Genshin Impact Mid Maxing your Priomgems for New L2P/Dolphins Joining during Zhong Li Banner By: LeftCarpet3520


Dolphin myself currently at AR52. The aim of this guide is to offer some input from my own personal experience to mid-maxing your teams for the purpose of clearing Floor 12 Abyss asap, if you joined recently around the Zhong Li Banner, don’t mind spending a little on the game to progress faster and maybe a bit skeptical about wishing on the Zhong Li Banner given all the rage that he is underwhelming at C0.

Zhong Li feels lack luster to most as we don’t presently have the resources to level him if we have already invested the initial resources given to us early game on other mains, as he does not add much to the team as an under leveled support if you already have other chars as a main. He is however completely viable as a main if invested in early for floor 12.

Credits to AsianGuyGenshin who showed us that Zhong Li can totally work at high levels in Abyss as a tanky bruiser. No doubt his Zhong Li is at C6 but if you saw his run he did not take enough damage past the shield for the heal to become necessary, and tried to mimic the fight as close to a C0 as he could.

This guide is not really for F2P players. Enviosity has already showed us the F2P way. Not trying to discredit him as he has done something remarkable but as a dolphin that is too painful to watch and we should have a much easier time than that.

I Consider a Dolphin as some one who:

  1. Buys the Welkin Blessing and BP Hymm Monthly

  2. Has not charged genesis crystals beyond the first pack without the double bonus – If you have you are somewhat a Whale already ;D

Here are the general tips I would highly recommend:

  1. Stop Rolling the Zhong Li Banner once you have all 3 4* Chars at C2 and Zhong Li. For Razor you can try for C4 If you are just 1 short. I don’t mean that you should keep rolling until you get there if you don’t want to spend too much, but more of you should stop once you have as you will want to set aside at least 3,000 Primos for daily resin refills as well.

  2. Single out 8 chars and level only those 8 in certain order which I will touch on later.

  3. Charge daily 50/100/100 Primogems for Resin refill until certain conditions are met- I’ll explain why in a bit.

  4. Plan what BP weapon to use and your prototypes to craft – explain in a bit.

Point 2:

The 8 chars are for 2 teams that you need to clear Spiral Abyss. My approach to this is if your team can clear Floor 12, they can clear floor 1-11 even with elemental disadvantages once geared enough so you just want to plan ahead for floor 12. Here are a few pointers to note:

  1. Have 1 Pyro and 1 Cyro char in each team – Pyro is a no brainer as it receives a 75% damage boost in floor 12. You also want it to break the Cyro Fatui’s Shield. The Electro Fatui needs Cyro to debuff hence the 1 element each.

  2. Single out 1 Main DPS in each team and plan their materials to level them to 89/90. Yes not 90/90 as we want to leave some room to gain char exp naturally and save books for our other chars. The remaining 6 won’t go more than 70/80 until you have already maxed out artifacts weapons and important talents levels.

  3. Don’t level a 3rd Cyro or Pyro char to spread your resources. The reason for that is you will be gated by gemstones if you level too many chars of the same element. I was cursing and swearing when I had 0/6 gemstones despite already having 30+ everflame seeds and couldn’t Ascend Xiang Ling to 80/90 cause I have Diluc at 89/90 and Bennet at 70/80. To hard farm the 6 gemstones when you don’t need the everflame seeds is suffering as you need 4 runs on average to get 1 gemstone. That’s 960 Resin down the drain. If you only focused on 1 Char of a particular element type, you will somewhat come close to having 5-6 gemstones already by the time you have just enough boss matts to ascend. I was able to ascend Mona to 80/90 without needing to farm extra past the 20 boss matts needed since she was my only Hydro char.

A good example of your 2 Abyss Teams using only Chars from just the Zhong Li Banner and guaranteed Chars:

Team 1: Zhong Li Main, Geo Traveler, Any Available Cyro Char, Any available Pyro Char,

Apart from getting Zhong Li to 89/90, the rest of the team can stop at 50/60 unless their A4 talent is valuable, in which case you want them at 60/70

Admist all the hate for Zhong Li, there is one valuable thing that he brings to your Abyss Line up which does not seem to be mentioned by most content creators if any at all is that he allows you to cut corners when leveling your other supports in his team. With his shield up your lower level supports do not get 1 shot in Abyss when you mistime their Swap in to use their E/Q

Team 2: Razor Main, Xing Yan, Any available Cyro Char, Any available healer (Noelle is better than Barbara if you have Noelle at C1)

Razor at 89/90, Xing Yan at 70/80, level the other 2 to 70/80 only if they get 1 shot but try to stop at 60/70 and build them with tanky artifacts if you have to. You don’t mind having Xing Yan at a higher level because of the extra shield and 75% pyro bonus in floor 12.

For Chong Yun, whichever team you are planning to use him on, do pay attention to his anti synergy with a physical build Razor and Xing Yan Shield at C2

Its not impossible to use Chong Yun with Razor especially when Chong Yun is at C2. The -15% cooldown and +8% attack speed more than make up for the loss of physical if Razor is an Electro Build. Not to mention all the super conducts you be getting for free which matter once the E buff wears off or you are forced/incentivized to leave the circle.

Again credits to AsianGuyGenshin who showed us that an Electro Build on Razor is not only viable but also on par in DPS output with a physical build.

Both guaranteed Healers available in Barbara and Noelle have inherent problems in the Abyss. I have suggested Xing Yan in Razor’s team also that with her shield you do not need to heal up too often, and her shield does not stack with Zhong Li’s

Barbara gets your team frozen in floor 12 so as much as possible you only want to use her for her burst as once u on her E to heal u have to run away most of the time not dealing any dps.

Noelle needs C1 and her E/Q up to heal effectively. 1 Slip up causing her shield to break = no more heals. and she needs to attack to heal exposing her to further risk and loss of DPS.

This guide is mainly for those who joined during/after Zhong Li Banner so I would assume you don’t have Diona. If You lucked out and pulled Jean or Qiqi before Zhong Li or on the normal banner instant replacement. Qiqi even doubles on the Cyro slot. Bennet as a healer build at C0 is already much better but you will then face the problem with having 3 pyro chars and getting your resources thinned. But if neither of the 3 needs 80/90 it should still be fine.

Point 3:

I have been doing the daily 50/100/100 resin refills with Primos for more than a month now. Compared to my F2P friend who played from the same day as me and doesn’t refill, the difference is huge. I have now 40 or more +20 5* artifacts compared to just his 2 or 3. That is equivalent to a full 5 set for all 8 chars. I stopped charging the 100s after reaching this point and only charging the 50. The 50 I feel is worth it even for F2P as the daily commissions give u 60 so it is enough to sustain while u reply on events or “apologems” from MHY for your wishes.

To sustain the 50/100/100 u will have a net loss of 100 a day after the daily 60 from commissions and 90 from your welkin. Hence the recommendation to set aside 3,000 gems as you can reasonably expect to need to do this for a month or more. I think I would have spent around 10K primos on resin refills up till now, which to me is better than building 60+ pity and 5-6 random 4* chars or weapons.

Planning your BP Weapon and Prototype:

Prototype drops from the weekly world bosses are as good as non existent so we want to make sure we don’t craft the wrong one.

This recommendation is assuming you do not have any 5* weapons, in which case you will of cos use those – duh.

BP Weapon: Serpent Spine for Razor

With Xing Yan’s Shield you can kind of Negate the downside of the sword, and is a tier above the prototype animus with the downside negated, so you save your prototype for your other chars if you haven’t already realized the Zhong Li Banner is full of Claymore chars.


Polearm: Prototype Grudge for Zhongli.

I know some may argue for the Crescent Pike. If you saw AsianGuyGenshin’s vid he did not do much auto attacking but mostly walking around assembling the neo armstrong cyclone jet armstrong cannon and spamming his Burst. Grudge is better for that playstyle.

Catalyst: Prototype Malice for Barbara

Some may argue for tales of the trilling dragon slayers for the extra 45% attack. In actual practice from my experience, you swap into Barbara only if you screwed up and need heals. You do not want to purposely swap into her and back just for the buff.

Bow: Neither

No one needs them as Amber can just use the Free Favonius warbow given at AR18 for supporting if you even use her. I prefer her over Xiang Ling as the pyro support for Team 1 cos she does slightly better at breaking shields but its not by a huge margin that you want to care too much. Its mainly cos you want the polearm reserved for Zhong Li.

Sword: Neither.

I know Geo Traveler needs a Sword but he is given one for free already and refinements on it are not worth cos u are seldom auto attacking with Geo Traveler. You will want to wait for the event sword announced in 1.2 and then pass the current sword on to Kaeya if he is your other Cyro support and is still using something worse.

Claymore: While Blind for C1 Noelle if she is your healer & Xing Yan

She is mostly a shield bot for razor so yeah. Sad that her burst does not scale with defense but it is mainly used when the shield is out to reset it with her C2. If you use both C1 Noelle and Xing Yan pray you have 2 copies, if not I feel Noelle should take priority for the White Blind and Xingyan can use Whatever other 4* you happened to pull. Worst case make do with a 3* White Iron great sword until you finally get a 2nd prototype as you still need 1 more for Chong Yun. Bell or Sacrificial Greatsword is the 2 best imo for him. Some may go wtf on the Bell recommendation but its really just there to prevent him from getting 1 shot in abyss being low level as a support.

That’s all I can think of for now.

Any questions/constructive feedback are welcome

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