Genshin Impact Marvelous Merchandise Event Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hey guys and welcome to this video, I will explain to you Wonderful merchandise, event On the effect of gentian [ Music ], Thanks for watching the video so far, Remember to give it a thumbs up Subscription The bell rang for help The youtube algorithm Now back to The video So mihoyo released this event as well, Which goes hand in hand with Astral separation of Lobos West that I explained earlier Video for that Hmm I’ll leave a link for this on Also description of the video Dear traveler, says: wonderful Merchandise.

Update is available for for limited time, And the corresponding missions were Added to Battle, Pass, Complete them to claim Battle, Pass Uh display about specific mission criteria. Past missions, This bp period, is where it is. Let me quickly show you the game. So when you are in the game itself, It could be a battle pass: [, Music, ], It’s always accessed from here on the menu Or there is an abbreviation for it this too. So what is it that you have Battle Pass That I explained in another video Which I’ll also link to the description Where every time you carry out daily tasks, Weekly Missions, etc?

You increase levels and if you buy Battle Pass Then you can also get the second line from The rewards too, But the tasks themselves Here. So you have the daily tasks. So I get this to log in and Do these things for your everyday Weekly Missions Uh to do, but then you have this bp Period. So that’s what you refer to So what he says is that the event It will appear in this bp period. It is written here as here mission. It will be inserted for the event. So we go back to a mother. This article uh says the travelers camp Complete the order from Liban trader to get a chance To open a box of wonders. So it will start at 26 and it will start Continue until the second November through 2020, And you need to be a rank. 12Th adventurer or Above, as shown during the event Travelers may follow Hints via tevye, to find a dealer Known as Liben.

After discovering his whereabouts, Passengers can submit the required Material to him In exchange for the opportunity to open a fund, Marvels and claim rewards inside The library will appear in different The number of locations throughout the event interval Libra will present to the travelers a total Seven. Oh, A different box of marvels each box can It is obtained only one time. Passengers can only get one chance each The day he opened a box of marble. If the opportunity arises to open a fund today, Unused will still be available Until the event ends. If necessary, passengers can use all Their chances at once At any time before the event ends.

If you are plural, The seven opportunities you will be able to Do them all on the last day, if you want Uh once the event ends, it is not used, Chances of opening, chests or marvels will be Lost. Don’T forget to take your chances at Claim bonuses before the event ends And different servers got uh Different release times. So this release time depends on the European Union, But you need to know when it is available For your area. So, as I say, this event is coming this one, Wonderful merchandise, so we’ll take Look at him and we’ll see what goes on around him Hope it was fun. I hope Give us some really good bonuses, and It is only available to a very large number Shortly.

Well, I also say If you play like me, get The effect of every day pay attention to These small events, because It may only give you small rewards. However, They add, if I keep getting every day, So this kind of games he is A marathon – is not a sprint. I also say especially if you do Free to play The style of play. I’M doing, let me Know in those comments below are. I was interested in the events in this. The game. Are you happy to add them in? Are you looking for more content Which they are clearly working on Moment? So I would like to know your thoughts Anyway, guys that’s all for this video, if, Like it make sure to give him a thumbs up, You can watch the video today Watch the latest download there Or you can click here to subscribe, Thanks goodbye, guys.

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