold as the eternal winter that plagued the mountains was, in the days she’d spent living in their little village, Malva had never felt more warm.


It was at the height of winter when it happened, the sunset in the distance making her worry. They were supposed to be back hours ago.

It was never wise to hunt at the cusp of fall and winter, but their supply had come up just a little bit short, and her beloved had taken it upon himself to lead the hunt for just a bit more food. She felt helpless as she waited, wishing ever so dearly that she had denied his requests and came along with him, if not for the flimsy excuse of providing first-aid should they need it, then to reassure her that he’d be fine, to physically be there and make sure they got home.

It was then did torchlight pierce the steady snowfall, raising her hope. Only for it tome crashing down when the bloodied bodies of their village’s hunters were left to fall onto the snow covered ground, staining it red. So much red. Was her beloved’s scarf always so red? The moments passed by in a blur, mercenaries murdering those who resisted and looting what they could from their humble village, all as she watched her husband’s unmoving body bleed out to death. She couldn’t do anything, not with wounds that deep, not when he’s lost too much blood.

And she was afraid.

The village of warmth collapsed around her, the cries of children turning from joy at the sight of their fathers to terror and then silence at the hands of the invaders, the elderly losing what few years they had left in an instance, similarly helpless women her age left to survive, no doubt for them to enslave.

But her true source of warmth, the man who’s very being made her happy as they woke each morning, it faded away. And all she was left with was the bitter cold… a cold she begged to freeze this moment in time, to keep her beloved with her, to not take him away from her.

That was when the blizzard had hit, a raging torrent of snow, ice and wind that ravaged the mountain peaks for what felt like hours, all while she cried out in agony.

When the snow settled, she was left standing amidst her barren village, not even the mercenaries surviving the storm’s vicious fangs. She was the only one left, tears frozen to her cheeks and something that burned clutched to her chest. Looking down, a bitter laugh leaves her lips at the sight of a Cryo Vision in her hands.

The moment had truly frozen, immortalized in an ice that would never melt in her memories. What she’d do with this newfound cold… she’d decide with her first steps down the mountain.

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