Genshin Impact Meteorite Shards Locations Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hello guys and welcome so in this video, i’m going to be showing you how to gather all the meteorites for the event unreconciled stars in gentian impact. Thank you for watching the video so far remember to give it a thumbs up, subscribe and ring the bell to help with the youtube algorithm now back to the video. So the event decided today and it will last for a good two weeks so to get information about it, go to the event page and you can see it here, unreconciled stars, so it says: peculiar meteorites are descending upon tevye, bringing a rare sleeping sickness with them. People trapped in deep slumber, mysterious dreams, an unknown star, the crisis draws closer and you get possible rewards, including official.

Now there are a couple of notes about this, so you can get a few of these shards, which you need uh to buy certain rewards uh. But then you can also get these cores, which you get later on as the event evolves and when i say, as the event evolves is because over time more and more of it will unlock. So if you’re, trying to mid max and you’re trying to get the absolute best of everything, that’s available from the shop make sure to do it right at the end, you still have another 14 days for this now. The first way that you start the quest is you go to the monster adventurers guild. You talk to catherine, and then you get greeted with a really nice um cut scene, which i’m not going to spoil in case. You want to see it yourself and then you need to do a couple of quests around springvale and you get to a point where you need to actually go ahead and gather the meteors.

So um, where we are right now is uh right here now. The reason we come here first is because there is a really good map, which i will link in the description which shows you where all of them are now. If you have characters like razer kwing or any of these characters that have these sort of glowing, uh purple things on their back, the closer you get to the meteorite, the more they will glow. Okay, i think i’m getting warmer around here. Where is it there is, so that’s the meteor, the meteorite shard right there now uh for the event, what’s actually kind of peculiar about it. Is that there’s a certain amount you need to do to gather to carry on the quest pud for each area. So, for example, this one you need seven, this area ud7 this area, you need seven.

So this first area is marked by this entire region on the map um and then, if we go back again, the second region, then this one here is marked by this entire area and the third region is marked by this entire region. Now, what’s again i said peculiar about it. Is that once you have seven, if you teleport away every other potential point that drops them might despawn, that’s something that’s been reported by a couple of other players and content creators. I don’t know if that’s a bug. No one knows if it’s a bug or not, but it’s a case of they say they recommend, gather six and then think about gathering the rest. So what we’re gon na do is for this first area.

Uh we’re gon na gather six of them and then we’re gon na gather seven all the way to the end get every single one so that we don’t um. What’S it called, we don’t have a chance of them despawning. I keep watch okay, so now we’re gon na go for the six which are marked on the map, which don’t follow a certain route and then once we have those six we’ll get seven onwards in one go. This is going to be a longer video. I will try and put time stamps um as well to help for this journey. It will take a while, but it’s one of those things you only need to do once and there are great rewards for doing it, so uh yeah. So let’s see so. This is the the first area, so, let’s mark on the map right here, where you see whispering woods so uh, i don’t know if i i’ve only got because i’m i’ve already pinned a lot. So i’m not going to pin again uh, but that’s where it is like.

I said please check in the description box the uh, the links to the maps have been made now, let’s gather it, so this is one okay, so and then the next one is gon na be up here. So once we get there, we will continue, but then the intention is, i’m not gon na break uh from seven onwards, so seven onwards is going to be all done in one go, but for the first six, i’m gon na cut um to each place. Okay, so we have got to the second location so on the map. I am here just north of where it says uh, whispering woods and my back is starting to glow and you can see on the mini map at the top left watch. You leave. That call me it’s okay, there is right there, so just jump off this ledge. You can get it. So that’s two! Okay! So let’s get that one!

Next we want to go to this sort of region. Let’S go okay, so i got that one. Now, let’s go to the next one. Oh it’s in this sort of area. I believe. Oh there is okay. Let’S get it! That’S four! Now there’s one as we can see just north, we can see that on the minimap. Okay, so here we go, that’s where the next one is. So, let’s get it done. That’S five! Now the next one is actually in the middle of the ocean. It’S like right there, i believe, on this little dot right here. So let’s go yeah. Okay, so we jumped off this cliff of this ridge, but there is, you can see it from afar, okay. So now this represents six okay right. So now we have it okay. So this is the set the next one. Okay, that’s it then next so, as i said before, if you need to just pause the video along the way, okay, so where is this one? I do like that. It gives us a an idea. There is okay, so next we need to go all the way.

North east, to uh this sort of region here up there. Ah there is okay. Next one. Now we need to head a little bit south, okay, it’s all region, so i’m trying to avoid any fights as well. I want to make sure my pie. Members don’t die. Okay, there is got it next. We want to go south again. There is okay. So now we need to go to the east. Looking at the map. Okay, where is this one? There is that’s alright, okay, so now we need to go north east, so hey guys, uh, post, editing me free here, so there’s one actually that i missed so uh. If you go to the this area, just south of the thousand wins temple or north east of the ice boss, um – and you go off this cliff face here – so the cliff face being up there, there’s one on the side of this mountain. So let me get it cool all right.

Now, let’s go on to the next place, oh just a bit north now. The reason i tap run like this is because it’s quicker and it’s it’s more efficient on your stamina, use to do that in case, you’ve ever wondered when watching my videos, okay, there. It is right so now i need to head northwest, as we can see on the mini-map, so this sort of area there is [. Music ] got it next, so as well. I guess the maps are not a hundred percent accurate, but it’s close enough. There is. They got it next now i need to head to the [ Music ] west southwest [ Music ] there. It is [, Music ] there it is okay. Then we want to go to the last one, the north east. There we go all right, so that should be all of them in this first area. So let’s take a look at the rewards that we can get so event details that one is done.

Let’S claim the rules. Okay, so we’ve got 30 gems and 20 000. More now, uh, let’s head over to the gaian area, this area here and let’s get all of them. For here remember map is in the description. Okay, so we’re now at the second part um of the quest. This is for the a cayenne stone forest. So the same, what we’re going to do is we’re going to focus on the ones on the map which are unmarked and they’re kind of a little bit annoying to get to and then we’re going to follow a route for all the rest. Now, first, we’ve come to this uh small island down here to get here, i use kr to make an almighty ice bridge to get to this place and there’s also a shrine here. So let’s get it done so next um. I need to head to uh this little island right here, but this is much closer.

So let’s teleport, let’s go there now, so the monsters give a good indication of where they are. So that’s that’s two um. Next, we need to get the third one, which is this little island right here. So let’s go [ Music, ], okay, so this little island right here there should be one. Ah, there is right there, so that’s free! Next i saw a chest in the water but or about that another time, i’m actually waiting until i’m reputation, level six uh before i worry about that sort of thing: okay, so um, oh god! Oh there is okay, so i i was right to climb up. That’S four: next, we need to head to the northeast by the way uh there’s an achievement. If you shoot that circling eagle, okay, that’s five, and there should be another one right around here, somewhere, okay, there. It is actually it’s way down.

What’S in that boat, okay! Well then, the last random one is this one up north and then we’ll head to all of them and there it is okay, so i have all of those now i need to head back to the farming room, so once i get there, we will continue. Okay, so we made it to the first place for this area that follows like a particular route right here on this little island so and it’s right here right on the floor, so let’s get it next. I want to head to the east and it’s right on the top of this pillar. Then next we want to head east now. Beware of this area, because this area has got actually free ruin. Hunters, i think, actually, four drone hunters.

At the same time, if you want a good challenge, then go for it. I have actually beer before but yeah. Just beware! Now, let’s uh! Let’S get the next one! [ Music, ]! Okay, it’s right there! As i said, i need to do a mining run at some point. Next, there is next, let’s go so, as i said guys like feel free to uh pause, the video or rewind just to see where i’m going. Okay, let’s go this way. [ Music ] always be aware of your stamina. That’S like i wonder if this major is going to just chase me from now on uh. Where is this [ Music ] on the top of this ledge? Maybe that’s where i’ll put it yep exactly right. So it’s up here um! I want to go north [, Music ] this one there. It is right there on the ground. Let’S get it! Let’S go back, how many monsters, [ Music, ] location right there.

Next, let’s keep heading to the west: [ Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ]; okay! What’S that one [ Music ], bye, [, Music, ], okay, one right there; okay! So let’s go back now. We are concerned with the third area, which is the meteors over quincy. Let’S get these rewards so now we need to go to the quincy village area, so once we get there, we will continue. Okay guys so we’ve made it to the very highest peak of quincy village, which is right here, which is uh a recommended place to start. So it’s right here in the middle of the lake. So let’s get it now we want to go to the north west. So [, Music ]. We want to tackle a few of them in these random fields and then we will follow a route to do the rest. Now there will be one teleport i do, but then the rest should be straightforward after that, but the next uh, let’s see one two, three four five will be a uh, will be around this area and there it is that’s one.

Okay. Now we want to head to the northwest a little bit, let’s see if we can find it. Let me pick up that i mean, while i’m in the area. Okay, there it is next we want to head to the bridge from the west. So don’t forget to thumbs up subscribe, leave a comment: if you find these sort of guide videos useful, okay, that one okay, let’s go over the bridge now i think i’ve already got like a thousand pine ponds. Uh. Okay, let’s go so! Where is it there? It is next [, Music, ] and there’s one right there now there’s one right next to it over here, but that will actually be the last one. We get not the not the next one okay, so i found it’s actually quicker to teleport here to this uh.

Hidden palace of zoo formula, and then we want to head to the south east and it’s right there, let’s get it okay done now. We want to find all the rest, so we’re gon na head south there’s one right there. Now, thankfully, this one or this last quest is a bit easier. It’S a bit more straightforward, but now we want to head southwest okay there. It is the monsters give a good hint of uh where they all are done over there might as well. Okay. So now we want to head again to the south [ Music ] west, oh, protect us. Okay, where are we headed? There is a good minus. What then, let’s head to the south west, again iris [, Music, ]? Okay, now i’m gon na head to the south. I feel like there’s more that we’re. Finding, then, is what is marked on this map. Let’S see if it’s up here there is [ Music, ], yeah, okay, let’s head to the east [ Music, ], okay: where is this one there? It is [ Music ].

Now we can double back and head to the [ Music ] west um. Where is this one? They got it next. We want to head south west [ Music ]. Ah, there is okay. Now we had a bit north this um. This gives me an idea of how aggressive the monsters actually are in this game. I usually just walk on every time. I see them what you got done: [ Music ], let’s spare over there. I need to do interesting, there’s another one here. I’Ve missed a lot on this game. Okay, where is this one, but the monsters are dancing around it. That gives you a good clue and now we’re heading north west, the teleports time. Where is this one? I’M actually sure this one is on the side of a wall or something. Oh. There is right in front of me. Okay, let’s head northwest, let’s head north, i think we’re getting very, very close. I think this is basically the end now already [ Music ]. Where is this one? There is and done, we’ve now done all of them. So now, let’s look at the event. Let’S look at the event details. Let’S come here. Let’S claim next reward, so that’s it. For the first part of the quest there’s eight hours left, i’ve got 102 uh shards so and make sure to activate um all of these quests as well. So – and i will do these quests off stream – and that will give me another 20 each.

So you activate them by simply going to the quest menu, so click on event, details where it says meteoratic wave and then just click each of the locations, and then we will see um in one day and six days, the more that they release um. For this event and then as well remember to actually spend your shards um as you go remember, some of them have limits, so you can only get three of each of these um and then some of them will have much higher limits and then, if somehow you Got all of them, then you could just buy more simple, as that so and, as i said, we will see when the cores become available in the future and i’ll try and make more videos about it. So let me know in the comments down below what you think of this sort of event. Anyway, guys that’s it for this video. If you like to be sure to give it a thumbs up, you can watch around the video over there. You catch latest upload down there or you can click down here to subscribe. Thank you guys. Bye.

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