Genshin Impact Material Calculator v2.0 [HUGE UPDATE] By: spreadsheetforfun

r/Genshin_Impact - Material Calculator v2.0 [HUGE UPDATE]

Now with 100% more Traveller

As promised, this is The Big One (link)

Thanks to all the good feedback I received on the previous version of this sheet, I’ve made a whole host of adjustments and improvements.

NOTE: This update is entirely optional. I highly recommend it if you’d like to use any of the features below, but if you’re happy with the previous version it should continue working as before.

Target Levels

Don’t care about levelling Barbara’s standard attack? Don’t feel the need to Ascend Sucrose past 70 (you monster)? No problem!

Every Character and Weapon now has a separate dropdown to select not only your current Ascension/Skill levels, but also your target levels too for finer control over the information displayed.

r/Genshin_Impact - Material Calculator v2.0 [HUGE UPDATE]

Disclaimer: I cannot recommend limiting Breastplate to Level 3


Bane of my existence, the Traveller needs different materials for each element (with a third set for Ascension). As you can see above, all of their current material needs are now included in the Calculator, with space reserved for future expansions to their arsenal.

As we find out more about their various new forms, these will be filled out automatically for you.

Filter by “Owned”

The new ‘Hide Unobtained’ checkbox in the top right of the Character and Weapon pages will limit your view to only those characters you’ve marked as owned.

r/Genshin_Impact - Material Calculator v2.0 [HUGE UPDATE]
r/Genshin_Impact - Material Calculator v2.0 [HUGE UPDATE]

PSA: Characters will not be hidden if to do so would also hide part of the ‘Totals’ pane (Beidou in this example)

Note: You may need to switch between tabs for the autofiltering to update. Just toggle over to the Weapons tab and back (or vice versa) and it should take place.

Improved Info Cards

The info cards displayed for each character and weapon has been revamped to show a little more information, and the search function has been improved along with it.

r/Genshin_Impact - Material Calculator v2.0 [HUGE UPDATE]

The Rest

  • Improved formulas for faster load times

  • Added User Guide improved readMe tab

  • Added GI1.1 characters Diona, Tartaglia, Xinyan and Zhongli

  • Added predicted GI 1.2 characters Albedo and Ganyu

  • Added GI 1.1 weapons Memory of Dust, The Unforged and Vortex Vanquisher

Get it now:

To use: Make a copy with File -> Make a Copy

Thanks for all the feedback, and good luck on your rolls!

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