Genshin Impact Meteor Rain Geo God Zhongli By: SolomonDurand


So far this is for a dmg focused, burst type, c0 build for him that I like on mine.

Weapon : Skyward Spine, Prototype Grudge or Favonius Lance

Reasoning: Energy recharge. Personally I use the Favonius Lance cause of the extra energy per crit I can get with zhongli. Built for spammability.

Artifact set : 2Noblisse oblige/ 2 Archaic Petra

Reasoning: maximum burst damage bonus for Planet Befall.

Artifact stats (sands/goblet/circlet)

Energy recharge/Geo dmg/ Hp or hp/geo dmg/crit rate or HP/HP/HP.

Reasoning: The first set of stats are for maximizing the dmg output while also increasing spam capability for more meteors. The 2nd set of stats is specific for Favonius Lance, though it won’t matter if the refine level is at 5. The third stats are for maximum takiness and dmg output at 3rd ascension at the cost of lesser spam capability.

The first stats set are useful especially in coop domains, the second Stat sets are for the crit-assisted energy niche, while the third Stat set is when you want maximum dmg but with a specific support…

Substat recommendations: Energy recharge> Crit% or dmg> HP%> Atk%

Team build

Dps/Support: Geo Mc with Exile set with Energy Recharge Weapon like Skyward blade, Favonius sword, sacrificial sword, or skyrider sword

Reasoning: The Geo MC is the most cost effective dps support that I can think off that pairs well with zhongli. Sadly the scholar set cannot give the additional energy to other party members so I preferred giving the Mc an exile 4pc set which allows zhongli to gain energy each time the Mc uses their burst.

The main build of the Mc as you can notice also focuses on spamming their burst due to their innate constellation from Reaction Force which regenerates energy at least 25 or 33% of their burst requirement. This allows them to continually spam their burst all the while providing geo constructs and crit rate bonus for zhongli to utilize.

Key strategy for her is to gain energy, provide constructs and buffs and deal some dmg to enemies a large disadvantage though is the knock back it does to enemies so you have to skid your way inside the small circle for extra bonuses, though you can just bypass the circle entirely if need be.

Remaining members

Superconduct: Chongyun + Lisa/Fischl,

Superconduct will debuff the enemies causing them to take 40% less phys dmg. Besides from the initial dmg, it helps that with zhongli being able to deal Inc dmg with his phys attack so your team can still throw tons of dmg in between bursts.

Double Pyro: Xinyan + Bennett

The two are Pyro supports that provide atk buffs to zhongli. Along with the geo resonance, the fire elemental resonance will give the team an additional 25% atk. Bennett provides outstanding heal and buff through his burst while xinyan gives extra milage with her shield buff providing phys dmg bonus and the Pyro dps from her shield to react with geo giving you more shields!

Frozen: Chongyun + Xingqiu

I’m using these two due to their innate high compatability with one another. The strategy is basically freeze everyone, and then Shatter with Meteor for extra massive Damage… That’s it.

Hope you guys enjoyed this guide of mine! And keep on simping pimping playing geo daddy!

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