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Genshin Impact Microtransactions guide (what to buy, what to skip) By: DaemonXHUN


TL;DR: Value tables with the results at the end.

I decided to make this simple guide for price-conscious players who want to support the game but at the same time want to get the best bang for their buck and don’t want to spend money on things that are do not worth it. I’m going to examine every single available microtransaction present in the game (excluding Crystal Top-Ups) in this post.

  • Because Blessing of the Welkin Moon clearly has the best value proposition out of all the options, every other microtransaction will be measured to it.

  • The relative values of the Starter Supply Bundle and Wayfarer’s Supply Bundle are calculated with an AR40+ account in mind, because AR40 is the starting point of the endgame and roughly the point where most people would start to consider buying bundles like these because they run out of non-repeatable content.

  • The Primogems per dollar and Rolls per dollar values are theoretical/hypothetical in most cases, they are just there to provide an easier understanding for the differencies between the different microtransactions.

  • Crystal Top-Ups are excluded because they are very clearly not worth it at all and I don’t think that price-conscious people are interested in buying those.

Blessing of the Welkin Moon (Daily Blessing)

Hands down, this is the best option for low-spending players. You can think about it as a subscription fee basically. You get 300 Genesis Crystals (essentially 300 Primogems) instantly, and 90 Primogems daily, netting you a total of 3000 Primogems basically after a month if you have logged in each and every day.

This amount is already enough for 19 rolls, but it also perfectly compliments the daily commissions. You can earn 60 Primogems for daily commissions and you get 90 a day from BotWM and if you divide the instant 300 Genesis Crystals / Primogems to 30 days, you are basically getting one roll a day for a month (160 Primogems per day).

Starter Supply Bundle

The value of this bundle depends on how you want to acquire it (using Genesis Crystals earned through Blessing of the Welkin Moon or using Crystal Top-Up) and at what AR level you are. In this calculation, I’m assuming you are at least at AR40. For 300 Genesis Crystals, this bundle gives you 80x Adventurer’s Experience and 40x Fine Enhancement Ore.

At AR40, you can get 6-7 Adventurer’s Experience and 3-4 Hero’s Wit from a Blossom of Revelation, which is essentially 18-23 Adventurer’s Experience.This means that on average, you’ll get more than 20 Adventurer’s Experience per Blossom of Revelation, so you only need to do 4 of them to get as much as you can get by buying this bundle. As for the Fine Enhancement Ores, I’m not counting them because they are practically worthless.

One Blossom of Revelation costs 20 Resin, and 50 Primogems can replenish 60 Resin a day. If we are assuming that you only do one refresh a day and one on the day after that, then you can get 80 Resin (enough for 4 runs and 80 Adventurer’s Experience) by spending roughly 67 Primogems (100/6+50). However, in the context of this calculation, you could say that you are actually “wasting” roughly 37 additional Primogems for Resin conversion that you do not actually want to use, so in this regard, the total Primogem cost is 100.

This means that the cost of the bundle is exactly 3x higher than its actual worth, and then we haven’t taken into account to extra Resin you can gather from those smartly spent 100 Primogems.

So if you are planning to buy this bundle using the resources from the Blessing of the Welkin Moon, it will cost basically half a dollar (while in actuality, it would only worth 0.17$). And if you are planning to buy it using any of the Crystal Top-Up options, it can cost you 5$ in the worst case (using the 300 Genesis Crystals Top-Up option without first time bonus).The conclusion is that even in the best case scenario, this bundle costs 3x than it should and in the worst, 30x as much.

Wayfarer’s Supply Bundle

Similarly to the previous bundle, I’m calculating this bundle’s value based on the assumption that you are at or above AR40. The value of the bundle also depends on how you plan to acquire it. The bunlde costs 980 Genesis Crystals (so 980 Primogems) and it includes 50 Hero’s Wit, 25x Mystic Enhancement Ore, 1x Fragile Resin and 50000 Mora.

You can get 6-7 Adventurer’s Experience and 3-4 Hero’s Wit from a Blossom of Revelation. This is basically 4.5-5.75 Hero’s Wit. This means that on average, you have to complete 10 Blossom of Revelations to get this amount of Hero’s Wit. That’s 200 Resin.

One Fragile Resin restores half of your Resin cap, 60 in total. Finally, you also need to complete a Blossom of Wealth for getting roughly the equivalent amount of Mora that is present in this bundle (52000). That’s another 20 Resin.

As for the Mystic Enhancement Ores, while they are not worthless, they aren’t that valuable either to take into consideration in this calculation.

By adding all Resin requirements together, you need a total of 280 Resin to be able to get what’s in this bundle. Which means you need at least 5 daily refills using Primogems (50 Primogems a day, each restores 60 Resin) in order to get the same things that are in the bundle.What this also means is that the cost of this bundle is 3.27 times higher than it should be (980/300).

Calculating with the Blessing of the Welkin Moon (if you buy BotWM 4 times through 4 months so you finally have enough Genesis Crystals for this bundle), it will cost you 1.7$, while its actual value is around 0.5$. The situation is even worse with Crystal Top-Up. The worst case is by using the 15$ Top-Up option, that nets you 980 Genesis Crystals without the first time bonus, exactly the amount you need for this bundle. This way, the bundle is 30x as expensive than its actual value.

Gnostic Hymn (Paid Battle Pass)

The paid version of the Battle Pass costs 10$. Upon reaching level 50, you’ll receive the following items: 126x Hero’s Wit, 288x Mystic Enchancement Ore, 2.160.000 Mora, 45x Talent Upgrade Material, a 4 star weapon, 4x Intertwined Fate, and 680 Primogems.

Acquiring 126x Hero’s Wit requires roughly 25 Blossom of Revelation runs (126/5.125), which is 500 Resin. Acquiring 2160000 Mora costs roughly 42 Blossom of Wealth runs (2160000/52000), which is 840 Resin. To simplify things, a little bit more than 4 Talent Upgrade Materials can be acquired per run on average, so it would take 11 domain runs to get 45 Talent Upgrade Materials, which is 220 Resin.

Aside from these, the player gets 4 Intertwined Fates (that worth 160 Primogems each, so 640 in total) and an additional 680 Primogems.The estimated (average) probability of getting a 4 star weapon through wishes (weapon banner) is once every 7 rolls (100%/14.5%), which means that the guaranteed 4 star weapon at Battle Pass level 30 can potentially save you 1120 Primogems. But I decided to do not take this into the calculation either because players can easily make and get 4 star weapons in the game in a multitude of ways anyway and there are a lot of variables that come with this. I think that including the guaranteed weapon’s potential value in the overall calculation would be misrepresentative of the Battle Pass’ actual worth.

This is 1560 Resin and 1320 Primogems in total. 1560 Resin can be acquired by refilling Resin once a day through 26 days (50 Primogems for 60 Resin). This means 1300 Primogems plus the 1320 Primogems from other sources. It’s 2620 Primogems in total.

Gnostic Hymn costs twice as much as Blessing of the Welkin Moon, yet gives less of its “content” and it’s significantly harder and more time-consuming to get everything out of it.

Gnostic Chorus (Paid Battle Pass Extension)

Aside from giving 5x Fragile Resin (that worth 250 Primogems), Gnostic Chorus doesn’t give any additional value. At best, it only offers implied value thanks to the free 10 levels gained from it, which one average, equals to 1/5 of the value of the 50 level Battle Pass (so 524 Primogems). But implied value is not the same as actual value.

Yes, it also gives a namecard, but that’s worthless in the context of this post.The cost of Gnostic Chorus is 12$, which means you’ll get roughly 21 Primogems per dollar spent (250/12). It’s roughly 29 times less worthwhile than the Blessing of the Welkin Moon.

Gnostic Hymn + Gnostic Chorus

Gnostic Hymn offers 2620 Primogems in total value while Gnostic Chorus only offers 250 Primogems. In total, it’s 2870 Primogems. This double-pack costs 20$. This means it’s roughly 4.16 times less wortwhile than the Blessing of the Welkin Moon.

Buying recommendations:

  • If you are an active player of Genshin Impact, then buy Blessing of the Welking Moon. It is really worth it, at least compared to the other options. 5$ a month is not much for a game that you’ll probably play for hours every day. It also has an additional value, which comes from the fact that you can spend that 3000 Primogems on anything you want, while with the other microtransactions, you’ll mostly get set items.

  • Only buy Gnostic Hymn if you are in a big need of resources and/or you are sure that you are going to hit level 50 in it before it resets. It can be worth it, it depends on each individual’s situation.

  • Skip both Supply Bundles. None of them worth it, you can get the “content” equiavelent that these have by just doing a couple of Ley-Lines.

  • Absolutely DO NOT buy Gnostic Chorus in any form. Well, unless you want that shiny namecard that matters absolutely nothing and chances are no one else will care about it in-game either.

Closing thoughts and critique:

  • I think that the only microtransaction option that really worth it is the Blessing of the Welking Moon. You can think about it as a monthly subscription fee and it offers good value for little money.

  • As for Gnostic Hymn, I think it’s extremely underwhelming, especially compared to Battle Passes found in other games. First of all, it can’t be be bought/unlocked for in-game currency, which is a possibility in other titles (like in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Warzone). Secondly, it offers a questionable value proposition, which becomes really bad if you take into account how much time it requires to actually get everything from it and also what a Battle Pass is supposed to be. A Battle Pass is supposed to be THE BEST option that actually, meaningfully rewards players for their efforts. So it should actually have far better value than the easily acquirable Blessing of the Welkin Moon instead of far worse. This means that it should either be 5$ only with potentially more rewards (more Mora, Talent Upgrade Materials etc.) and with an option to unlock it via in-game currencies, or it should keep its current 10$ price, and offer all of the things I mentioned previously, plus it should offer meaningful rewards, like multiple 4 star characters and/or a 5 star character at Battle Pass level 50 to justify its price.

  • The Gnostic Chorus offers possibly the worst value proposition, but it’s not really for gathering more resources anyway so I’m not sure there’s any point in criticizing it.

  • The Starter and Wayfarer’s Supply Bundles are also working opposedly as they should and in their current form, they make absolutely no sense at all. In every similar FTP game, a bundle is supposed to be something that offers really good value (clearly better than if you would try to gather their contents normally in the game), and this is why devs limit the amount of these bundles that can be bought under a certain timeframe. This buying limitation is here as well, you can only buy one of each bundle per week, but instead of these bundles giving you more, they are actually giving multiple times less. This is completely illogical.

Blessing of the Welkin Moon (Daily Blessing) 600 3.75 10 5$
Starter Supply Bundle 20-200 0.125-1.25 0.33-3.3 0.5-5$
Wayfarer’s Supply Bundle 20-183 0.1-1.1 0.33-3.1 1.7$-15$
Gnostic Hymn 262 1.6 4.5 10$
Gnostic Chorus 21 0.1 0.34 12$
Gnostic Hymn + Gnostic Chorus 144 0.9 2.4 20$



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